Top 10 iPhone Emulator – Best iOS Emulator for PC in 2020

At times, you may need to run some of the iOS apps on your computer due to various reasons. In that case, you will have to use an iPhone emulator to have those iOS apps running on a PC. If you were looking for an iOS emulator for PC, the search ends right here.

Many of us tend to have multiple digital devices to manage our day-to-day tasks. Due to various reasons, individuals want to transfer data between these devices very often. For instance, you may need to run an iOS app on your Windows PC at some point. However, the problem is that iOS apps are not compatible with the Windows operating system. Do you want to run an iOS app on a PC? If so, you are required to get the assistance of a good iPhone emulator. In this article, we are going to expose a list of best iOS emulator for PC for your reference. After installing a good iPhone emulator on your PC, you can enjoy pretty much any iOS app on it. For instance, you can even play your favorite iOS game on your PC with convenience.

With the help of an emulator, you can enjoy those iOS apps even without having an Apple device. All you need is a device that can run one of these emulators.

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What is an iPhone emulator?

Before we jump into the list of best iOS emulators, it is better to get an idea about them. In other words, let’s get to know what is an iPhone emulator. Emulators are a special type of program that can create a virtual OS environment on another operating system. An iPhone emulator that works on Windows can create a virtual iOS environment on the Windows platform. As a result, you will be able to run any iOS app on Windows (on the virtual iOS environment).

In a nutshell, these emulators work based on virtualization technology. With such technology, you can create virtual machines, as well. Virtual machines work independently on a computer without affecting the original OS of the host machine.

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The difference between emulators and simulators

ios emulator

Many individuals wrongfully think that emulators and simulators are similar. That is, maybe, due to the similarity of the pronunciation of those two words. Let’s get an idea of the differences between these two aspects.

Emulators are programs that can create a virtual OS environment on a different platform. Once installed on a different platform, an emulator can work as an independent OS. Then, you can install various apps on the emulator and use them. That said, the best example for such an instance is an iOS emulator for PC. Such an emulator can be installed on a PC, and then it will work as a different platform. You can install iOS apps in this virtual environment and enjoy them.

Simulators, on the other hand, also develop an OS environment. However, they don’t create a copy of the hardware as opposed to emulators. Because of this, simulators don’t have the ability to run some of the apps. Because of this reason, many individuals prefer using emulators over simulators. Emulators are majorly used for testing newly developed apps.

What is the benefit of using an iPhone emulator?

Emulators can be used to test applications that are newly developed. Generally, emulators can run applications on various operating systems ranging from iOS to Windows. Also, a good iOS emulator for PC allows you to use iOS apps with added convenience. For instance, you can play an iOS game on a PC using a mouse and keyboard with better control.

Best iPhone emulator programs you can use

As we have mentioned before, we have prepared a list of best emulators for our readers. You can go through this list and choose the best option that matches you.

#1 iOS Emulator for PC. Mobione Studio

Mobione Studio ios emulator

This can be one of the most popular and best emulators for PCs that can run iOS apps. You can use it to run iOS games as well as applications on a Windows computer. It is true that Mobione is officially discontinued. That means it doesn’t get new updates or newer versions anymore. However, you can still use it as a good iPhone emulator for PC and enjoy all the iOS apps. An emulator like Mobione becomes highly beneficial for app developers to test their cross-platform apps. The advanced algorithm included in this emulator can even activate status notifications, just like with the original iOS device. This is an ideal emulator for you to enjoy beta apps.

#2 iOS Emulator for PC.

This is another impressive iPhone emulator that comes with smooth functionality. One of the major advantages associated with this program is that it has a simplified interface and ease-of-use. Nevertheless, it comes with a noticeable drawback, as well. It runs relatively slower compared to other emulators. In fact, some users claim that takes about 30 minutes to load some of the apps. Thanks to the 7-day trial period offered by, you can check if it fits your purpose before purchasing. works based on cloud technology. You can simply synchronize it with the ios.appi bundle, and that’s it.

#3 iOS Emulator for PC. Smartface

Smartface iOS Emulator

This is another powerful app that lets you run iOS apps on your Windows PC. This emulator is widely used by developers who build native cross-platform apps for iOS. Many of the expert iOS app developers claim Smartface to be a powerful and intuitive solution to test apps. This app comes in two versions – paid and free version. You can go for either of those versions depending on the type of the requirement.

#4 iOS Emulator for PC. IPadian

iPadian Emulator

IPadian is one of the most comprehensive and popular emulators out there in the market. This emulator has become a norm among the developers as well as the regular users recently. Thanks to the smart features and perfect functionality of this tool, you can enjoy all iOS features with it. For instance, it lets you use Siri, TvOS, watch OS, and even iMessage. In fact, iPadian has a pretty similar interface to iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. And, it makes things easier for you in terms of handling the apps.

With IPadian, you can get iOS apps on the Windows PC with which you are familiar. However, the truth is that it is not compatible with every iOS app. The interface of this iOS emulator is pretty convenient and friendly. That is one of the main reasons for individuals to prefer IPadian as their favorite emulator.

#5 iOS Emulator for PC. can be considered as an alternative solution to However, as we see, comes with better features and functions compared to You can use this emulator to develop both iOS and Android apps on Cloud using One of the best things about is that it offers you free time to test it. That means you can download and install it to use for 100 minutes without costing anything. After the first 100 minutes, they will charge $0.05 per each minute. So, if your purpose is to test iOS apps, this is just a great solution.

06. Ripple


Ripple comes as a Chrome extension to play the role of an iPhone emulator. This is a very popular option among those who need to test their cross-platform apps and HTML5 apps. Ripple makes the process very simple as opposed to other options. Ripple is mainly developed, targeting PhoneGap and WebWorks. It aims to assist app developers by offering essentials like HTML DOM inspection, JS Debugging, etc. It can be used to run apps on environments that have different resolutions. Also, it allows you to test the apps on different devices, as well. Even after choosing a new device, you don’t want to restart it.

07. TestFlight


As of now, TestFlight belongs to Apple itself. This special tool is used by app developers to test the beta versions of their apps. It is vastly used to test the apps coded through Xamarin. In addition to that, you may consider TestFlight to be the officially recommended method of Apple to test apps. TestFlight comes with extensive documentation, as well. In fact, such lengthy documentation becomes useful for those who want to learn about a good iOS emulator.

This app is offered without charging anything, and it supports a wide array of apps. For instance, it supports apps for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, etc. In addition to that, it comes with the option of external beta testing. Such an approach is exceptionally handy for app developers. A major drawback associated with this app is that it requires you to create an App Store distribution profile. In addition to that, it requires a pretty complex configuration process.

08. Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio

This is a paid emulator to test and run pretty much all the iOS apps on your Windows PC. Although it is a paid version, it comes with a free trial period as well. You can enjoy its services for free under this trial period for seven days. So, you can test if it matches your requirements and decides whether to purchase it or not. This tool comprises of comprehensive emulation for iOS devices and pretty much all the responsive apps. Also, it allows you to use the same product on two computers. Developers prefer this powerful emulator because of its debugging tool and integrated WebKit. Collectively, all those features make the job easier for any app developer. It also gives you the ability to add hot-key navigation, which is excellent for mapping the shortcuts.

09. iOS Simulator in Xcode

iOS Simulator in XCode

This is a simulator, and we have mentioned the difference between an emulator and a simulator. You can consider Xcode to be Apple’s standard software development environment introduced for Macs. It has a special app simulator for environments like iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Assume that a developer is using Xcode to be their primary app development package. In that case, it will be good enough to emulate all the interactions like device rotation, taps, etc. If you are a Mac user, you can use the apps from Xcode project directly. One noticeable disadvantage associated with Xcode is that it supports only Macs.

10. Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows

Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows

This is another popular tool that can be used to test any iOS app on your Windows computer. However, please note that this tool is mainly for developers, and it comes as a part of Xamarin. So, the user-interface might not be the friendliest for novice users. It displays a comprehensive toolbar with options like Home, Lock, Screenshot, etc. It also supports stylus inputs.

So, that’s our long list of emulators. You can go through this list and choose the best iOS emulator for PC. If you know a better iPhone emulator, please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.