IMS Service Has Stopped? Let’s Get It Fixed Now!

IMS service has stopped in my Samsung device. How can I fix it as soon as possible? Seeking help from any Android expert there.”

The above is a question asked by an Android user lately on a help forum. Are you familiar with that sort of situation? Or, are you currently facing the same issue and seeking for help just like her?

If so, this is a must-read article for you. We’ll explain everything about the IMS service and how to fix it if an error has occurred related to it.

Samsung mobile devices come with an added UI layer in addition to Android’s default interface. This interface offers various basic apps that are used for messaging, browsing, and system settings.

This UI layer is known as IMS (which is the shortened form of IP Multimedia Subsystem). Basically, it is an architectural framework that delivers multimedia services to consumers.

In general, this service is supposed to run pretty smoothly without giving any significant trouble. However, in recent times, there have been a large number of reports claiming that IMS service has stopped.

The complete message says, “Unfortunately, IMS Service has stopped.” This message appears out of nowhere, specifically when they try to call someone or message someone.

IMS Service has stopped

What is the Reason Behind the “IMS Service Has Stopped” Error?

If truth to be told, we have received a large number of queries asking for solutions to this issue. Our technical team had a thorough look at this issue and did an extensive amount of research on it.

In addition to that, we dug deep into the subject to find the possible causes behind it. We have listed those causes below to give you a better idea about them. Anyway, knowing the root cause of the issue is easier when it comes to fixing it.

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● Corrupted Cache

Every app installed on your device has a cache so it can load faster. Because of the cache, the time an app takes to load can be significantly reduced. The cache partition holds the temporary files on it. Over time, the cache can get overloaded, and some files can get corrupted as well.

As a result of a corrupted cache, the corresponding app will experience some issues occasionally. When it comes to messaging and other communication apps, this problem can emerge pretty frequently.

Usually, messaging apps are frequently used, so the app cache is vulnerable to getting corrupted more often than not. When this happens with the IMS service, it will display an error message.

● A Conflict with the Default Messaging App

Another common reason behind the IMS service has stopped the issue is potential conflicts with default messaging apps. In general, your network provider applies some configuration on your device to grant internet access.

These configurations are called messaging facilities. These configurations are directly applied to the default messaging app on your Android device.

However, these configurations can interfere with the IMS service and thereby cause it to malfunction. This is a very common instance with most devices that run on Android OS.

● Outdated Apps

In certain cases, the “IMS service has stopped” issue can emerge as a result of an outdated app. Some apps can experience various issues when they work with the latest version of the Android OS.

The outdated apps can have various glitches, bugs, etc. that were fixed by the developers with their latest updates.

● The Device’s Android Version Is Outdated

Sometimes, the manufacturer’s UI layer can experience some issues with the Android version itself. However, as soon as the developers of the Android OS identify those issues, they fix them and release updates. The devices that have outdated Android OS, therefore, can experience those conflicts until the user updates the OS.

● Conflicts with Third-party Messaging Apps

Many Android users tend to use third-party messaging apps on their devices. In certain cases, third-party applications can infiltrate the configurations of the default messaging service. As a result, the default messaging app will get blocked, and the “IMS service has stopped” message will emerge.

If you read the above list, you can get a basic understanding of how the issue triggers. In the next section of our article, we explain how to fix this issue.

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Method 1: Check for OS Updates to Fix ‘IMS Service Has Stopped’

The first solution to the list is to check if there are any software updates available. Sometimes, the manufacturer’s UI layer can infiltrate with the default OS with the first release. Such errors will be fixed by updates.

So, if you have not performed an OS update in a while, it is better to check on it. To do that, you should do the following.

  • First, you should unlock the device and launch its “Settings.”
  • Then, scroll down and locate the option called “About Phone.” Tap on it.
  • It will open up several options. Just find the option called “Software Updates” and tap on it. Then, you should also tap on the option labeled “Check for Updates.”
  • If there is a new update is available, you should click on the option called “Download Now.”
  • At the completion of the downloading and update, you will see a prompt. It asks you to confirm the installation of the available update. So, just tap on the option called “Yes,” and the device will be restarted.
  • Now, the update will get installed. The device will get back to its normal mode. In general, this method fixes the IMS service error in most cases.
Check for OS updates to fix IMS Service Has Stopped

Method 2: Check if There Are Any Application Updates

In some cases, you will see that the IMS service has stopped due to outdated applications. As a result, it can cause various conflicts with the OS. In some cases, it can affect the functionality of some applications too.

So, in this case, you should see if there are any updates available for the apps. If yes, you should install them. To do that, you should follow the steps below.

  • First, get the respective Android device unlocked and open its Google Play Store app.
  • Once the Play Store app is opened, you should click on the menu button. It is located in the top-left corner and selects the option called “My Apps & Games.”
Check if there are any application updates
  • Tap on the option called “Updates” and then choose to “Refresh.”
  • You can then click on “Update All” and wait until the updates get completed.
  • Now, you can restart the device and see if the problem is solved.

Method 3: Change the Configurations of the Messages

In some devices, the configuration settings provided by the network carrier may cause the problem. In that case, you can reconfigure it and see what happens.

Please note that the method can vary depending on the network carrier.

If You Are Using AT&T

  • Launch your default messaging app.
  • Click on its menu and go to “Settings.”
  • Click on the option labeled “AT&T Messages Backup & Sync.” Then, choose the option called “Disable the Sync.”
  • You can restart the device now and see if the issue is gone.
If you are using AT&T

If You Are Using RCS (Rich Communication Services)

  • Launch the default messaging app and tap on the menu button.
  • Tap on “Settings” and click on “Choose Chat settings.”
  • Now, you can tap on the option called “Rich Communication Settings.” The option “Rich Communication” is checked by default. Just uncheck it.
  • Restart the device and see if the IMS service works fine.
If you are using RCS

Method 4: Launch Your Device in Safe Mode to Fix ‘IMS Service Has Stopped’

Booting your device into safe mode is another option that may work to fix the “IMS service has stopped” issue. When you boot the device in safe mode, it disables all third-party apps and services. Then, only the default apps will be loaded.

As a result, potential interferences should be gone. To do that, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Press the power button once and go to the option called “Switch Off.”
  • Wait for the device to be turned off. Then, switch it back by holding the power button for 2 seconds.
  • When you see the animated logo, press and hold the “Volume Down” button.
Launch in Safe Mode to fix IMS Service Has Stopped
  • Now, once the device is booted, the text “Safe Mode” can be seen somewhere on the screen.
  • Check the device and see if the issue persists.
  • If the issue is gone, you should uninstall the third-party apps you have installed recently.

Method 5: Clear Cache to Fix ‘IMS Service Has Stopped’

The cache can accumulate a large number of files over time and become corrupted at one point. Eventually, it can cause various issues, and some Android apps (like messaging apps) can malfunction.

So, if you notice your IMS service has stopped, clear the cache and see if the problem goes away. Below are the steps to follow to get it done.

  • Press and hold the power button and choose the option called “Switch Off.”
  • Now, hold the “Home” button with “Volume Up.” Then, press the “Power” button and hold it as well.
  • When you see the Samsung logo, let the “Power” button go but hold the other two.
  • When you see the Android logo, release the other keys too. Then, you should see “Installing System Update.” Wait for a while to see the Android Recovery Options.
  • Go to the option called Wipe Cache Partition using the “Volume Down” key.
Wipe Cache Partition to fix IMS Service Has Stopped
  • Once the option is selected, just press the “Power” button, and that will clear the cache.
  • At the completion of that process, go to Reboot System Now using the “Volume Down” button.
  • Press the “Power” button to select that option so the device will be restarted.

According to our experience, at least one of the above methods should work if your IMS service has stopped. If you know other ways to fix this IMS service issue, please share them with us.


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