Five of the Most Popular iTunes Library Management Tools

It is important to keep your iTunes Library in a clear order, so that you can find what you want in a short period of time. Here are five management tools that are widely used all around the world.

Tool 1. Powertunes 1.3.1

It can help you to organize the audio files and classify them into different folders. If you have several user accounts for iTunes, it will enable you to transfer audio files between them. And you even don’t have to organize the playlists by yourself, because the application will transfer the files without changing their order. Also, you can divide your iTunes Library into some smaller parts, or merge some parts into a bigger one. Besides, it can fix the audio file which is unable for reading. It is compatible with iTunes 12 and OS X 10.15.

Rate: 4 out of 5

Tool 2. SuperSync

It is a professional tool for those who make strict demand on the iTunes Library, such as the music collectors, the disc jockeys. You can merge your iTunes Library between different devices with it. You can use it on your Windows computer, Mac computer, or your Apple portable devices. It is easy to find the damaged audios and the duplicate audios with it, and after you find them, you can choose to delete them. But there is no app of it, so you can only use it via the browser.

Rate: 3.5 out of 5

Tool 3. iTunes Library Manager MacUpdate Desktop 6

It is easy to classify different type of audios into different folders with this application. And it can help you to make backup files of your iTunes Library, so you get the backups when you lose data of when you want to play the same playlist on some other devices. It is compatible with iTunes 10.4 and OS X 10.7 Lion, but it is a pity that it doesn’t support the Windows computer.

Rate: 3 out of 5

Tool 4. TuneUp iTunes Library Management Plugin

It is really a complex application. First, you can see the advantages of it. You can get the scan results at an astonishing speed with it. And then you can edit the wrong information of the audio files, or you can delete the labels or the files themselves. It can remind you of the new local concerts if you are interested. And you can enjoy the music from YouTube videos or Google News it offers. But there are also a lot of disadvantages of it. For example, you need to register every time when you open it. And it is not free and the only free version online is limited in functions.

Rate: 2.5 out of 5

Tool 5. Best & Complete iTunes Library Management Tool – iMusic

This is a versatile application and it works well with the iTunes. You can manage the media files on your Apple devices with it. You can see the main advantages as follows.

  • 1.The interface is simple and intuitive, so it is easy to use.
  • 2.There are guidance going along with you when you are operating.
  • 3.The process is smooth and streamlined.
  • 4.It can help you transfer songs, videos, playlists, etc. And it allows you to preview all the files before you transfer them.
  • 5.It can copy photos and albums from/to your computer and Apple devices.
  • 6.It is 100% compatible with iOS including the latest iOS 14.

Well, the biggest deficiency is that it is a little slow because it is too well-knit.

Rate: 4.5 out of 5

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