iPhone’s can be delicate devices, and when they aren’t working properly, or there’s a consistently broken feature, there’s probably a deeper issue. Sure, you could put your iPhone down and try again later, but if you want to use it right now and you’ve had trouble with your iPhone not ringing, the situation can get pretty frustrating to deal with.

Dealing with these types of issues is annoying, and quite frankly, like App store not downloading, visual voicemail is currently unavailable. It usually takes a while to fix. However, we’ve put together a list of fixes that you can try which we believe will help you to fix your iPhone not ringing as fast as possible – so, let’s get right in and teach you everything that you need to know so that you can effectively get rid of this problem.

Fix #1 – Increase Your iPhone’s Volume to Fix My iPhone Won’t Ring

Depending on how long you’ve had an iPhone, you’ve probably realized that there are two different volume settings on the iOS system – general volume (e.g., when you watch videos, play on apps, or listen to music) and the ringer volume (for your phone calls and texts).

Turn up volume on iPhone
If you use the buttons on the side of your iPhone to change your iPhone’s volume instead of the Control Centre, then it can be difficult to gauge which of these settings you’re actually changing. When you press either of these buttons, pay attention to the volume notification and check whether it says “Volume” or “Ringer“.

Similarly, you can go to “Settings > Sounds & Haptics” and increase the “Ringer and Alerts” slider. If you’re calling someone and you can’t hear the ringing noise or the answer, and you can’t hear them, try clicking the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone to increase the volume setting (it wouldn’t be the first time that human error has caused your iPhone not ringing).

Also, here is the top best iPhone repair tools kit for your reference.

Fix #2 – Clean Your iPhone’s Ports to Fix My iPhone Won’t Ring

There are a lot of small ports that make it easy for dust to get inside of your iPhone – the lightning port for your charger, the headphone port, and even the speakers. Given that most people keep their iPhones in their pockets where dust is a common presence, this makes it very easy for dust and dirt to get inside of the iPhone’s ports.

Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as you might think to get this dust-out. By simply using a small thin object (such as a toothpick; anything that IS NOT metal), you can scrape any dirt out of the ports. This is also a great way to prevent your iPhone from overheating which may cause internal damage.

Please note that it’s very important that you don’t use any metal objects such as a paperclip or a pin to scrape the dust out of these ports as it puts your iPhone at risk of ESD damage.

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Fix #3 – Try Turning It Off and On to Fix My iPhone Won’t Ring

This is the standard response that you’ll be given when it comes to electronics. Even the most tech-minded person will choose to turn their iPhone off and on before trying anything else – as silly as it may seem, it tends to work. Use one of the relevant guides below to see how you can fix my iPhone won’t ring using a force restart.

iPhone 8 and Later.

  • Step #1 – Press and hold the Volume Up key on the side of your iPhone for a few seconds, then release.
  • Step #2 – Repeat this but with the Volume Down key instead.
  • Step #3 – Next, hold down the Power key until you see the Apple logo appear on display.
  • Step #4 – After the logo disappears your iPhone will be restarted.

iPhone 7 Plus and Earlier.

  • Step #1 – Hold both the Power and Volume Down keys simultaneously.
  • Step #2 – When you see the Apple logo appear on your screen, release the buttons.
  • Step #3 – Once your iPhone has loaded, the force restart will be complete.

If a quick force restart doesn’t get you anywhere, move on and check out our other fixes for iPhone not ringing.

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Fix #4 – Check the iPhone’s Bluetooth Signal

Perhaps you have connected your iPhone to a wireless speaker via Bluetooth, or even an earpiece. It’s easy to forget about these types of things so check your settings to see whether or not it’s possible that this is the reason for your iPhone not ringing.

Turn off bluetooth
You can do this by going to “Settings > Bluetooth” and looking for any device that says “Connected” written to it. Alternatively, disable Bluetooth, and it will prevent any devices from connecting at all.

Fix #5 – Use a Professional Tool to Fix Your iPhone

Lastly, if all else fails, consider using iMyFone D-Back iOS System Recovery if my iPhone won’t ring. Using this tool will completely reset the iOS firmware without harming your personal data, and by doing this, you’re eliminating the chances of it being software related – if this is the case, it’s likely a problem with the iPhone’s hardware.

We are now going to be walking you through each of the steps that you need to take to do this using iMyFone D-Back, so download this program to your computer beforehand.

Download iMyFone D-Back Free

Step #1 – Launch iMyFone D-Back iOS System Recovery and connect your iPhone using a lightning cable.

Step #2 – From the list of features on the left menu, click on “Fix iOS System“.

Fix iPhone Not Ringing
Step #3 – We are going to be using “Standard Mode” for this method but if using this mode doesn’t get the job done, repeat this method using “Advanced Mode” instead.

Step #4 – You now have to put your iPhone into DFU or Recovery Mode. The steps to do this will be shown on iMyFone D-Back’s interface.

Step #5 – After you are in either of those modes, enter the required information from the next menu.

Step #6 – Next, go ahead and click “Download” and wait for the firmware to be downloaded.

Step #7 – The firmware will quickly download and when you’re ready to continue, click on “Start to Fix” and it will be installed on your iPhone.

Yup – it’s that simple. There’s no doubting that when you aren’t able to call someone, or you can’t hear them when you answer the phone, you’re going to be frustrated. However, by falling the short guide that we have shown you above, you can fix “My iPhone Won’t Ring” within just a few short minutes.

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To Conclude

These are just some of the best ways that there are to fix an iPhone not ringing but ultimately if you find another method elsewhere which gets the job done, you should stick with it. If this is your first time troubleshooting an iPhone problem and you aren’t a very tech-savvy person, we recommend that you try each of these fixes but focus most of your time on checking out iMyFone D-Back iOS System Recovery. Regardless of the problem that has been causing my iPhone won’t ring, this is a program that’ll fix it promptly.

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