iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock – Best Ways to Do It

Purchasing a used iPhone is not a rare instance. Some people buy used iPhones to keep as their extra phones. Other than that, those who cannot afford a brand-new iPhone may opt for a used phone. It is needless to mention that used iPhones are significantly cheaper than brand-new ones. If you’ve purchased a used iPhone 6 and don’t know its Apple ID & password, the device becomes useless. That is exactly when you will start to worry about iPhone 6 iCloud unlock. If you don’t have the Apple ID and password, will the iPhone 6 iCloud unlock be even possible? Yes, as long as you have the correct iCloud Unlock Service tool, iPhone 6 iCloud unlock is totally possible.

As of today, you will be able to find plenty of tools to unlock your iCloud. However, not all those tools are reliable and efficient. Some of the tools will not be able to give any hope whatsoever. In a worst-case scenario, some of those tools can even compromise the security of your iPhone. Therefore, it is really important to select a reliable tool for iPhone 6 iCloud unlock. The purpose of this article is to reveal some effective and reliable solutions for iPhone 6 iCloud unlock.

Part 1: An Introduction to iCloud Lock

After purchasing your new iPhone, you must configure and register it to a unique Apple ID. Every iPhone you purchased comes with an IMEI number too. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. This IMEI number will then be assigned to the respective Apple ID. In order to obtain the complete service of Apple, you must have this Apple ID.

During the process of setting up your new iPhone, you should switch on ‘Find My iPhone’ option. This process assigns the unique information to the respective Apple account. Then, the phone will be referred to as an iCloud locked device. In other words, iCloud locked is the term describes that your account info are assigned to a certain iPhone. So, to start using an iOS device, you should know the credentials of its Apple ID. If you don’t know those details, you cannot use the iPhone unless you breach the activation lock.

After purchasing a used iPhone, the chances of knot knowing its Apple ID are more. The same scenario can occur with a gifted iPhone too. However, just because you don’t know the Apple ID, that doesn’t mean you should give up the hopes. In other words, you could still use an iPhone if it doesn’t have password protection.

But, you cannot perform actions like Turning off Find My iPhone, erasing the device, or reactivating the phone. In simplest terms, you can have the physical device, but you cannot register it with detailed info. More importantly, the previous owner can access your iOS device anytime and even wipe or lock it out remotely. That is exactly why you must perform an iPhone 6 iCloud unlock after purchasing a used iPhone 6.

Part 2: A Quick Way to Perform an iPhone iCloud Unlock

If you need to know how to perform an iPhone 6 iCloud unlock as a quick solution, read on. It is presented as a step-by-step mode for your convenience.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on Wi-Fi. Then, click the “i” mark located next to that respective network.
  • Replace the existing DNS settings with a refreshing one determining your location.
  • Enter one of the following DNS settings based on your location; USA/North America: Europe: / Asia: / Other Regions:
  • Then, go back by tapping ‘Back’. And select ‘Activation Help’.
  • Then, you will get a confirmation message on the screen.

But, this is not a permanent solution to perform an iPhone 6 iCloud unlock. If you need a more stable, permanent solution, we will explain it in our next step.

It is true that we have presented this option as a quick remedy to overcome the situation. But, you shouldn’t take it as a permanent and dependable fix. If you wish to learn a permanent solution, you should go on reading this article.

Part 3: Performing a Permanent iPhone iCloud Unlock

If you need to learn how to perform a permanent iPhone 6 iCloud unlock, read on this step. We explain this process in step-by-step mode.

Go to the Menu and select Applications. Then, go to Crash. The respective iOS device will get restarted.

Select the preferred language and the country of your choice. Then, go to Wi-Fi Settings.

Just like in the previous method, you should tap on the ‘i’ option located near the name of the respective WiFi network. Now, go to HTTP Proxy that is found beneath the Menu option.

Give 30 emojis in the Server.

Provide several (15 to 30 would be fine) random characters into the port zone.

You will come across the language option as well as the Unlock screen continuously. You will have to slide the unlock screen. Then, select the language and get into the Home Screen.

Once the unlocking is done, you can start using the iPhone as you would normally do. Although this is a reliable and fixed solution, you should consider it as the best option. Whenever you need to use phone and apps, you will have to unlock iCloud. If you are up for it, this is a good solution.

Part 4: A Simplified Solution for Bypassing iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock

This is a simplified and faster method to perform an iPhone 6 iCloud unlock. Also, this method is considered a permanent solution. Compared to the first two methods we have mentioned, this is a way better option. In this case, we will be using a special web-based tool called AppleiPhoneUnlock. This is a quicker method, and more importantly, it doesn’t damage the device.

Here are Some of the Features Associated with AppleiPhoneUnlock.

  • This tool doesn’t need you to jailbreak the device to unlock iCloud
  • It lets you check the carrier of the phone
  • It prevents you from purchasing an unlock solution that is not correct
  • Support all the iPhone devices (you can unlock pretty much all the iPhones using this tool)

How to Perform iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock using AppleiPhoneUnlock?

Note: This is a web-based service, and it doesn’t need you to download any software.

Go to the official website of AppleiPhoneUnlock. Then, click on iCloud Unlock option located in the left panel.

iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock with AppleiPhoneUnlock

Fill in the details accordingly (for instance, iPhone model, IMEI, etc.).

Then, the device should be added to cart.

Fill in the contact details accordingly. You should provide a valid email address (you will get the confirmation email on this email).

You can select a payment method to match your convenience.

Once the payment is made, you will get the confirmation email on the provided email address.

That’s it!

As you would see, this is a decent option to perform an iPhone 6 iCloud unlock. However, this is not a free service. You are required to pay a certain amount to get the iCloud unlocked on your device. After all, it is a fair amount to get the iCloud unlocked.

Get AppleiPhoneUnlock Now

Part 5: A Free Method to Perform iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock

If you are the actual owner of the iCloud locked iPhone, you can get it unlocked for free. To do this, you should visit the Apple store. After visiting the Apple store nearby, you will have to follow a couple of steps to get your login details back. If you are not the original user of the device, you should contact the person who used it earlier. Then, get the required details from the person who gave/sold it to you.

Although it might sound like a pretty straightforward solution, it consumes a considerable amount of time. That is particularly because of the Apple’s high-end security measures. Most of the users give this up in the middle of the process because of the complexity. That is exactly why we present the most effective, practically possible and convenient method as mentioned below.

Compared to all the other methods we have mentioned above, this is the best alternative. The interface of this respective tool is extremely user-friendly. The overall functionality of this tool is impressive. So, if you need to perform an iPhone 6 iCloud unlock, AppleiPhoneUnlock is the best tool.


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