[100% WORKING] How to Import WhatsApp Chat?

Are you reading this article because you want to know how to import WhatsApp chat? If yes, you are on the right track.

In this detailed guide, we will explain pretty much all the aspects pertaining to importing WhatsApp chat. We will explain how it works on different types of platforms, such as iOS and Android.

Part 1: Import WhatsApp Chat on iOS Devices


In fact, there are several methods to try to import WhatsApp chat and other data to your iPhone. The difficulty levels of these methods can vary, and some of them are free while others are not.

So, let’s take a look at these methods and try to import your WhatsApp chat.

Method 01: From iCloud

To perform this method, you must have already created a backup of the respective data on iCloud. The backup can then be imported back to an iOS device.

As you may already know, iCloud is an official method of backing up data for iOS device users. So, you don’t have to install any third-party software.

  • 01: Launch WhatsApp and go to the option called ‘Settings.’
  • 02: Select the option called ‘Chats‘ and then tap on the button labeled ‘Chat Backup.’
  • 03: If you prefer creating backups of the videos as well, turn on the option labeled ‘Videos.’
  • 04: Tap on the option called ‘Back Up Now.’ Now, your data will be backed up to iCloud Storage.

Import WhatsApp Chat from iCloud

Now that the backup is completed, you should follow the below-mentioned steps to import data.

  • 01: Perform a reinstallation of WhatsApp data on your iPhone.
  • 02: Make sure that you sign up to it using the same Apple credentials and turn on iCloud Drive.
  • 03: Launch a new WhatsApp app you have just installed.
  • 04: Verify the cellphone number, which was previously used.
  • 05: Once the verification is done, you can restore the chat history.
  • 06: Click on the ‘Restore‘ button and import your data. Make sure that you DON’T CLICK on the ‘Skip‘ button.
Import WhatsApp Chat from iCloud
  • 07: Wait for a while until the importing is completed. Later on, you can see the conversation.

However, There Are Some Drawbacks Associated with This Method.

  • The method requires an internet connection.
  • There must be enough space in iCloud.
  • You cannot use a different phone number.

Method 02: Using iTunes Backup

You don’t need any introduction related to iTunes if you have already used iTunes. This is another official tool offered by Apple for iOS device users. Nevertheless, this tool doesn’t offer any specific feature to import or export WhatsApp data alone.

Instead, it backs up and imports all the data. Since it is a free tool, it has become a pretty popular app among iPhone users.

  • 01: Install the latest version of iTunes.
  • 02: Connect your iPhone to the PC and trust it.
  • 03: Choose ‘This computer‘ instead of ‘iCloud Storage‘ when prompted.
  • 04: Select the option labeled ‘Backup Up Now.’
  • 05: You will see the backup now.

Once the backup is created, you should use the steps mentioned below to import your WhatsApp chats.

  • 01: Install WhatsApp on your new device and launch it.
  • 02: Install and run the latest iTunes version on the computer.
  • 03: Connect the new iPhone to the same PC and trust it.
  • 04: Choose the backup file you intend to import.
  • 05: Press the button labeled ‘Restore Backup.’ This will erase any existing backups.

This Method Has Some Drawbacks

  • The method is pretty complicated.
  • It doesn’t support cross-platform functionality.
  • It erases the existing data on WhatsApp.

Method 03: Import WhatsApp Chat to iPhone Through Google Drive/Android

Well, this could be the most robust method you can use to import WhatsApp data. It supports cross-platform data transfer. Compared to the other methods, this is the most convenient option. In this case, we will be using a special tool called Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer.

  • As the first step, you should download Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer on your computer.
  • Now, you should connect your smartphone with the same computer and trust it. You will see that the program will detect the smartphone. Now click on “WhatsApp“.
Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer
  • Choose the option ‘Backup‘.
Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer
  • Choose a device and then press the button ‘Back Up Now‘ so it will start the backup process.
  • You will see that the backup is ready within a couple of moments.
Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer

How to Import Data

Here are the steps to import WhatsApp data into any device.

  • Connect your device with the computer from which you will import WhatsApp data.
  • Now, choose the option called ‘View & Restore‘ in the left pane.
Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer
  • There is a list of backup files. Just choose the file you want and then press ‘Restore to iOS‘ to process.
  • Now, press the Restore Now button to begin the process.
Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer
  • This step will require a bit of patience as it takes some time. The time it takes might vary depending on the size of the backup.
Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer
  • At the completion of the process, the entire conversation will be visible on the device.
Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer

Part 2: How to Import WhatsApp Chat to an Android Device

Import WhatsApp Chat to Android

You can use several ways to import WhatsApp from Android devices. In fact, Android uses Google Drive very commonly to create backups. In addition to that, there are other alternatives you can try with Android, thanks to their compatibility.

Method 01: From Your Google Drive?

This is a very popular method to import WhatsApp backup. Following this method is very easy.

  • 01: Launch WhatsApp and then access its ‘Settings‘ menu.
  • 02: Choose the option called ‘Chat‘ and go to ‘Chat backup‘.
  • 03: Enter the respective Google account to which you are expecting to back up the files.
  • 04: Tap on ‘Back Up‘ and then create a backup to Google Drive.
Import WhatsApp Chat from Google Backup

Now that the backup is created, you can import it to any device using the method mentioned below.

  • 01: Install a fresh copy of WhatsApp on your device and launch it.
  • 02: Verify the mobile number.
  • 03: Once verified, WhatsApp will search for its backup automatically.
  • 04: Press the button labeled ‘Restore‘ and import the chats.

Drawbacks Associated with This Process

Here are some of the drawbacks associated with this method.

  • It requires a stable, uninterrupted internet connection.
  • It doesn’t import data into iOS devices.

Method 02: Through a Local Backup

If you want to restore your WhatsApp data from local folders, here’s how to do it. These local folders will hold data like media, conversations, and even cookies.

If the backup is already created, you can skip this section and start from the next. However, if you don’t have a backup, just create a local backup for the WhatsApp chat. To do that, you should locate the folder labeled ‘WhatsApp/ Database‘ on the old device.

If there’s a folder called ‘Database‘ on SD Card, make sure that you insert it into the new device. You can locate the same folder after connecting the same device with the computer.

If you can find the WhatsApp folder inside the internal storage, go to the folder named ‘Database‘. Browse for a backup file that has ‘.db.crypt‘ as extension. Make sure that you copy the same and paste it on the computer.

All the backup files you see will be there with a date and time stamp. To import the old backup, you should copy the old file after determining the time and date stamp.

Importing WhatsApp Chat from the Local Backup

Now that the backup is created, you should follow the steps mentioned below to get them imported.

  • 01: Connect your phone to the computer.
  • 02: Insert your SD card into the new smartphone you are using.
  • 03: If you have installed WhatsApp already, you should uninstall it and reinstall it.
  • 04: Once the phone number is verified, you should press the button labeled ‘Restore‘ once prompted.
  • 05: If you had the backup inside the internal Storage, you should install WhatsApp now. But be sure that you don’t launch it at the completion of the installation process.
  • 06: Locate the WhatsApp folder first. Then find the Database folder as well. Copy the backup file that comprises of ‘db.crypt‘ extension. Then, paste the same into the database folder.
Import WhatsApp Chat from Local backup
  • 07: Launch WhatsApp now, and you should verify the phone number as well. You can now press the restore button once it is prompted.
  • 08: After some time, once the restoration is completed, you should see your WhatsApp conversations on the new device.
  • 09: Don’t use the option labeled ‘Skip‘ because if you do, you cannot import WhatsApp.

Drawbacks of This Method

This method comes with some disadvantages too. In fact, this is a pretty complex method compared to iCareFone Transfer. To make use of this method, you have to learn about the folder structure as well.

In addition to that, it doesn’t offer cross-platform compatibility for data importing. Well, if you need backup and import WhatsApp chat easily, the most convenient option is Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer.

Part 3: Import WhatsApp Chat Backup to Android from iOS Device, iCloud, or iTunes

Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer

As you have already realized, Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer is a very powerful method that can import your data. The process of importing WhatsApp chat is the same no matter what type of device you are using. Well, we are not going to explain the same process once again.

Importing WhatsApp data using Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer is a very easy and very safe process. There is no shortage of reasons to use this tool as your data transferring tool. It works as a cross-platform tool.

For instance, you can simply import WhatsApp data from an iPhone to Android or the other way around. In addition to that, you can move WhatsApp with the whole data files to another device without losing them.

One of the greatest advantages associated with Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer is that it doesn’t have any storage restrictions. Compared to iCloud, that’s a very remarkable option. Well, having considered all those aspects, it can be said that Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer is an all-in-one tool.


The data in your WhatsApp account can be very important, be it a message or a picture. So, moving those files into one device from another is a very serious task. That is exactly why you should use a reliable method to import WhatsApp chat.

Thanks to a sophisticated tool like Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer, you can do your WhatsApp data transfers conveniently.



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