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If you are an iOS device user, you will surely want to stay updated with the latest versions all the time. Not too long ago, iOS 11 conquered the world of smartphones. The latest offering from Apple of its newest iOS version is packed with lots of exciting features, so it is not really a big surprise that it soon became the hottest thing in a matter of hours after its release. And just so you can fully make the most out of this iOS version, dr.fone – iOS Transfer is definitely the best iOS data manager that you can use to ensure that you will have the most seamless and worry-free experience of upgrading your device.

Although you are probably aware by know of the different mainstream features of iOS 11, there is a chance that you are not really that aware of its one of a kind instant sharing of WiFi. Did you know that a phone that runs on the iOS 11 will no longer require you to type in a password of network ever again? Right, you read that right. Like dr.fone itself, the IOS 11 is a truly revolutionary version with its instant sharing of WiFi which can make your daily life easier and more convenient than ever before.

Part 1: An Overview for Instant WiFi Sharing

Prior to learning more about the exciting features of the latest iOS update, you first need to know how you can use the option of instant sharing of WiFi. Through this latest update, the Apple Company has made sure that it will now be simpler for the users to connect in a certain network. So far, there are some brand new and simple ways of connecting to a WiFi using the latest iOS version. How does it work?

Scan WiFi Router Information with QR Reader

In case you have already seen how the latest iOS version looks like, there is a chance that you are familiar with this particular feature. For flawless accessibility for users, Apple integrated the reader for the QR code on the native camera in this version. Thus, you just need to scan the WiFi router's QR code so you can connect to a network. You only need to utilize your camera for scanning the QR code. After that, you are going to be automatically connected to that particular network right away.

Instant WiFi Sharing

For those who don’t want to scan WiFi router's QR code, there's no need to worry. Apple also thought of an ideal solution for it. Using this feature called instant WiFi sharing, you will be able to share the passwords in a wireless way from a particular iOS device to other devices. However, this will only work if both devices run on iOS 11.

With the use of this specific feature, the iOS device is going to request for the password after it entered the network’s range. The request is going to be forwarded to other devices that runs on the latest version which is connected already to the network. Host device will then simply share the password of the network wirelessly to the targeted device.

It will then automatically place the password of the WiFi network in the target device's password field to allow instantaneous connection to a certain network. The feature makes it simpler for users of the latest version to connect to the new WiFi with no need to type the password or set up another connection. In addition to that, it will allow the hosts to share the WiFi network's password selectively without the need to announce to everybody. Suppose you're having the coolest party at your property and you do not want to give your password to WiFi. Instant sharing of WiFi is a good solution.

Rather than writing the password on your router's backside, you may send it wirelessly to the device requesting it. This also protects your password as the device that will receive it can’t decode it. Thus, you may share your passwords to WiFi quickly to everyone without experiencing any hassle of getting this leaked.

Now that you're knowledgeable of how simple the latest version of iOS has made for all of the users in sharing passwords of WiFi in a wireless and secure manner, considering the option of instant WiFi sharing can quickly share the password of your WiFi to everyone and let you save time. However, ensure that both devices run on iOS 11 in order for this amazing feature works. You should also follow the important instructions for you to make most of this option on your iOS 11 device.

Apple has definitely won over their users through including some exceptional features on the latest iOS. The feature is a good step as it allows users to connect to the new WiFi in just a few seconds. Through this, you may setup a new WiFi without requiring you to type a password. The only thing you need is to request for a password of the WiFi, access that, and instantly connect to your network. If you want another tool to manage your data on iOS 11, you may try using dr.fone. It is an excellent data manager, guaranteed to provide you peace of mind and ease when handling data on your device.

Part 2. dr.fone – iOS Transfer – The Finest iOS 11 Data Manager

dr.fone – iOS transfer is a must have phone manager. It's fully compatible with iOS and no iTunes required for every iOS related feature. dr.fone, as a data manager, can backup and transfer contacts, SMS, music, photos, contacts, and more on your iOS device.

Download dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

What makes dr.fone – iOS Transfer as an amazing iOS 11 data manager is that it comes with several features, which include the following:

Seamless Entertainment with All Media

The supported file types include audiobooks, TV shows, iTunes U, podcasts, videos, playlist, and music.

Powerful File Explorer

You can browse and transfer all files and folders on your device. You can even store the directories of your device on your computer. Aside from that, you can get access to each corner of your mobile device under the Disk Mode.

Treasure All Moments in Your Life

Manage your photos on iOS 11 device with ease. You can add, preview, and delete photos. You may also add photos to the album.

Save Mobile Data with More Efficient App Management

Do you want to uninstall bloatware or pre-installed apps in your device? It's never a problem with dr.fone. You can also uninstall and install multiple apps with just one click.

With the different features of dr.fone – iOS Transfer, there's no doubt that it is the best iOS 11 data manager. It has everything you need to manage your data. Whether you want to delete or add files on your device, you can quickly use dr.fone. With its user-friendly and easy to use interface, you won't experience a hard time using this application. Many people have already utilized dr.fone, and all of them are happy and satisfied. So, what are you waiting for? Install it now and see the difference!

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