How to Get Rid Of$annotatedconnectexception Error on Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception is an error experienced by a considerable number of Minecraft users lately due to some reason or another. If you have experienced the same and worried, read this guide on and learn how to fix it.

Mahjong owns Minecraft. It was initially released for the public back in 2011 and became a hot choice for many gamers. Even as of today, Minecraft boasts a massive player count. In fact, it has more than 91 million players per month. Despite its enormous popularity, the game started to experience some issues lately.$annotatedconnectexception is one of those common errors that can annoy users. This error pops up when a gamer tries to connect to a server. Interestingly, this error is not limited to a single server. In other words, pretty much all the servers experience this issue.$annotatedconnectexception

What triggers$annotatedconnectexception error?

It is true that we have come across a large number of reports and queries about this$annotatedconnectexception error lately. We did our research based on the information provided by the gamers in addition to issues experienced by us. As a result, we can come to the conclusion that$annotatedconnectexception can trigger due to one of the following.

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● An issue associated with your IP

According to the gathered information, this issue can appear due to an error in your IP address. It can trigger due to an error in the connected port when connecting to the server too. Basically, your IP address and the port number are used to establish a connection with the gaming server. If you are not using a static IP address, your IP address will change pretty frequently by your ISP. So, the chances are that the same IP address can be allocated to different users at the same time. Therefore, it is always required to change the IP address.

● Due to the existence of your firewall

Under certain cases, the connection between your computer and the gaming server can be blocked by your firewall. This is particularly true if you have not whitelisted the game’s server connection with the firewall. In this case, you should add the game directory and the Java files to the whitelist. As a result, the connection to the game will be permitted by the firewall.

● You are running an outdated Java version

You may already know that Minecraft wants the latest Java version on your computer to function smoothly. If you are running an outdated Java, and your launcher is updated to the newest, that triggers a conflict. As a result, some components of the game will not be connected to the server properly.

● Your software is not compatible

There are several software tools that don’t work in harmony with Minecraft. If you try to run one of those applications with Minecraft, conflicts can emerge. In fact, their official website shares a list of software applications that are incompatible with the Minecraft game. So, go through the list and check if your computer has at least one of those applications installed. If it does, you should uninstall it and retry.

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How to fix$annotatedconnectexception issue?

Now that you have an understanding about the causes behind$annotatedconnectexception error, let’s learn how to fix it. Mentioned below are the potential fixes you can try.

01. Reset your internet connection

If the issue is triggered by an IP address conflict, this fix will work perfectly. To do it, you can simply reset your internet connection so the ISP will change the IP address. So, if you are not using a static IP and there is an IP address conflict, try this solution for$annotatedconnectexception error.

  • First, you should disconnect your internet router from its power inlet.
  • Leave it for about 05 minutes and plug the power cord in.
  • Once the internet connection is established, connect to the server of the game.

Reset your internet connection

02. Add an exception in the firewall

As mentioned in the previous section, it can be your firewall behind$annotatedconnectexception issue. It might be preventing you from connecting to the server. So, if that is the case with you, just add an exception in the firewall for Minecraft’s executables. In other words, you should whitelist Minecraft’s executables that require internet access. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to the Start menu and choose the option called “Settings.”

Add an exception in the firewall

  • Then, click on the option called “Updates & Security.”
  • Now, you should choose the option called “Windows Security” and then head to “Firewall & Network Protection.”

Add an exception in the firewall

  • You can scroll down now and choose the option called “Allow an App through Firewall.”

Add an exception in the firewall

  • Then, go to “Change Settings” and choose “Yes” when a warning is prompted.

Add an exception in the firewall

  • You can then go to “Allow another app” from the available options and choose “Browse.”

Add an exception in the firewall

  • Now, you should navigate to the installation directory of the Minecraft. Choose the executor named “launcher.”
  • You can follow the same steps and navigate to the Minecraft servers as well.
  • Go to the folder called “Maxwell” and open “MinecraftServer.”
  • There will be two Java executables located inside the server. Allow both of those executables.
  • Repeat the process. But don’t click on the option “Allow another app” after choosing the “Change Settings.” Instead, you should scroll down and allow all the options labeled “Java Platform SE Binary.” Those options should be allowed through “Public” and “Private” networks.

Add an exception in the firewall

  • Now launch the Minecraft game and see if you can connect to the server without any issue.

03. Add the Port and an IP address manually

Many users use a dynamic IP address, and it is supposed to change whenever the connection is reset. So, it is best to check if the IP address and port are not creating any conflicts. In this section, we will explain how to do it. Mentioned below is how to do it.

  • As the first step, go to the Windows toolbar and click on its search bar. Then, you should key in the text “Command Prompt.”
  • You can right-click on the icon now and choose the option called “Run as Administrator” as well.
  • Once the command prompt is opened, you should enter the text “ipconfig” and hit enter. You should note down the address mentioned in front of the IPV4 Address.

Add the Port and an IP address manually

  • You can now open the folder labeled “Minecraft Servers” and then navigate to “Maxwell (0000)“. Please note that 0000 is just an example; there will be a random number in it. Then, launch the “Server Properties” (which is a text document).

Add the Port and an IP address manually

  • You can now write down the item called “Server Port.” In most cases, it may be something similar to 25565. However, it may appear in a different number on your PC.
  • You can launch Minecraft now and go to the option called “Play Multiplayer.”
  • Make sure that you choose the preferred server for which you wish to join. You should just click on it and choose “Edit.”

Minecraft Servers

  • You can choose any server name based on your preference. However, the address of the server MUST be the IPV4 address you noted down earlier. For instance, your IP address must be XXX.XXX.X.X. The port number should be entered just after the IP address like:25565. The port number can vary, however, and it may appear like XXX.XXX.X.X:25565.

Minecraft Servers

  • You can now click on the button labeled “Done.” Click on “Refresh.”
  • Check if the game works fine now.

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In addition to the above, you should know the list of applications that cannot work in harmony with Minecraft. If you have installed any of those applications in your system, Minecraft will experience$annotatedconnectexception error due to incompatibility. You can visit the official website of Minecraft to check the list of incompatible applications. If you have already installed at least one of them, just uninstall it and see if$annotatedconnectexception error persists.

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