How to Repair the ‘iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode’

The number of individuals using the iPhone is rapidly increasing. They are in love with the software and the latest technology. Most of people love the iPhone because they know it will not create any software issues and will not hang. However, it has been found that people are complaining about the iPhone stuck in headphone mode.

There are many individuals that say their iPhone stuck on headphones even when the headphones are not connected. It is a surprising situation because the speakers will not work. Hence, it means you will not be able to listen to anything without using the speakers.

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Segment 1. Reasons iPhone stuck in headphone mode

Prior to beginning with the solutions, it’s important for you to understand why this problem is created. Remember that sometimes it because of the software but 99% it is because of the jack. There might be some dirt or debris or stuck. There are chances that it is not working properly. However, the good news is you can resolve this issue without going to the apple center. Here are some of the best issues that will help you resolve the iPhone stuck on headphones issue.

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Segment 2. Tips to resolve iPhone stuck on headphones mode

Here some of the simple tips that will allow you to resolve the issues within seconds. There is no need to use the software when simple tips can help you out. Pay attention and hopefully one of these tricks will surely work.

1: Restart the phone

There are chances that the iPhone stuck on headphones because of the overuse. It is important that you restart your phone often. It will remove the debris from the phone and it will start working properly. However, it is a common cause that iPhone gets stuck. Once you will restart your phone you will notice that the iPhone will work just fine. You can also switch off the phone and leave it there for a few minutes before restarting. It will help as well.

2: Use the airplane mode

If you are working on something and restarting the phone will cause data loss, then use airplane mode. It often helps to recover the iPhone from various normal issues that you might have been dealing with. Assure that you put the iPhone of the airplane mode. Let it stay there for a few minutes so that the system will rest for sometimes. After that, you can switch off the airplane mode. Check the speakers and there are chances that the issue is resolved. You must check by playing something without the headphones.

3: Clear your headphone jack

In order to resolve the iPhone stuck on headphones issue, you can check your headphone jack. There are chances there is dirt or debris stuck in your headphone jack. This jack will cause the issue with the system of the phone. Assure that you use a small brush or tissue paper that can easily enter the small hole of the jack. Clean it properly. You can use slight air pressure for the process. Once the dust is cleared you can put in the headphones and within a few seconds the sign will be gone. You will be able to use your phone the way you like.

4: Plug & unplug your headphone

There are chances that when you unplugged the headphone the system did not detect the change. That is why the sign is not gone and you are unable to use the speaker. Use the headphone and plug them in the iPhone again. use the headphone to check whether they are working or not. After a few seconds unplug your headphones again. Assure that you do it properly so that the software will detect the change made in the system. Within few seconds you will notice that the sign will be gone. Check by playing music whether the speakers are working or not.

5: Check for any water damage

A common issue that leads to iPhone stuck in headphone mode is the water damage. There is a chance that you did not drop the device in water. However, the issue can happen because of moisture and other issues. Make sure that you check your phone for water damage. If you always like to do exercise when listening to music, this issue can happen. Assure that you use silica get or dry rice. They will soak all the humidity and water in the phone and so you will not have to deal with the issue again. Use the gel every week if you use the phone while working out.

6: Plug headphones when you playing music

One of the best ways of resolving this issue is to plug in the headphone when playing music. Notice that whether you can hear the sound in the headphone or not. If yes, there are no software issues. Wait for a few seconds and after that you can remove the headphones. Once you remove the headphones you will notice that the music will start to play. Once you have resolved the issue assure that you do not make the mistake again. In this way, you will not have to deal with iPhone stuck in headphone mode issue.

7: Connect with Bluetooth speaker

It has been found that if you connect the iPhone to one of your Bluetooth devices, it will come out of the headphone mode. All you have to do is to turn on the Bluetooth in the settings and then connect the phone with your Bluetooth speakers hopefully you will get positive results.

Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode Without Data Loss

In case all the methods as mentioned earlier are not working, most of the people will suggest you to factory reset your phone. It means you will lose all the data and then you will have to deal with the recovery issues. There are chances after recovery you might not get all the data back. It will waste a lot of your time. In this age of technology, there is a solution to every problem. We have for you Dr. fone repair. It will allow you to repair your iPhone with any issues quickly.

dr.fone – Repair (iOS)

dr.fone – Repair has been developed with the latest technology. The software will allow you to repair all types of iOS issues that you have been dealing with. It will quickly fix all types of iOS issues so that you will not have to deal with them again. Here are some of the amazing features you will find in the product.

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How to repair iPhone with dr.fone – Repair (iOS)

Here we have the step by step guide that will help you repair the ‘iPhone stuck in headphone mode’. Make sure that you follow all the steps properly. That is the only way you can repair the device.

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1. Make sure that you install the dr.fone – Repair on your computer or laptop.

2. Connect your iPhone to the laptop using the USB cable.

3. Wait until the iPhone is detected by the laptop because then you are able to proceed with the process.

4. Access the dr.fone – Repair on your laptop and click on the option of repair.

5. It will take a few seconds to detect your device, iPhone model, and iOS that you are using.

6. It will take a few seconds, and the connection will be formed. You will have to select the option of next.

7. It will take you to the next page. Match your iPhone model and assure that it is the device.

8. Now you have to select the option of download. It will take a few seconds to download the software after matching the firmware.

9. Once the download is complete system will verify the device and start the repairing process. Assure that you do not use your iPhone or laptop otherwise, the process might stop.

10. Once the repair is done, the software will notify you. Disconnect your iPhone, and you will notice that it will not be stuck in headphone mode.

11. Use your iPhone the way you want without any issues.

Bottom line

When the iPhone stuck in headphone mode, it is better that you repair the device using the professional software, such as dr.fone – Repair for iOS, FoneLab – iOS System Recovery or iMyfone Fixppo iOS System Recovery. Do not waste your time on other fake software that will damage your phone further. These three tools will handle the job perfectly. You will not lose even a single message on your phone. It is a safe and secure software that will allow you to handle the task properly.