iTunes Equalizer – Adjust the Sound Quality Easily

With iTunes equalizer, you can apply some significant changes to the sound output of the music files. In general, iTunes equalizer is preloaded with over 20 presets in addition to the manual adjustments. In addition to that, you can save all the custom settings you apply on any of those presets. After that, you will be able to add the changed preset into the fly-up menu.

The term ‘equalizer‘ explains a process that applies different frequencies of a specific sound spectrum. If not, in a more specific way, it defines the changes related to the sounds of the human hearing spectrum. The measurement unit of this spectrum is hertz, which is signified with the term ‘Hz.’

When it comes to iTunes equalizer, it represents the spectrum frequencies using different types of sliders. They are called ‘vertical sliders‘ or ‘Faders.’ These faders (or vertical sliders) becomes handy in changing the level of the volume of every frequency. This is measured in decibels, which is denoted through the term ‘dB.’

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How can we use iTunes equalizer?

Interestingly, most of the users tend to ignore the functionality and uses of iTunes equalizer. In fact, many of the users even don’t know how to use it. If you are one of them who have ignored this tool, here’s how to use iTunes equalizer.

  • 01. First, you should select the option called ‘Window‘ and then go to ‘Equalizer.’ If not, you can simply use the keyboard shortcuts. In this case, you can use ‘Option‘ + ‘Command‘ + ‘2‘.
  • 02. You can then choose a preset option using the pop-up menu.
  • 03. You can then move the frequency slider up and down. Accordingly, you will see that the volume’s frequency goes up and down.
iTunes equalizer

Important: The settings of the equalizer will apply to all the music files stored on the computer. These settings will be there until you change them later on. However, if you have songs for which presets are applied, the equalizer settings will not influence them.

What are the ideal settings to set for iTunes equalizer?

In most cases, individuals tend to listen to a certain tune, and they don’t go beyond that. When the respective preset is altered, and it is applied to the song, individuals get annoyed. Well, in this case, you might wonder what the best settings for iTunes equalizer are. If you want some inspiration, here’s a setting for you to try. Our team has tried these equalizer settings, and interestingly, they all agree to it. You don’t have to use it forever. Just try it, and you will start to love it. If you don’t, just change the settings a bit and see how it works for you.

First, launch the tool iTunes equalizer and then in the menu, choose the option called ‘Make Preset.’ As we have mentioned before, iTunes equalizer allows you to create custom presets to match your requirements. Let’s make the most of this feature now by creating a preset. Well, you can rename the preset with any name you like. For instance, you can use ‘Ideal,’ ‘Favorite,’ ‘Perfect,’ ‘Nice,’ or anything else that goes with it. You can even put your own name for it, and there is no obligation for it. The levels of the settings are mentioned below (from left to right). In this case, you should ignore the segment called ‘Preamp.’

db +3, +6, +9, +7, +6, +5, +7, +9, +11, +8 db

The levels we mentioned above are ideal for your iTunes equalizer. All our team members simply love these settings, and there is no reason for you to dislike it. However, once again, it all depends on your personal preference. So, we invite you just to try these settings and see if it matches your listening pleasure.

What are the disadvantages associated with iTunes?

iTunes is developed by Apple itself, and it is made for the purpose of making things easier for users. It is a digital media player that can be used to organize video and music files. It aslo can be used as a player as well and to download stuff depending on your preference. This is not a new tool at all. Instead, it is in action for a long period. With this tool, iOS device users gain access to both music and videos and free streaming radio stations. Even if the iTunes equalizer is considered as a useful feature, there are some significant drawbacks associated with it.

In this part, we intend to explain the most significant issues related to iTunes.

  • One of the most notable drawbacks linked with iTunes is that its poor execution. Due to this reason, users tend to experience a not-so-friendly interface. It generally runs in a very slow manner on PC, especially if the platform is Windows.
  • iTunes is meant to be powered by a PC, so that makes it difficult for a user to use. It’s considered to be another major issue related to iTunes.
  • In addition to that, it is impossible to use an iPod to transfer music through iTunes. However, most of the third-party app in the market allow iPod users to do it very conveniently. Moreover, they allow you to transfer songs back to iTunes from iPods.
  • When it comes to iTunes, you will have only a couple of sorting options. For instance, you can simply sort songs by the artist or by the album. Such an option gives you hardly any option to rearrange the songs in most of the cases.
  • Were there any video records or music records you have purchased, and you have deleted them? Then, with iTunes, you will not be able to recover them. Instead, you will have to repurchase those items because you cannot recover them at all.

Use iMyFone TunesMate as an alternative to manage music effectively

As we have mentioned before, there are several flaws associated with iTunes. So, like many other individuals, you might be looking for some alternatives to iTunes. With this option, you can experience so many features as opposed to iTunes. With iMyFone TunesMate, you can get music and videos on your computer. Also, you can synchronize your iTunes easily and effectively with the iOS device you are using. If you have already done the synchronization using iTunes, this tool can serve you.

Most notable features of iMyFone TunesMate

In this part, let’s take a look at the most notable features linked to iMyFone TunesMate.

  • It allows transferring music and video files either way. That means it can transfer videos from PC to iOS devices or the other way.
  • You can use this tool even to transfer the music that is not purchased officially. In addition to that, it can share bought music with different Apple IDs as well as different iTunes.
  • It can also be used to rebuild the iTunes library. You can transfer all the iOS files (even the purchased files) to the iTunes library. It becomes very handy, especially when recovering iTunes library after a certain issue (such as corruption).
  • You can select and preview the music & video files using iMyFone TunesMate before transferring them. Such an option lets you transfer the exact files without making any mistakes.
  • Apart from music and video files, TunesMate supports various other file formats on your device. This option is very handy for those who have plenty of files to transfer.
  • It is capable of playing the role of photos and app manage as well. You can transfer photos in your iOS device to PC and the other way around using this tool. Also, it can delete the photographs that are no longer needed. All these steps can be performed through a simple set of steps.

Get iMyFone TunesMate

How to use TunesMate to transfer files from PC to iPhone

Mentioned below are the steps you should take to transfer files from PC to iPhone.

  • First of all, download and install iMyFone TunesMate on the computer and connect your iOS device to it.
iTunes equalizer TunesMate
  • Check in the different tabs (for instance, music, etc.). Then, choose the files that you need to transfer.
  • Click on ‘Add‘ and then choose ‘Add File/Folder.’
  • To choose multiple files by pressing ‘Shift‘ or ‘Ctrl‘ keys.
  • Now, click on the option labeled ‘Open.’ The respective file will be added to the device successfully.

Try iMyFone TunesMate

So, that’s about iTunes equalizer and the best alternative to iTunes. If you have further questions, please comment below.