How to Fix The iPhone Contacts Missing Names Issue Easily

Are your iPhone contacts missing names? Most users have reported this common issue on various forums and also on Apple communities. They claimed that their iPhone contacts have gone missing suddenly irrespective of the software they are using.

As a result, they cannot see the names against the contact numbers even if they are using the latest software like iOS 15 or older iOS versions.

For iOS users, this could be a serious issue as it causes great inconvenience to them. Therefore, most users seek an effective solution to resolve this issue on their iPhones.

There are various methods to get back all the missing contact names. Here, we will take into consideration some of the effective methods that actually work.

One or more solutions presented here could fix the issue even on devices running on iOS 15 or iOS 14. These methods will help you come across this problem after updating your iOS device to the latest iOS version.

We recommend that you try one method after the one until you get back all the iPhone contacts missing names.

Part 1: Examine the iCloud Settings to Get ‘iPhone Contacts Missing Names’

One of the simplest methods to get back all the missing names against your contacts is to turn on the ‘Contacts‘ feature on iCloud.

Steps to Turn on the ‘Contacts’ Feature on iCloud:

To get back your iPhone contacts missing names on your iOS device, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Visit ‘Settings’

In the first place, you need to visit ‘Settings‘ on your device.

Step 2: Tap on ‘iCloud’

Within ‘Settings,’ you have to look for ‘iCloud‘ and then tap on it.

Step 3: Toggle ‘Contacts’ ON

Next, you have to ensure that the toggle against ‘Contacts‘ is ON. If it is turned off, you need to turn this feature on. Now, check if you are able to see the names against iPhone contacts missing names.

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Part 2: Toggle Off/On the iCloud Contacts to Have ‘iPhone Contacts Missing Names’

If the ‘Contacts’ feature is turned on in Cloud and you are still facing the ‘iPhone contacts missing names’ situation, then go with this method.

Steps to Get Back the Missing Contact Names on Your Device:

For getting your contact backs, perform the following steps.

Step 1: Visit ‘Settings’

Initially, you have to open up ‘Settings‘ on your device. After that, look for iCloud and then click on it.

Step 2: Turn Off the Toggle

Within the ‘iCloud‘ tab, you have to turn off the toggle present against ‘Contacts.’

Step 3: Select ‘Delete from My iPhone’

Next, you need to select whether you would like to keep or delete the earlier synced contacts. Here, you have to select the ‘Delete from My iPhone‘ option. Do not worry, you are not going to lose anything, and your contacts will still be there on iCloud.

Step 4: Turn ‘Contacts’ On

Now, you have to turn the ‘Contacts‘ toggle on. All your iCloud contacts will show up on your iOS device. Lastly, check if it has resolved the issue, and you are able to see the lost iPhone contacts missing names.

Toggle Off/On the iCloud Contacts To Have iPhone Contacts Missing Names

Part 3: Take the Help of Siri for Restoring iPhone Contacts’ Missing Names

Another effective method to bring back your lost contacts is simply asking Siri to do this frustrating task for you. Now, sit back and let Siri do the work for you by bringing back the iPhone contacts missing names.

As Siri is known for resolving some issues on your device, she will be able to assist you if you configure her correctly. So, it is not a bad idea to give it a try once.

Take the Help of Siri for Restoring iPhone Contacts Missing Names

Part 4: Examine Whether Your Contacts Are Synced to The Google Account

For most users, the solutions related to iCloud may not work if their phone contacts are synced to the Google account. Also, they may not be aware of this fact. If you know that you might have synced the contacts with Google instead, then the following instructions will help you to retrieve iPhone contacts missing names.

Steps to Get Back Your Lost Contact Names:

This method is really effective for users who have synced their contacts to Google instead of iCloud. So, follow some simple steps as given below.

Step 1: Visit ‘Settings’

Firstly, users need to visit ‘Settings‘ on their devices. After that, they have to tap on the ‘Contacts‘ tab.

Step 2: Choose the Google Account

Now, they have to select ‘Accounts,’ and from there, click on the ‘Gmail‘ option. After this, they need to choose their Google account. Now, ensure that you have toggled on the ‘Contacts‘ feature. If this option is turned off, they have to switch it on for getting back their contacts.

Examine Whether Your Contacts Are Synced to The Google Account

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Part 5: Have You Recently Deleted an Email Account?

It is also possible that you might have deleted the exchange email account that you do not use any longer, and your phone contacts might have been synched to that email account. In that case, it is quite easy to get back your iPhone contacts missing names.

For this, you just need to re-add your email account on your device that you have recently deleted. Once done, you will be able to see the contact names against iPhone contacts missing names.

Have You Recently Deleted an Email Account

Important Tip: Backup Your Contacts with iPhone Backup Tool for Free

The best way to deal with a situation like ‘iPhone contacts missing names’ is to prevent it. For keeping your phone contacts safe and ensure that you do not lose them, it is best to create a backup of your phone contacts on a regular basis.

For carrying out this hectic task, you can use a professional, efficient tool for backing up or exporting all the contacts on your iOS device. One such professional tool is Tenorshare iCareFone, which is even compatible with the latest iOS software like iOS 14 or iOS 15.

Tenorshare iCareFone

Users can use this program for backing up and restoring just their contacts instead of backing up the entire data present on their device. In the case of ‘iPhone contacts missing names,’ you are not required to restore your device because the other data is not affected.

Tenorshare iCareFone

With Tenorshare iCareFone, users can even export their contacts, including more than 20 other kinds of data, such as photos, WeChat messages, text messages, WhatsApp messages, notes, and much more from your iPhone or from the iCloud, iTunes, or iCareFone backup. This professional tool will help you deal with ‘iPhone contacts missing names’ in the future.

Tenorshare iCareFone

So, these are some of the effective methods that you can use to get back your iPhone contacts missing names. All of them really work! Now, all you have to do is to try them one by one until you find the perfect solution to retrieve your lost contacts.

However, it is best to install Tenorshare iCareFone to avoid this situation in the future. This professional tool helps you create a backup of your contacts to restore them whenever you feel like it. Now, wait no more and download this efficient tool on your iPhone.


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