A Look At All Methods Of iPhone Voicemail Not Working

One of the best things about working with smartphones or for that matter, with the iPhone also is that it gives tremendous support to all kinds of tasks. This is not just for professionals or the working people alone. Everyone can find immense relief by using their iPhones. However, there might be a time, when you might also find that there is a problem occurring, that of the iPhone voicemail not working.

This might cause people to worry a lot because it would just mean that they would not be capable of accessing their voicemail inbox as well. So, from Dr.fone, you would be able to access a few ways of recovering the voicemail and that too without losing any data. This is a big concern of any iPhone user and so here are a few effective ways that one can follow for restarting the voicemail from iPhone fast.

Just like any other gadget, even the iPhones with every generation are going one-step ahead and working on newer technologies. The iPhones are coming up with various methods to improve the features and give customers and users with high-quality services.

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Problems that Voicemail might face:

Voicemail is a service or a feature from iPhone that has been helpful for all those busy professionals who might not wish to miss a single call. However, if they are not able to receive or send messages via this service, then it might be a hassle. So, in case they face any of these problems of not being able to view the messages on the iPhone screen, or if the senders are unable to send the messages, then there could be a problem. This problem of iPhone voicemail not working could be in the updates or the configuration or its incompatibility in an older generation of iPhone.

There could be an issue when someone is receiving duplicated messages repeatedly. Likewise, if the iPhone users are not getting the regular notification alerts, then they would be in deep trouble too. So, the problem is with Voicemail, and there are ways to rectify it. We shall be discussing the ways to restore the iPhone from the “iPhone voicemail not working” issue. Besides, for people who met these problems: My iPhone Won’t Ring, iPhone Says No Service, iPhone Not Vibrating, please click them to find out the best fixes.

Methods to Fix the iPhone Voicemail Not Working Issue:

Software applications like Dr.fone have found this as a big issue that many iPhone users face now and then. Many times, iPhone users without a care or knowledge about the way the voicemail and iPhone works might take any drastic step and lose the data in the process. However, it is necessary to know the process well, and it is recommended that one just picks the best of the methods that do not lose the data in the process. The problem with the iPhone’s voicemail could be due to some system settings too.

So, just follow the methods here to learn the best ways that the site has offered to fix the iPhone voicemail not working issue and that too without losing any data.

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Part 1: Fix iPhone Voicemail Not Working by Dr.fone iOS Repair Without Data Loss

This would require the users to install the software on their computers. This software platform is one of the most trusted ones for iPhone users to get the voicemail back again working to its normalcy. Dr.fone’s iOS System Repair is easy to install, and it works on sorting more than one issue. So installing it on your PC as long as you want to continue to help you in the long run in sorting other issues.

The features of this software are:

  • Compatible with: The software is compatible with Windows 10, MacOS 11, and iOS 14.
  • Supports the iPhone versions: The software would work on iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, 7, 6S, 6 5, 5C, 5S, 4S, and SE.
  • Fixes the problems: Phone restart on a loop, or Apple logo appearing, or iPhone voicemail not working, etc.

The process to fix the voicemail problem without data loss:

Step 1: Start the program of Dr.fone iOS System Recovery

After installing the software on your PC, just open the program. There will be a “System Repair” option. When the page opens, you will find the System Recovery

Download dr.fone – System Repair (iOS)


Step 2: Initialize the System recovery

Connecting the devices happens now, and you may use the lightning cable to connect your iPhone or iPad device to the computer. After establishing this connection, click on the Start button of the System Recovery.

Step 3: Download the Latest firmware to the device

Once you have connected the devices, the software will automatically start browsing and searching for the firmware that suits the device. Once the model is available, then click on the download button. Wait for the download to continue and wait for the firmware to download completely.

Step 4: Automatic Repairing process begins

Dr.fone will begin the repairing process automatically. During this process, do ensure that the device is connected to the PC. During this process, once the phone might restart on its own. Do not panic and just wait for the process to get over.

Step 5: Allow the device to restart

After 10 minutes, wait for a few seconds or a minute, and then there will be a confirmation message popping up on the screen. After this, the phone should restart again.

Fix iPhone Voicemail Not Working with dr.fone

Step 6: Check the device

After the download is over, simply unplug the device. Your big issue of iPhone voicemail not working will not exist anymore. If it exists even after this, then calling up the Apple customer care would be necessary.

Part 2: Fix the iPhone Voicemail Not Working with Reset Network

The iPhone developers have clearly thought that it is better to think of ways to troubleshoot any of the potential problems. So, they have already designed the internal settings of the phone. It is enough to visit the settings and look for the solution to fix the problem.

Step 1: Find the settings and options

On the iPhone device, go to the Settings. In the list, search for the “General” option. Click on it.

Step 2: Reset the network

When the General tab opens, at the bottom of the list, you will find the Reset option. Click on the Reset option. This shall start the process and take it to the next step where the process will take place.

Step 3: Reset and fix the voicemail problem

A new page will open up where there will be an option to “Reset Network Settings“. Click on this and restore the settings to default state as well.

Reset networking settings to fix iPhone Voicemail Not Working

Step 4: Check the state

After the iPhone resets and restarts, try looking for the messages in the iPhone voicemail. After this, you would be able to view the voicemail messages.

If the problem persists, then contact the Apple Store and seek the professionals to intervene and solve it too.

Part 3: Fix iPhone Voicemail Not Working with Carrier Update

Many times, it could be the network carrier, which might be causing voicemails not to work. This is why one would have to check the iPhone voicemail not working the problem by checking the network carrier. Here are the steps to follow for sorting this issue. There are network carriers which might be updating and this might not be suitable or compatible with the device. Likewise, on some occasions, the iPhone might not be working smoothly because the settings might not be tallying with the settings or might be altering it too. However, there is a little of internal work that you, as an iPhone user can do to ensure that the problem of the voicemail does not occur again.

Step 1: Open the settings: To check if the problem lies with the network settings, click to open the settings tab. Once the tab opens, click on the “General” option.

Step 2: Select the carrier: Under the tab of General, you would be able to find the carrier. That would display the carrier name.

Step 3: Update the carrier configuration: Click on the Carrier option and click on it. This shall update the configuration well. Wait for the update configuration to complete, and after it is over, voicemail will start working normally.

Carrier Settings Update to fix iPhone Voicemail Not Working

In Closing

These are some of the best and the most proven methods of fixing the iPhone voicemail not working problem. Those who are regularly using iPhones would be cautious about the software and the updates, and hence, they would not like it if their voicemail does not work after an update or so. Dr.fone’s iOS System Repair is a method that surely does not lose the data while restarting the iPhone for fixing the voicemail.

This is one of the best methods to sort the issue of iPhone voicemail not working. After using any of these methods, one would be able to use the voicemail without any hiccups. So, if someone wants to sort the problem with an external software application or with the internal application or settings itself, it is possible without any big hassle. So, going back to the voicemail messages and enjoy the iPhone days smoothly.