Top Five iBackup Viewer for Your iPhone You Should Know

In this article, we are addressing the popular demands and queries of this famous iPhone device, for its user’s ease of operation. We are dealing with the distinct question of a decent and operational iBackup viewer, for ease in extracting any desired kind of backup file or folder.

Thanks to a number of innovative third-party programs, it has now become extremely easy for viewing an iPhone backup file. You can choose to view your data easily on the iPhone device prior to exporting it or recovering it to the PC.

This can be done with the help of the employment of any of the following programs. The pointers below are 5 of the most excellent software for helping you in viewing an iCloud or iTunes backup.

Top 1 iBackup Viewer: Tenorshare UltData

The Tenorshare UltData program is a data recovery tool for the iPhone device, which has both versions to be suited for Windows or Mac. Both these versions are paid software, which maintains the reviewing of the data from the iPhone backup.

Through the use of this program, you can choose to review your data files from the backup, so as to make certain that all your significant data are available, or else, choose the data files directly that you want to save on the PC.

For your learn ease in getting the apt iBackup viewer, we have made a list of the different key features of the Tenorshare UltData program:

Tenorshare UltData Key Features:

  • The Tenorshare UltData program supports the extraction of data from the iCloud backup, iTunes backup, and even from the iPhone device itself.
  • The program happens to support the file extraction of 22 different types and more from the iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices, including the deleted or existing text message files, contacts, notes, voice memos, videos, photos, chat messages from WeChat, WhatsApp, Kik, and many others of the kind.
  • The Tenorshare UltData software provides the option of selective recovery by way of a preview selection, which allows its users to choose the precise data file that they want to extract.
  • The Tenorshare UltData program has a pretty functional system, which aids in fixing any iOS device to its normal mode when it experiences a variety of operational concerns, for example, white apple loop, black loop, and the recovery mode loop, devoid of causing any change on the iPhone device.
  • Tenorshare UltData is nearly compatible with all iOS versions and devices, as well as the new iOS 15 and iPhone new model versions.

Download Tenorshare UltData

The Steps Below Can Accurately Guide You in the Path of Using iBackup Viewer As Tenorshare UltData for Viewing a Back-Up in the iTunes App.

This process is the identical one for viewing an iCloud backup.

1: On its home window, you must choose the ‘Recover Data from iTunes Backup‘ option.

Tenorshare UltData

2: Your entire backup files on iTunes to be had on the PC will get listed in the subsequent window. You must choose the one, which contains the precise data that you wish to see and tap on the ‘Next‘ button. Go for the one, which contains your desired data file.

Tenorshare UltData

3: On the subsequent window, go for file type and tap on the ‘Scan‘ icon to advance.

4: having done this, you can then choose the data that you wish to save on the PC and tap on the ‘Recover to PC‘ button for saving them.

Download Tenorshare UltData

Top 2 iBackup Viewer: AnyTrans

The AnyTrans program provides a viable option for viewing and recovering data files from a backup. The program works ideally as an all-around iPhone backup viewer on the iTunes or iCloud apps, photo, and music administrator, and as the iPhone device file browser.

Moreover, this handy tool is well-suited to all iPod, iPhone, and iPad models. With the exception of screening data from backup, it can also help in recovering and exporting the data files to the PC.

In addition, it can clone data and files from a single device to a new one. The AnyTrans program is also made by way of a current design, which is straightforward and simple, and thus makes it simpler for users.

The lacks of this otherwise efficient software are that it can get to be a tad expensive, having a commercial cost of $39.99. Moreover, it is capable of viewing or recovering any erased data file from the iPhone device or backup.

iBackup viewer: AnyTrans

Top 3 iBackup Viewer: PhoneRescue

The PhoneRescue program supports the recovery and viewing of above 26 different data file kinds from the iCloud or iTunes backup. The program is capable of supporting itself on many operating systems, such as Windows and macOS.

In addition, PhoneRescue is also capable of viewing and recovering data on all model versions of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices. The PhoneRescue program can look at backup data files, for instance, voice memo call history, contacts, SMS messages, camera roll, safari history, voicemail, App data, and many more types. The software can extract all data from a backup even when the data file is encrypted.

What is more, the program has a scan option, which carries out an entire scan of the data in backup for a review. The only limitation of this well-performing iBackup viewer is that its users need to upgrade the program interface to its pro version if they wish to extract whatever thing from a backup to a computer.

Here is the in-depth Phonerescue review.

iBackup viewer: PhoneRescue

Top 4 iBackup Viewer: iBackup Viewer

Through the iBackup viewer utility, you can easily view and scan your data on iTunes back up on a computer.

It is a free program, which supports the extraction of various kinds of data files from the iPhone backup, for example, messages, internet, call history, contacts, App data and photos files, and much more.

The iBackup viewer program features comprise the below properties:

iBackup Viewer
  • The iBackup viewer program can find all iPhone backup files on the PC.
  • The program has an easy-to-use and simple interface.
  • This efficient utility can extract and browse data from the iTunes backup.

The limitations of the iBackup viewer comprise the following pointers:

  • The iBackup viewer program is not capable of viewing data files from the iCloud app
  • The program is also not capable of viewing encrypted backup files for free of cost, and it sometimes fails to scan the data files on the iTunes backup fully.

Top 5 iBackup Viewer: iBackup Extractor

iBackup Extractor is an apt program for all the locating and viewing tasks of data backed up in an iPhone, iPod, and iPad backup.

The iBackup Extractor program can also haul out the found data files with tremendous easiness. A number of instances of data files, which can be extracted and viewed through the program interface, comprise the bookmarks, calendars, call logs, iMessages, and other additional data files from an iTunes backup.

The iBackup Extractor program is to be had for the users operating on PCs running on either Mac or Windows. The program can also view erased data.

The few limitations of the iBackup Extractor have been enlisted below:

  • iBackup Extractor is not capable of reading the encrypted backup data files for free of cost.
  • From time to time the program fails to scan the backup data files on the iTunes app entirely.

These are the top used and most efficient iBackup viewer tools, which can be used by you. For the use of these programs, one does not even need to have any prior technical knowledge and can effortlessly locate and view any desired data files on the iPhone device.

Among them, the Tenorshare UltData, AnyTrans, and PhoneRescue are the most viable options that may be used to get a better performance and features experience.


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