iRemover Review | Can iRemover Bypass Apple ID, for Real?

In general, iOS devices run pretty smoothly. However, at least on an occasional basis, iPhones can give some troubles to its users too. A common issue some iPhone users face is that they get locked out of their iCloud accounts. If you are an iPhone user and you are locked out of your iCloud account, you will get frustrated. Then, you will start searching for various solutions to bypass it, and iRemover is one of those options. The purpose of this iRemover Review article is to emphasize the reality of iRemover and help our readers.

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An introduction to iRemover

Once you are locked out of your iCloud account, you cannot use your iPhone as you would normally do. So, it is normal for any user to become frustrated about such a situation. You cannot even make a phone call, and finding a way to unlock is the only solution.

It is true that many iOS users get locked out of their iCloud accounts and are looking for solutions. iCloud comes with a well-secured encryption method, so bypassing it is not a simple task. You cannot expect a basic tool to bypass the iCloud encryption method. In that case, you are required to use a powerful and sophisticated tool to bypass it. When you search for an iCloud account removal tool, you will end up with hundreds of options. Such a large number can make the selection procedure pretty difficult. In fact, not all those tools are as good as they claim. So, doing a considerable amount of research is mandatory before using an iCloud removal tool on your iPhone.

iRemover is one of those online iRemove tools that claim to have the ability to remove iCloud locks. As they claim, iRemover is a flexible tool that can remove iCloud locks in an efficient, faster way. They further claim that this tool is compatible with iPads and iPod touch in addition to iPhones. It works with all the iOS versions but not for 11.4 and higher.

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Pros of iRemover

  • It is convenient to use and delivers efficient results.
  • It can bypass your Apple ID security encryption with a high success rate.
  • iRemover is backed with plenty of free tutorials on their official website for your convenience.

Cons of iRemover

  • iRemover is not that affordable. Unlocking only one device costs you $29.
  • If the respective device runs on iOS 11.4 or higher, iRemover cannot unlock it.
  • If the iCloud activation lock screen is activated on the device, iRemover doesn’t unlock it.

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What are the alternatives to iRemover?

If you go through the details mentioned above, some significant drawbacks related to iRemover can be noticed. One of the most notable drawbacks associated with iRemover is its expensiveness. As per their conditions, you have to pay $29 for each unlock attempt you make. For many users, $29 per just one device is too expensive.

Another notable drawback associated with iRemover is compatibility. Although it supports pretty much all the older iOS versions, it doesn’t support newer versions. That means iRemover doesn’t support iOS versions 11.4 or higher. So, if you are trying to unlock a new iOS device with the latest iOS version, you’re in trouble.

The other significant drawback of iRemover is its inability to unlock the iOS devices that have an iCloud activation lock screen.

So, you should surely look for an alternative to this iRemove tool that doesn’t have those burdens to unlock your device. In this case, we present a special iRemove tool called iMyFone LockWiper as a powerful alternative. LockWiper is a powerful tool that comes with a very smart algorithm to bypass iCloud security encryptions. It can penetrate the iCloud account and Apple ID without using the password.

Many iPhone users praise the functionality of iMyFone LockWiper, especially because of the simplicity it has. You can use this tool to remove any iCloud account easily, and you don’t need to know its password. As a result, you can configure your phone from scratch using a new Apple ID and a password. Then, you can use your iOS device as you would normally do while enjoying all the features. In addition to that, you can even perform updates on the device without getting deleted from Apple’s database.

Adding more value to their services, LockWiper allows you to remove the locked screen as well. It can completely remove the lock screen and give you full access to the disabled device. Thereafter, you can recover the restrictions such as screen time passcode without going for a restoration.

Most notable features of iRemover alternative – LockWiper for iOS

  • It can instantly remove the iCloud account from any of the activated iOS devices without having a password.
  • It can conveniently change your iPhone’s Apple ID completely without using any password.
  • If necessary, you can even create a new Apple ID instead of the old one.
  • You can use it to turn off the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature without the use of any password.
  • If you have bypassed a ‘fairly used’ iPhone, it will remain on the previously used iCloud account.
  • Fairly used devices will be blocked or erased even if you update the device.
  • It gives you full access to your iPhone after the lock is removed. For instance, you can use the iTunes store, update or download new apps, update iOS, etc. after lock removal.

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How to remove an iCloud account lock using iMyFone LockWiper

Now, let’s take a look at the steps you should take to remove the iCloud account lock. We should tell you that the process is very simple. However, we will present the entire process in a step-by-step guide so things will be easier.

  • First of all, you should download and install iMyFone LockWiper on the computer. You can grab a copy of the installation file by visiting its official website. Then, launch the software and choose the option ‘Unlock Apple ID.’ This option is available in the main interface, so locating it would be convenient.
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  • Now, connect the iPhone into the computer and then wait for a couple of seconds. The software will recognize the iPhone. You should then click on the option called ‘Start to Unlock.’
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  • Now, you will need to reset the settings on the device and get it restarted. You will see that LockWiper is starting the unlocking process.
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  • After the unlocking process, the previously available iCloud account will get deleted from your device. In other words, the iPhone will now work like a new device that doesn’t belong to any Appl ID. To start using once again, you can set it up using a new Apple ID. Once the device is configured from scratch, you will be able to use all the features.

Benefits of using iMyFone LockWiper

In this section of the article, we will explain the potential benefits associated with this iRemove tool – iMyFone LockWiper.

  • LockWiper is a powerful and highly versatile service that has a smart algorithm for an easier unlocking process.
  • LockWiper doesn’t want you to use the IMEI code of your device to get it unlocked.
  • Once the account removal is done, you will be able to use it without any restriction. That means, even the previous user of your iPhone will not be able to block it or erase it.
  • This software comes with a free trial, as well. Through this free trial, you will be able to check if your device is unlockable. This is a great way to save your money because you pay for a service that does what’s promised.

Conclusion on iRemove Review

iRemover can indeed bypass the Apple ID of some iOS devices and unlock them. However, there are limitations associated with iRemover. As we mentioned, iRemove is not working for devices that run on iOS version 11.4 or later. Also, it doesn’t bypass the lock screen of the device. So, that can be a concern for many users.

In addition to that, iRemover comes with a relatively high price. They don’t charge an upfront amount like iMyFone LockWiper. Instead, they charge $29 per each device, so if you have multiple devices to unlock, it can be expensive.

This is why we consider iMyFone LockWiper to be an excellent alternative to this iRemove tool. It comes as an installable software and supports pretty much all the iOS devices. Apart from removing iCloud and Apple ID, it can unlock the iPhone screen as well. So, at the bottom-line, we should emphasize that iMyFone LockWiper is a very impressive alternative to iRemover.

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