Top 10 Amazing iPhone Stabilizers for Your iPhone in 2020

iPhones are becoming more and more capable of recording professional-quality videos. Stable camera recording, however, is still in the distance. Some professional camera equipment comes with built-in stabilizing features, but with an iPhone, which is a mere fraction of the price, this isn’t the case. So, if you want to avoid shaky videos, your best bet is to get an iPhone stabilizer.

Believe it or not, this isn’t a super complex piece of equipment that’ll cost you thousands of dollars. Most are cheap, effective, and can drastically improve your recording quality. Do you want to enhance your videos? Get your hands on one of the top 10 stabilizers that we’ve got for you below.

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Top 10 iPhone Stabilizers

Each of the stabilizers that we’ve reviewed for you below is a great solution to shaky video recording. That said, they all have pros, cons, and a price tag that may not be in your price range. For VideoMakerFX as well as Easy Sketch Pro Review, just click on it.

#1 – DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Starting off our list is the DJI Osmo Mobile 2, a well-known piece of equipment among content creators. As discouraging as the heavy price tag might be, don’t let that take away from how effective it is.

Not only does this fine piece of equipment do the job perfectly, but it’s easy to get started with it. Admittedly this might seem more complicated than the other products but keep in mind that you don’t have to use all of the features. It can remain a simple iPhone stabilizer for the time being, but once you learn more about using it you can use the professional features too!


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • After a full battery charge, it can last up to 15 hours
  • You can charge your iPhone with this stabilizer
  • The built-in sensors allow you to focus your camera on specific details


  • Although justifiable, the price of this stabilizer is high

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#2 – SteadyMate SM1 HD Pro

A simpler and more affordable option is the SteadMate SM1 HD Pro. This stabilizer is suitable for various iPhones (4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, and 6 Plus) and ensures you can record steady, high-quality videos.

The sleek design is one benefit to this product, especially if we consider how the steel adds a layer of weather protection.


  • Simple with no difficult features
  • Compatible with many iPhone models and smartphones
  • Comes fitted with a gripping handle


  • Isn’t compatible with newer iPhone models

#3 – Zhiyun Smooth 4

Alongside acting like an iPhone stabilizer, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is great for many Android smartphones too. Giving you the ability to create flawless and smooth videos, this stabilizer is equipped with some of the most useful features for recording videos.

You can enable object tracking to make your video even smoother, create a time-lapse style video, and axes can be adjusted with ease. It goes without saying that such a professional product will cost you a pretty penny. Whether or not that price is worth the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is up to you!


  • Allows object tracking when recording
  • Supports both iPhones and Android smartphones
  • Is available in black and white
  • Can be used by beginners and professionals


  • Although it may be worth the price, it is an expensive product

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#4 – Fotodiox Freeflight Moto 3

Next up is the Fotodiox Freeflight Moto 3, another basic but effective video stabilizer. While it can be used with iPhones, it is also a suitable option for GoPro users.

Since this product is appropriate for GoPro devices, it’s a great option for those who record fast-paced videos. Biking, racing, or even trampolining – this stabilizer is perfect for them all.


  • Compatible with different types of devices (iPhones and GoPros)
  • Comes with a removable battery that you can replace during a long recording session
  • After buying this, you will receive a warranty for 24 months
  • Comfortable to carry due to the handle’s foam padding


  • Although smaller than other stabilizers, it is also heavier

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#5 – FeiyuTech SPG Plus

This next iPhone stabilizer is slightly different. Typically, these products have a single handle, but this one has two. On top of giving you the chance to record a video that isn’t shaky, this stabilizer has five expansion slots.
Having these slots provides you with the option to add extra accessories such as an external microphone, noise filters, or any other additions to enhance your video recordings. Not to mention that the gimbal movement is designed with smart face tracking in mind!


  • Two handles allowing for even more stable recording
  • Sleek design that can securely hold your iPhone
  • Expansion slots allow you to add extras


  • Some people may find that having two handles is a burden
  • Requires an iOS app in order to function properly

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#6 – Glide Gear CYL100 Cellfie Stabilizer

Unsure about spending so much of a stabilizer? Your best option is the Glide Gear CYL100 – a cross between a selfie stick and a stabilizer. With this purchase, you’ll be able to carry your iPhone using either a foam handle or if you don’t want to move around much, you can use the stand instead.

When it comes to traveling to record videos you don’t have to worry about it being too heavy. You’ll also receive a carry bag too!


  • More affordable than most other iPhone stabilizers
  • Straightforward and easy to use (no professional features)
  • Can be held while recording or put in a stand


  • Not strong enough to hold heavier iPhone models (e.g., iPhone 7 Plus)

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#7 – Fomito Mini iPhone Stabilizer

Are you looking for something even cheaper than the Glide Gear CYL100? As basic as it gets, the Fomito Mini Stabilizer is pure simplicity and won’t even make a dent in your bank account.

This stabilizer can be easily adjusted by adding more weights, thus making it a suitable choice for both iPhone and Android users. Even better: you can use it for your GoPro or digital camera too.


  • Made with lightweight and durable materials
  • Light product minimizes the strain on your wrist while recording
  • A suitable choice for any sort of video recording device
  • Cheap and affordable for anyone


  • Incredibly basic and only suitable for beginners
  • You cannot use a heavy smartphone with this

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#8 – Steadicam SMOOTHEE-APPLIP5

If modern design is what you’re looking for, then this is the iPhone stabilizer for you. Unfortunately, this stabilizer is only available to iPhone 5 users, but nonetheless is a great piece of equipment.

You can either carry it around, as most video creators do. Or if you prefer, you can fit the mount component to a tripod. Whichever way you use it, you’ll certainly record a smooth and shake-less video with your iPhone.


  • Straightforward and not overly difficult to use
  • You can either hold the stabilizer or fit it to a tripod
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle design


  • Only fits the iPhone 5 model

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#9 – LanParte HHG-01 Motorized iPhone Stabilizer

Another fantastic stabilizer for your iPhone is the LanParte HHG-01, one of the slightly higher-end products. By using this, you’ll have full control over your recording capabilities. You can adjust the counterweights, switch between the clamps depending on your recording device, and the battery lets you record for up to 3 hours.

It doesn’t stop there! This is a motorized stabilizer but don’t worry – the motors are brushless, silent, and won’t disturb the quality of your videos.


  • The high-quality design which results in a durable product
  • You’ll receive multiple clamps that allow you to switch between different sizes of devices
  • Includes a “Gesture Control System” for enhanced smoothing
  • Brushless motors ensure that the motors aren’t noisy


  • Only 3 hours of battery life even after you fully charge
  • Relatively expensive (in comparison to the others on this list)

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#10 – WenPod SP1+

Last on our list is the WenPod SP1+, another iPhone stabilizer that isn’t quite for beginners but is still worth considering. Recording with this will give you the smooth recording you aim for, and also gives you the chance to make slight adjustments that will perfect your videos.

First, there are different modes: standard, following, lock mode, and panoramic. Each of these is incredibly useful for content creators and give you the opportunity to switch up your recording style every so often. Secondly, the tilt and roll axis’ can both be adjusted, making it easy to get the best angle possible.


  • Adjustable axis’
  • Suitable for professionals who need a reliable piece of equipment
  • Various recording modes to choose from
  • A light-weight product that won’t strain your wrist while using


  • Although not a complex product, beginners may struggle with it

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Editing Your iPhone Videos

Regardless of the iPhone stabilizer you buy, there’s a good chance you’ll want to do some video editing too. If you care about the stability of your recording, you probably plan on showing people your videos. For that reason, you should also use a video editing software such as Wondershare Filmora.

A great perk of this program is that it has built-in video stabilization features. Even if you don’t buy one of the stabilizers above Filmora can stabilize your recordings just as well. Here’s how:

Step #1 – Download Wondershare Filmora on your computer and install it.

Step #2 – Click on “Import” and select your video, or drag the video file directly onto the media library menu.

Step #3 – Right-click the video you want to edit and choose the “Video Stabilization” feature.

Step #4 – After you select the videos you want to reduce the shakiness of, click on “Stabilize Video“.

Step #5 – Wondershare Filmora will quickly analyze the video. Once the analyzing is finished, you can adjust the smoothness of the stabilization to find the best results.

This is a free video editing program which offers several useful features, including acting like an iPhone stabilizer. Nobody wants to record a video a second time for the sole purpose of reducing the shakiness, so this is the perfect way to stabilize videos you already have recorded.

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To Conclude for iPhone Stabilizer

That brings our list of stabilizers to an end. You might want to invest in one of the products in our top 10 list if you find yourself recording a lot of videos. But if you want to reduce how shaky a recording you already have is, Wondershare Filmora is the better solution.

Using an iPhone stabilizer is an important part of producing a high-quality video. If you’re a content creator, then your viewers will enjoy your video much more if it’s a smooth recording. Regardless of what the video is for, putting in a little extra effort and using a stabilizer is definitely worth your time.

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