iPhone Notes Disappeared? – Best Solutions to Try

Did you ever come across such an annoying situation and wondered what really happened to your important notes of yours? Well, you are not alone; there are hundreds of thousands of iPhone users out there facing a similar issue.

Due to one reason or another, your iPhone notes can disappear after doing a major iOS upgrade. However, the good news is that you can practically recover the iPhone Notes disappeared.

With this article, we are going to emphasize the best solutions to try if your iPhone Notes disappeared.

Segment 1. If Your iPhone Notes Disappeared, Try Getting It Back with Email Settings

The first solution to try is if your iPhone Notes disappeared check the email settings. When you are dealing with a situation where iPhone Notes disappeared, this might sound a little odd.

However, we strongly believe that the correct configuration of email settings has a good chance of bringing the missing notes. The truth is that many users synchronize their iPhone notes without proper awareness.

When the notes are synchronized with an existing Gmail account, and the settings are toggled, notes are invisible. To recover the iPhone Notes that disappeared through email settings, you should follow a simple guideline as mentioned below.

a) First, go to the Settings menu. Then, go to Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. You will find Gmail under the Calendar option.

b) You should then Toggle Notes off. Once you toggle off the notes, you can see if a notes folder is available in the mail.

c) Now, you should go to all of your Gmail accounts and carefully observe if your notes exist.

Segment 2. If the iPhone Notes Disappeared, You Might See If They Are Available on iTunes

Some iPhone users tend to back up their iPhone notes into iTunes. If you have created a backup of your iPhone notes in iTunes, you can easily regain the iPhone Notes disappeared.

All you need to do is to read the following guideline and follow them accordingly.

a) You should first go to iTunes. Then, you will be able to find an iPhone icon – click on it.

b) Then, select the iTunes backup files that have the once-disappeared notes. You should select the “Restore Backup” option.

Segment 3. Still Worried About That Your iPhone Notes Disappeared? Let’s Try to Recover Them Through the iCloud Backup.

In general, iCloud creates an automatic backup every day. That is only if you have switched on the synchronized option of the iCloud backup option.

Nevertheless, there are certain requirements to fulfill in order to let this backup be created. Here’s the guideline you should follow as per Apple Inc.

a) First of all, you must remember that there should be a backup to restore from. To enable this, you must do a simple tweak in the settings.

Go to Settings and fine iCloud option. Under iCloud, you will find “Storage“. Tap on Storage and go to Manage Storage.

After that, you should choose a device listed under Backups. These backups appear with their respective dates and sizes. You should then select the most recent backup file.

b) After selecting the backup, you should go to Settings and select General. Then, go to Reset. Select “Erase all content and Settings“.

c) You can then select a source to restore. Go to the Apps & Data Screen and select Restore from iCloud Backup. You will have to sign into iCloud at this stage. You should then select the iCloud backup file (which contains the iPhone Notes disappeared).

d) Just like you did with the iTunes backup files method, you will experience a permanent data loss at this stage.

Segment 4. iPhone Notes Disappeared? Tenorshare UltData Got It Covered

If you are looking for something advanced and efficient compared to Apple’s basic options, try Tenorshare UltData. This particular software is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.

This is a professional data recovery phone designed for iPhones. This respective software is capable of recovering most of the data types.

In addition to your notes, this particular tool can easily recover contacts, photos, videos, etc. You can also recover your WhatsApp messages, iTunes, and iCloud data using Tenorshare UltData.

More importantly, with this software, you can preview the data before recovering them. That permits you to select the right type of data before you recover them.

This is a great way of saving time. This software can also help fix some iOS system issues. In a nutshell, Tenorshare UltData is a versatile tool that can be a lifesaver for Apple device users.

Here’s How to Recover Your Disappeared iPhone Notes Using Tenorshare UltData.

a) As the first step, you should download Tenorshare UltData (select the correct version for Windows or Mac). Then, get it installed properly. The installation process is pretty simple thanks to the user-friendliness of this software.

b) Next, you should select the right kind of recovery mode to match your purpose. In this case, you are worried that your iPhone Notes disappeared and your main purpose is to get them back. You will have to select the option “Recover Data from iOS Devices” out of these five options.

Tenorshare UltData

c) After selecting the recovery mode, you will have to select the type of file you should recover. Now that your iPhone Notes disappeared, you should go to the “Notes & Attachments” option.

Tenorshare UltData

d) Then, connect the device to the computer and start the scanning process. To do this, you can click on the “Scan” button.

Tenorshare UltData

e) As the last option, you should go to the result page and Preview the notes before you recover them. After making sure that the notes are there, click the “Recover” option. Then, it is a matter of selecting a location to save your files.

Here Are Some of the Most Notable Features of Tenorshare UltData

  • It comes with three recovery modes to offer precise and efficient data recovery
  • It can recover data from iOS devices, iCloud backup, and iTunes backup option.
  • Tenorshare UltData supports more than 20 data types.
  • This tool can recover messages such as WhatsApp, WeChat, contacts, photos, videos, and many others apart from notes.
  • Apart from recovering, it can fix a large number of iOS issues without losing your valuable data
  • It comes with a really affordable price plan.

Download Tenorshare UltData

Segment 5. Restoring Disappeared iPhone Notes Using FoneLab for iOS

FoneLab for iOS is another special software tool that can be used to recover iPhone notes. To accomplish this task successfully, you have to make sure that the iPhone is not synchronized with iTunes. You should connect the iPhone to your computer (PC or Mac).

a) After launching the program and connecting your iPhone device to the computer, you should click on the “Start Scan” option. At the completion of the scanning process, you will be able to find all the data. You can find the deleted iPhone notes too.

b) Now, it is a matter of selecting the deleted notes you need to recover. Just look through the scanned result and check if your notes are there. After locating the notes, you can simply check the needed files and save them.

Here Are Some of the Most Notable Features Associated with FoneLab for iOS

  • This software helps you recover the lost files without losing the existing files
  • It is capable of recovering 19 different file types without losing your existing data.
  • Perfect compatibility with iOS devices
  • You can retrieve and export eight data types from other iOS devices (including iPhone 13)
  • Preview the backup files before you start to restore them
  • Get back data from iTunes backups too

Download FoneLab for Windows Download FoneLab for macOS

When you use a software tool to recover data from iOS devices, you should use trustworthy tools only. Trying out random tools can cause you various issues. Some of the tools contain malware that can jeopardize your privacy.

So, it is better to use software from a reliable software developer instead of going for a random option. Both FoneLab iOS Data Recovery and Tenorshare UltData are reliable software tools. These tools have received positive reviews from various users across the globe.

Both of these tools are proven to be safe as they don’t have any malware. They are easy to use and easy to install. So, if you are interested in using an efficient recovery tool, these are the options we have for you.


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