Full Solutions for Your iPhone Photos Disappeared Issue

A considerable number of people complain that their iPhone photos disappeared after upgrading to iOS11.3. The disappearance of hundreds of images can be really frustrating for any iPhone user. As soon as the iPhone messages disappearediPhone text messages out of order, iPhone photos disappeared or contacts disappeared from iPhone, most users start to panic a lot and presume the worst. However, to the delight of many iPhone users, this issue can be solved. This article consists of that good news for those who have their iPhone photos disappeared.

Part 1. The instructions Apple gives in the event of iPhone photos disappeared

First, let’s take a look at the official advice from Apple. In other words, let’s see the instructions Apple gives you in such a situation. According to the instructions they provide, you may be able to get back at least some of the photos that were disappeared during the upgrade.

Here’s how to do it as Apple says

01. Check if the files are in the folder “Recently Deleted”.

As Apple suggests, there is a possibility that you may have deleted the images unintentionally. Before you move forward, you need to verify if such thing has happened to you. To find out if you have done that, you should open the folder called “Recently Deleted“. You can access this folder simply by Going to “Photos” and selecting “Albums“. If you can find your photos inside this “Recently Deleted” folder, your job is much easier. From this point onwards, all you have to do is to move the files to the original location. You can accomplish this task successfully simply by selecting the images and choosing the “Recover” option. A message will appear asking if you need to recover the photos; just confirm it.

02. Check if the iCloud Photo Library is on

What happens if you have taken the image through another device and struggling to find it on the iPhone? In that case, you will be able to solve this issue simply by turning on the iCloud Photo Library. This process is a simple one just like the previous option we mentioned. First, you should connect to an active network. Then, go to Settings and select the iCloud option. Under this option, you will be able to find the option “iCloud Photo Library“. You should select this option and make sure to turn it on. After this action, you should wait for several minutes until the photos are synchronized to the iPhone you use.

03. Use the same Apple ID to sign in

As the next option, you must check if your iPhone photos disappeared due to a change of your Apple ID. If you have signed in with a new Apple ID, your phone will not have anything to show. In this case, your Apple ID doesn’t synchronize the photos of your other Apple devices. To solve this, you can go to the Settings and check your sign-in details.

For some Apple users, one of the methods as mentioned earlier might work. If you still struggle to get the photos back, the issue can be something else. Just go through all of the above steps we have mentioned. If you are 100% sure that none of the above is the problem, then you may have lost the photos. This is exactly when you will need the assistance of a powerful, reliable, and efficient data recovery tool.

Part 2. Can any data recovery tool solve this issue?

No. Although there are plenty of data recovery tools, only some of them will do the job as promised. More importantly, some of these data recovery tools can contain various malware. They can actually steal your sensitive information instead of helping you recover the iPhone photos disappeared. Therefore, it is really important to select a data recovery program which is reliable, genuine, and safe. We have two solid options to consider in this case; iMyfone D-Back and Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery. Both of these tools come with better reliability and safety compared to other options in the market. Already, a large number of users have used these two software tools, and they are fully satisfied with the results.

A. How to use iMyfone D-Back to recover iPhone photos disappeared?

Assuming that you have failed to recover the iPhone photos disappeared, here’s how to make use of iMyfone D-Back. Before everything else, it is better to get to know this valuable software a bit.

Key features associated with iMyfone D-Back

  • You can use this software to recover data no matter how you have lost them
  • You can use it to recover data from damaged or broken devices
  • iMyfone D-Back can recover data from devices that have software issues
  • This software comes with four recovery modes
  • These recovery modes let you recover data from iTunes backups, iOS device, and iCloud backup. This is in addition to the smart recovery option.
  • In addition to the photos, this respective software can easily recover many other data types (more than 22) ranging from your contacts to WhatsApp messages
  • This special piece of software is compatible with all the iOS devices

Download iMyFone D-Back Free

Here’s how to recover iPhone photos disappeared using iMyFone D-Back

If you use iMyFone D-Back, you have three data recovery types to consider.

According to the list above, we realize that this software can address pretty much every situation. Let’s see how to recover photos from iPhone if you face any of those circumstances.

01. Recovering photos from iPhone

Of course, as the first step, you should download and install iMyFone D-Back on your computer. After this obvious step, you should select the option called “Recover from iOS device“. This option is available in the main window; after selecting it, hit “Start“.

Then, you will be guided to a different window in which you will find an option called “Photo & Video“. Under this option, you will find “Photo“. Just click on this option and hit “Next“.

It is time to connect your iPhone to the computer. We recommend using the original USB cable to establish a solid connection. After establishing the connection via USB cable, you should hit “Scan” button. This step will start to scan your iPhone for the photos.

At the completion of the scanning process, you will be able to see the once-missing iPhone photos. All you have to do is to select those photos and click “Recover” option. Select an appropriate location on your computer to store the iPhone photos disappeared.

02. Recovering photos from your iTunes Backup

Here’s the guideline to follow if you need to recover photos from your iTunes Backup.

You should go to the main menu of iMyFone D-Back. Then, go to “Recover from iTunes Backup“. You will find an option called “Start“. Click on this option and click Next.

Next, you should go to the iTunes backup file which might have your photos. Select this iTunes Backup file and go to Scan.

At the completion of the Scanning process, you will have to select the photos you should recover. Then, go to “Recover” option and then, the photos will be extracted to your PC.

Fix iPhone photos disappeared with iMyFone D-Back
03. Recover your photos from iCloud Backup

Apart from iTunes, you can recover data from iCloud backup too. All you need it to follow the guideline below.

First, you should go to the main menu and select “Recover from iCloud Backup“. After which, you will have to click on the “Start” menu. Then, as the data type, you should select “Photo” option.

You should then sign into your iCloud account. By logging in, the program will start to show the existing iCloud Backup files. Since you intend to recover iPhone photos disappeared, you should click Next.

fix iPhone photos disappeared from iCloud Backup

Then, iMyFone D-Back will start to scan the available backup. At the completion of the scanning process, you will be able to see the missing photos. Then, you will be able to select the iPhone photos disappeared and hit recover.

As you would see the process is so simple and effective when it comes to using iMyfone D-Back.

Download iMyFone D-Back Free

B. Recovering iPhone photos using FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery tool

This is the other reliable option we present when you need to recover iPhone photos disappeared. In this case, we will be using a software tool called FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery tool.

Features of FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery tool

  • It is capable of recovering data from iPhone, iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup very effectively
  • Recover your photos no matter if your phone is not working, physically damaged or have software issues
  • It can recover photos from stolen or lost iPhone devices, recover lost contacts from iPhone and recover deleted MMS from iPhone too
  • Can and preview the lost files before recovering
  • It is capable of recovering up to 19 file types

Download FoneLab for Windows Download FoneLab for macOS

How to use FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery tool

Here’s how to use FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery tool. Like with the previous tool, you can recover data from iOS as well as from iTunes Backup. Let’s see how to recover data from each of these sources.

Recovering data directly from the iOS device

Connect the iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) to your computer through the original USB cable. Now, the device is connected, it will be detected by the software. You should hit the “Start Scan“. In general, the scanning process must start at this moment. However, if you use devices like iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, or iPad 1, you should download a special plug-in. Then you should go to the scanning mode and adhere to the instructions available in the interface.

At the completion of the scan, you will be able to see a list of files.

In this case, you will have to select the Pictures available and preview them. Now, you can select the “Recover” option, and you can export them to the computer.

Recovering data from iTunes Backup

After launching your program, you should select the “Recover from iTunes Backup“. You can easily select the type of the file you need to recover (photos) and hit the scan button.

At the completion of the scanning, you will see the results. Eventually, you will be able to recover the files you need. Just select a location on your PC to export the recovered files.

Download FoneLab for Windows Download FoneLab for macOS

Although there are plenty of options to recover iPhone photos disappeared, only some of those tools will do the job. Therefore, it is always important to look for a reliable and efficient product. The key is to stay away from software that is free from malware. In this case, software tools like iMyfone D-Back and FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery can be really good options. They are easy to use, efficient and does exactly what they promise.