What to Do When iPhone Sound Not Working

iPhone problems can be worrying enough, but audio issues are particularly stressful. Many iPhone users get an iPhone for listening to music, watching content, or the most obvious, calling friends and family. So, when iPhone sound not working, it can be a huge inconvenience. Fortunately, they aren’t unheard of, and with a little bit of patience, you can fix your iPhone.

It’s not a new type of issue – we’ve heard it from numerous stress-filled iPhone users over the years. We’ve taken the liberty to research and detail the fixes that are most effective so that you don’t have to!

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6 Fixes for iPhone Sound Not Working

Following our research, we chose to narrow down the list of fixes down to just 6. Below are those fixes and the corresponding steps that you’ll need to take to fix your iPhone’s audio problems.

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Fix #1 – Hard Restart the iPhone

Sometimes a quick hard restart will put your iPhone back on track. In comparison to a regular restart, this will completely reboot your iPhone’s iOS. This benefits the device as it will load up iOS from scratch and any issues will repair afterward.

Not sure how to hard reset an iPhone? Use these steps.

#1 – Hold down both the “Home” and “Power” buttons simultaneously. For the iPhone 7 and later, hold the “Home” and “Volume Down” buttons down instead.

Hard Reset iPhone to fix iPhone Sound Not Working

#2 – Continue holding both buttons down until you see the Apple logo appear on display.

#3 – When the logo appears, release the buttons and wait for the device to restart.

As we said before, this will load the iOS up from its resting state. Note that it might take a short while longer to load up although you’ll see results straight away.

Fix #2 – Check the Settings for Headphone Mode

Headphone mode could well be the reason for your iPhone sound not working. Whenever you plug in a pair of headphones, your device uses a separate set of audio settings instead. Although this can be beneficial in many ways, a glitch could cause headphone mode to be in use without actually connecting headphones.

Simply press the “Volume Up” or “Volume Down” buttons to check if this is the case. If you see “Headphones” below the volume slider, then you know where the problem lies. A few things to try to get out of headphone mode if headphones aren’t in your iPhone are:

  • Blow into the headphone port to remove any lying dust.
  • Insert and remove your headphones 4-5 times to see if this works.
  • Vacuum the speakers and port to get rid of dust.

If none of these fixes yields successful results and fix your iPhone, reset your settings or go to an Apple Store and have a professional look at it. You should also check if the audio works when connecting your headphones.

Fix #3 – Disable Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb Mode

Perhaps your iPhone is connecting to a Bluetooth device, resulting in the audio playing through this device instead. On the other hand, you might have “Do Not Disturb Mode” on which would force your iPhone not to play any sounds. Unsure of how to disable these? Not to worry.

#1 – Unlock your iPhone and open the “Settings” app.

#2 – Tap on “Bluetooth” and then on the slider to disable all Bluetooth connections.

Disable Bluetooth to fix iPhone Sound Not Working

#3 – Go back to the main Settings menu.

#4 – Swipe down and tap “Do Not Disturb”. If the slider is green then tap on it so that your iPhone disables it.

Disable Do Not Disturb to fix iPhone Sound Not Working

And if you use Do Not Disturb Mode to prevent being woken up late at night, set a schedule up so that there’s no risk of you forgetting to turn it off in the morning. If a Bluetooth device is a problem then simply disconnect your iPhone from the device and it’ll fix the audio!

Fix #4 – Reset Your iPhone’s Settings

The downside of resetting your iPhone’s settings is that you’ll have to start from scratch. Your apps and personal data will be secure, except all of your networks will be forgotten, and you’ll have to redefine a lot of settings.

That said, this is a small cost to pay to fix iPhone sound not working. To reset your iPhone’s settings, follow the steps below.

#1 – Go to the “Settings” app and tap “General > Reset > Reset All Settings”.

#2 – Verify that you want to reset the settings.

#3 – After your iPhone restarts all of your settings will be back to their default values.

Most of the settings that are reset will be unnoticeable (which is a good thing). Although a few front-end settings will require you to change them, it shouldn’t take any time at all.

Fix #5 – Try Using iMyFone D-Back to fix iPhone Sound Not Working

If none of our solutions helps you thus far, iMyFone D-Back is worth giving a shot. This professional recovery tool has proven to be very useful in many situations, including iPhone sound not working. Some of the main features that you’ll see when using this program are:

You get the idea. iMyFone D-Back is a powerful program, better than Enigma Recovery, and before long, you’ll see that it’s a great way to fix iPhone sound not working.

Download iMyFone D-Back Free

Steps for Fixing iiPhone Sound Not Working with iMyFone D-Back

When you’re ready to start using iMyFone D-Back, prepare it on your computer. After a quick installation, you can jump right into the steps below.

#1 – Launch iMyFone D-Back and use a compatible lightning cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.

#2 – Choose “Fix iOS System” from the sidebar and then click on “Standard Mode“.

#3 – DFU Mode is important for this solution. If you don’t know how to enter it, follow the instructions that you see on-screen now.

#4 – Once you enter DFU Mode you’ll see some information about your iPhone on iMyFone D-Back’s display. Verify that this information is accurate then click on “Download“.

#5 – Click on the “Start to Fix” button, and after the firmware is downloaded, it’ll install on your iPhone, and the problem should be gone.

Fix iPhone Sound Not Working with iMyFone D-back

By using iMyFone D-Back, most of the steps are taken care of for you. Aside from putting your iPhone into DFU Mode, there’s nothing to it! Your audio issues will likely fix but if not, try using “Advanced Mode” instead (note that your personal data will be gone afterward).

Fix #6 – Visit an Apple Store

Have none of these fixes gotten you the results that you were expecting? Unfortunately, this may mean that your iPhone has a hardware issue. In this situation, your only choice is to visit an Apple store and have the professionals look at the device.

Other than iPhone screen repairs, your typical repairman can’t fix iOS device hardware problems. Therefore, if you want the device to work again, Apple is your only choice.

To Conclude for iPhone Sound Not Working

We completely understand that if iPhone sound not working then fixing it quickly is important. Even if you only use your iPhone for texting or playing games, audio issues are inconvenient. Hopefully, after walking through each of these methods, you won’t have to deal with the irritancy of audio issues anymore.