Troubled by Hulu Error 301? Let’s Fix It Now

Are you troubled because you are unable to watch your favorite TV show or movie due to Hulu Error 301? Worry not, you’ve reached the right place. Many users had reported that error code 301 is displayed on the screen of their television, laptop, or computer when they tried to stream their favorite visual content on Hulu.

Hulu is an online platform that helps you access visual content after you subscribe to their monthly plans. Once the user gets the membership activated after paying the fee, they can open their Hulu account on any device to stream their favorite TV shows and movies. It is quite popular in America.

Recently, many users reported that they were facing issues when they tried to stream movies or TV shows because of Hulu Error 301 that appeared on their screens. Now, this can be a little frustrating when you’re trying to relax for the evening. Therefore, we bring solutions that will help you solve this error.

Hulu Error 301

Causes of Hulu Error 301

It is important to understand what causes the error before you start dealing with it. You’ll be better equipped to apply any diagnostic when you have an idea about the causes of the problem. We started to do our research to investigate the causes of the problem after we received complaints from many users. Moreover, we wanted to look at the triggers of this problem in Hulu to find the right solutions for the same.

Our team has discovered five problems that cause this error to creep in. These problems are mentioned below:

  • Poor connection: Poor internet connection is one of the primary reasons, which lead to Hulu Error 301. Many users reported that they were dealing with poor internet connection when they faced this error. Due to a slow internet connection, the session doesn’t get enough time to load properly. Hulu online visual platform requires at least 8 Mbps speed for Live TV service and at least 4 Mbps to stream properly. Anything less than that might interrupt your streaming by giving space to this error.
  • Cookies/Cache: Cache is a collection of data that aims to enhance and speed up the user experience. Files that are exchanged between the website and computer to identify and understand the user’s behavior and enhance their experience are called cookies. Cookies and cache are stored by the Hulu application to provide a good experience and an enhanced speed to the subscriber. Whenever the cookies and cache get corrupted, they cause Hulu Error 301.
  • The number of devices: If you connect your Hulu account with lots of devices, this error might interrupt your visual streaming. Hulu allows you to open your account on your phone, computer, and TV. But, if you log in to your account on many different devices, it might disturb the smooth functioning of the services. Hulu doesn’t allow sharing your account with other people who haven’t subscribed. If you open your account on many devices, it appears to Hulu that you are distributing the Hulu services to other non-subscribers. This could lead to an error.
  • Time and Date: If your device’s time and date are not correct, it might affect Hulu’s proper functioning. It can interrupt the Hulu service while you try to stream visual content.
  • Domain Name System (DNS) Issue: When Domain Name System (DNS) settings are not configured properly for your internet connection, Hulu Error 301 might create problems for you. Your network adapter automatically configures DNS settings by finding out the best available configuration for your network. When the network adapter fails to do so, you have to enter the configuration manually. Improper DNS settings can block your access to many websites. Your Hulu account will show an error if there is any issue with your DNS.

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Six ways to solve Hulu Error 301

Now that you understand the cause of Hulu Error 301, you can begin trying to solve the problem. We suggest you implement the following solutions in the given order.

1. Power Cycle

One of the most basic ways to troubleshoot any device that is failing to perform optimally is to complete power cycling the device. Power cycling enables the device to launch properly after some cache is cleared out of the system.

Therefore, we recommend you first perform power cycling to completely reinitialize all the devices you use to open your Hulu account. This will help you sort out the problems regarding Hulu Error 301. Follow this process, to begin with, power cycling:

  • Turn off all the devices used by you to run the Hulu services.
  • Cut the power supply by removing the plug from the socket.

Power Cycle

  • To completely reinitialize the device by discharging any leftover electric charge, press the power button and hold it for almost 30 to 40 seconds.

Power Cycle

  • Turn on the power by plugging in the device.

Resolve Hulu Error 301 with Power Cycle

  • You need to follow the same process with your Router.
  • Open your Hulu account and check if the issue is solved or not.

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2. Clear the cache to fix ‘Hulu Error 301’

We recommend clearing the cache of your MAC or Windows personal computer to solve the Hulu Error 301. Cookies and cache can get corrupted over a period of time. Once corrupted, they can interrupt the proper functioning of the application and services on your MAC or Windows PC. Corrupted cookies and cache often interfere with certain components of your website and create problems. You need to apply different methods to clean cookies and cache for different browsers.

Google Chrome:

  • To clear the cookies and cache of your Google Chrome, open a new tab.
  • On the top right corner of the page, you would see three dots, click on it.
  • Select “MORE TOOLS” from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the three dots
  • Next, select “CLEAR BROWSING DATA.”

Clear the cache

  • Switch to “ADVANCED” and select “ALL TIME” from “TIME RANGE.”
  • Select the first four options and click on “CLEAR DATA.”

Clear the cache to fix Hulu Error 301

  • All cookies and cache would be cleared from your Google Chrome.
  • Check if Hulu Error 301 is solved or not.


  • Create a new tab in your Firefox browser
  • On the top right corner of your page, you would see three vertical bars, click on them.

Clear the cache

  • Select the “PRIVACY AND SECURITY” option
  • Select “CLEAR DATA” beside the “COOKIES AND SITE DATA” option

Clear the cache on Firefox to fix Hulu Error 301

  • Then select both the boxes and then click on the “CLEAR” option
  • Check if your issue is solved or not.

Microsoft Edge:

  • Open a new tab on the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Click on the three dots that appear on the top right corner of the page.
  • Select the “HISTORY” option and then the “CLEAR HISTORY” option

Clear the cache

  • Select the first four options and click on the “CLEAR” option

Clear the cache on Microsoft Edge to fix Hulu Error 301

  • Check if Hulu Error 301 is solved or not.

3. Change the DNS settings to fix ‘Hulu Error 301’

This step involves reconfiguring the DNS settings to solve any issue related to incorrect settings. There are different methods to correct the DNS settings for different devices. We have mentioned the correction method for Personal Computer (PC), Play Station, and Xbox.

Personal Computer (PC):

  • Press the “WINDOWS” key + “R” together and type “ncpa.cpl” in the command box


  • Right-click on “CONNECTION” and select “PROPERTIES.”

Change the DNS settings

  • After that, double click on “INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 4 (TCP/IPV4)

Change the DNS settings


Change the DNS settings to fix Hulu Error 301

  • Save your settings by clicking on “OK.”
  • Check if Hulu Error 301 is solved or not.

Play Station:

  • Open “Settings” on your console
  • Select “NETWORK

Change the DNS settings on Play Station to fix Hulu Error 301


Change the DNS settings

  • Click on the LAN OR WIFI option, depending on the type of your connection
  • Select the “CUSTOM” option

Change the DNS settings

  • Choose the IP ADDRESS and DHCP automatic settings
  • Select “MANUAL” for “DNS SETTINGS

Change the DNS settings

  • Write “” in “PRIMARY DNS
  • Write “” in “SECONDARY DNS


  • To resolve Hulu Error 301 on your Xbox device, press the “XBOX” button and scroll to “SETTINGS GEAR.”
  • Select “SETTINGS
  • Select “NETWORK

Change the DNS settings

  • And then select “NETWORK SETTINGS” on the right pane

Change the DNS settings

  • Click on “DNS SETTINGS” and select “MANUAL.”
  • Write “” in “PRIMARY ADDRESS
  • Write “” in “SECONDARY ADDRESS
  • Click “ENTER

4. Disconnect other devices

Hulu might interrupt your streaming services if you have opened your account on many devices. This might raise a false alarm that you’re sharing the streaming service with other non-subscribers. For this reason, we recommend you to disconnect your account from all the other devices to resolve Hulu Error 301. Also, do not share your Hulu account details with other people.

5. Reconfigure time and date settings

Your Hulu account might not work properly if your system’s time and date are not configured properly. We recommend you check and configure your device’s settings to ensure the smooth functioning of Hulu streaming services.

6. Reinstall the application to fix ‘Hulu Error 301’

If Hulu Error 301 still persists after you’ve tried all the methods mentioned above, try reinstalling the application. This is the last solution if everything fails to solve the problem with your Hulu streaming services.

We recommend connecting to Hulu Customer Support if you’re unable to solve your problem using the methods suggested by us. Hulu is an amazing visual content streaming platform. It is important to understand the causes of Hulu Error 301 and apply the solutions to enjoy smooth and uninterrupted streaming.