iKeymonitor Reviews and Its Best Alternatives in 2020

According to the reviews left by happy customers, iKeymonitor has been proven to be very helpful in protecting young children and teens that needed to be checked upon. Tweens and even late teenagers are oblivious to the negative side of the world and the harm that bad people can cause them. There are all kinds of people out there, from people who want to exploit young kids for money to even pervert’s who want to harass kids sexually. It is justifiable for parents to worry and want to protect their kids.

The internet is a very big place, and all kinds of people are on it. It is especially full of bad people as they can harass and stalk under fake accounts. Perverts try to befriend young children by pretending to be of their age and gender. If parents don’t play an active role, then their kids might end up in real danger. Spying apps like KidsGuard and iKeymonitor help keep track of location as well which can be of crucial importance when tracking kids or even employees.

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Part 1. iKeymonitor

It is a tool that helps a person to control and spy on somebody’s cell phone device. It is a tool that is often used by parents who want to keep tabs on their kids in order to protect them. They are also used by employers to spy on their employees to see if they are up to something or not. Even people in relationships use iKeymonitor to see if their partner is being loyal to them or not
There are a ton of other reasons why a person wants to spy on someone. The reason can be simple and harmless, or it could be much more serious.

Price factor

iKeymonitor gives you two options to choose from. You could purchase a one-month package that is compatible with Android, iPhone and, iPad for a reasonable 49.99$. However, the yearly subscription offers you a 50% discount on the actual sum calculated. There are discounts available for employers looking to get employer monitors for their Mac/ Windows. They could get it for only 29.99$ a month. iKeymonitor also offers a three-day trial available free of cost. They also offer a thirty-day money-back-guarantee to ensure maximum satisfaction and customer safety.

iKeymonitor’s Reviews

iKeymonitor is very popular as spying software. Its customers are very happy and satisfied with the software.


  • Parents can block access to a certain app on their kid’s phone.
  • Screen time could also be limited which is a great feature for kids.
  • Employers can keep track of their employees.
  • Employers will also come to know if the target phone shares sensitive details with someone else.
  • You can also track the location of the target phone.


  • Sometimes the iKeymonitor app does not function properly and has to be re-installed which beats the purpose of this app. You won’t be able to spy on someone if the app crashes which can cost you dearly
  • iKeymonitor is fairly expensive. It can be difficult for parents to pay the amount each month just so they could keep tabs on their children.

Part 2. The Best Alternatives for iKeymonitor – KidsGuard

Although iKeymonitor is a great app to keep tabs on young kids or to spy on employees, it is quite expensive which makes it less desirable for customers who are on a budget. KidsGuard Pro is a great alternative to other spying apps. It is capable of tracking iPhone’s and Android phones at the same time. It is also compatible with all file types, unlike iKeymonitor which could only open a certain type of file.


How to start using KidsGuard

This iKeymonitor alternative offers a great user-interface. It can be easily accessed by beginner internet users. It can access almost all data on the hacked person’s phone. You can know details like which number has been called the most number of times etc.

Steps on how to use KidsGuard

1. Start using this amazing and renowned app simply by signing up on its website.

Sign up KidsGuard Account

2. You will have to complete a procedure on the target phone.

3. After you fill out the setup wizard, it notifies the target phone users’ name and age.

4. You will need to verify the ID you used while signing up.

5. Once the procedure is complete, you will have access to the target phone.

6. You will also get an e-mail notification when certain file exchanges happen on the target phone.

Part 3. Various Circumstances for iKeymonitor and Its Alternatives

KidsGuard is a great iKeymonitor alternative that parents can use to keep track of their children without any problem. You could spy on both Android as well as Apple devices. Social media makes it very easy to create fake accounts. Criminals use this opportunity and try to lure innocent kids into their traps. Young children can be saved from their harm if their parents actively keep n eye on them by using apps like KidsGuard.

Employers can use this app to spy on their employees as well. Sometimes, employers trust their employees with a lot of money or important papers the loss of which could cost the company dearly. In such cases, employers like to keep track of them. In case something goes wrong, they would get to know immediately and could deal with the situation faster and work on damage control.

People in relationships also use this app to spy on their partners. It is natural to worry a little about your partner and whether he or she loves you as much as you love them. Sometimes there is a reason behind the worry. Instead of over-thinking and panicking, one could easily install KidsGuard and spy on their partner. If they have nothing to worry about, then they can relax in peace. But, if their intuition was correct and their partner is being disloyal, then they could very easily gather all the information and present them in such a manner that their partner couldn’t deny it. The evidence would be so strong that they would not be in a position to lie their way out and would have to accept that they were unfaithful.

To Conclude:

The iKeymonitor alternative – KidsGuard Pro is more practical, less expensive and easy to use than its competitors. It offers a very easy to use interface that anyone can access. There are other apps out there that you could use. But every app has one or another major drawback. Sometimes an app is good but very expensive whereas some might be cheap but lack basic features that parents need in order to spy on their kids. The KidsGuard fits right in-between both of them with an affordable price package and great features.


Hacking into someone’s cell phone is not something you should do without their permission. It is okay if you want to have fun with your friends or mess around with your siblings. But, if you use these apps to spy on someone with the intention of hurting them, leaking their personal information or even threatening them, then it could cost you very dearly. It is an actual crime, and you could get yourself locked up in jail for a long time.

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