How to Perform An iPhone IMEI Check With Ease?

Knowing your iPhone’s IMEI number becomes very handy under various circumstances. But many novice iPhone users aren’t aware of their devices’ IMEI numbers. If you fall into that category and wonder how to perform an iPhone IMEI check, this article is just for you. With this article, we explain the use of IMEI number and how to get hold of them.

What is the IMEI Number?

Basically, IMEI is an abbreviation that represents International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI is more of an identity. Every smartphone manufactured in the world has a unique IMEI number. That means, two smartphones cannot have the same IMEI number at all. This number is assigned to the respective device during the manufacturing process. IMEI is linked to all the information related to the device.

If you know the IMEI number of a particular device, that means you know everything about it. If you intend to buy a secondhand phone, we strongly advise you to get hold of its IMEI number. Through this IMEI number, you can check if the respective device is blacklisted or locked. Also, you can check if the device is a genuine one or a replica just by checking the IMEI. In addition to that, the IMEI number says in which country the product is manufactured.

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How to Get the IMEI Number of Your iPhone?

If you need to get to know the IMEI number of your iPhone, you can do it very easily. To do this, you have two options to consider. You can dial *#06# on your iPhone so a number with 15 digits will appear. If not, you can open the Settings app and then go to General > About to see the device’s IMEI. You can either write this down or have it stored somewhere safe if required. Otherwise, you can just follow the above methods whenever you need the IMEI number.

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How to Perform an iPhone IMEI Check?

Well, now you know the importance of having your IMEI number in hand and how to get it. So, let’s learn how to use this IMEI number and acquire more information through it. In this case, you can seek the assistance of some tools that are available online. In this section, we will explain those tools you can use to perform an iPhone IMEI check successfully.


One of the most effective online tools you can use to perform an iPhone IMEI check is This website offers you plenty of features in addition to checking your device’s IMEI number. All you need is to enter the IMEI number in order to get the information related to the phone. It also lets you know about the status of the device.

After entering the IMEI number, you should provide a valid email address as well. The notification about the unlocking will be sent through this email you provide. Apart from the iPhone IMEI check, this website can help you in unlocking your iCloud account, checking the network, etc.

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2) is another powerful, handy, and user-friendly online tool that can perform iPhone IMEI check effortlessly. As of now, this tool is rated highly by past users, and that explains the efficiency of this tool. Their website comes with a very simple interface that lets you check the IMEI conveniently.

Apart from acquiring the information linked with IMEI, this tool can perform advanced tasks as well. For instance, it can even unlock the iCloud account or unlock iPhone. If the IMEI number of your iPhone is blacklisted and you cannot use it, can help you out. This tool can whitelist the respective IMEI number and then let you use it back.

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3), just like the name suggests, is a handy tool that lets you check the IMEI number of iPhones. After keying in the 15-digit IMEI number in the given field, you will be able to learn plenty about your device. For instance, you can use this IMEI number to check the current network it is connected to.

Apart from that, you can view plenty of information related to the respective device. The system version, date of purchase, country of origin as well as warranty information can be checked. Apart from that, you can learn more about the warranty status as well. In a nutshell, is a comprehensive tool that offers plenty of information.


iPhoneox IMEI Checker

This is a free, online tool that checks your iPhone IMEI number for free and gives you a comprehensive report. That means it gives a detailed report about all the important aspects of the respective device. When you visit the website, you can see that there is a large search bar as well. It has the text “Enter IMEI here” so you can type in the IMEI. Once the number is entered, you can see the description of the device. It includes warranty information, activation information, carrier information, etc.

Apart from that, it lets you check the activation lock status as well. All in all, this is a very handy tool that lets you perform a complete analysis of any iOS device.

5) iPhone IMEI Checker

The name of this website and the domain name combine together to provide you with an idea about its service. This website is designed to provide a strong insight into the device you use. It will give other information about the device as well. One of the most significant characteristics associated with is that its attractive interface. The overall color combination and the arrangement is pretty impressive.

Also, the UI is more of a simplified one, but it gets the job done effortlessly. To grab the information about your iOS device, you should simply enter the IMEI number in the given bar. Then, you should click on the check button as well. It can deliver the information pretty quickly. It can check if the phone is blacklisted, information related to warranty, and date of purchase. Also, it can check for the device specifications, SIM lock status, and information associated with carrier information. More importantly, you can use this online tool to unlock the device.

6) iOS Basics

iOS Basics iMei Checker

This is another free website that comes as a free service. It checks your iPhone IMEI number within a couple of clicks only. You can obtain its services simply by entering the IMEI number in the search bar. Then, you will have to click on the option labeled “CHECK IMEI”. Within a couple of seconds, you can see pretty much all the information about the device. It even displays the status of the phone.

Nevertheless, if you need to check for the carrier information of the device, you will have to pay an amount. After making a payment, you can also enjoy SIM lock status as well. All that information will be sent to you within 48 hours (Max).

7) iUnlocker

iUnlocker iMei Checker

If you’re searching for an online iPhone IMEI checker with better efficiency, iUnlocker is a tool to rely on. This comprehensive website offers a range of valuable information linked to the IMEI number you provide. You can simply enter the IMEI number within the search box and then click on the option “Check”. You can then see the information like service coverage, tech support, blacklist status, etc.

Also, it will provide the carrier lock information. But to experience that service, you should make a payment. More importantly, iUnlocker, just like the name suggests, can unlock your devices.

Conclusion on iPhone IMEI Check

Well, that’s our list of online tools to perform an iPhone IMEI check successfully. We hope you would find success with these tools and get your job done successfully. Besides, you can click to find out how to check if the iPhone is unlocked or locked too.