How to Fix the iTunes Not Responding Issue

Is your iTunes not responding on your Windows PC? If yes, check for solutions here! In case your iTunes keeps crashing while listening to music or downloading a movie, it shows that there is a problem that could cause harm to other applications. In order to resolve the ‘iTunes not responding‘ issue, you can make use of some simple and most reliable solutions listed here.

Part 1: Reasons why you face ‘iTunes not responding’

If you are struggling with the iTunes not responding error, it is simply that there’s some issue with either the PC, the USB, or the application connected to iTunes. Most of the time, when you try creating a connection between your system and your iPhone, you come across the error iTunes not responding.

Here are some reasons why you come across the iTunes not responding issue

  1. This issue comes up when your USB cable is not compatible or does not connect at all. It happens with lots of users when they make a connection via damaged or broken USB cables. In that case, you need an authentic high-speed USB cable for making the connection.
  2. If you are using third-party plug-ins, then try to remove or disable them for successfully entering your iTunes.
  3. Furthermore, anti-virus software, such as Avast, Norton, etc. that you have installed on your system can even restrict your connection. Disabling these programs can fix the iTunes issue.
  4. If you are using an old version of iTunes on your system, then you have to update it to the latest version for making the connection work.
  5. This error can occur because of malware/virus-infected or corrupt iTunes software. Also, corrupt iTunes component tools like QuickTime can be behind this issue.
  6. When you use your iPhone, iTunes, or PC for a long period of time without rebooting or restarting it.
  7. Another reason for the iTunes not responding issue could be redundant and junk files.

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Part 2: How to fix the iTunes not responding issue

There are various fixes to resolve the ‘iTunes not responding’ issue on your Windows PC. If you are looking for the best solution, download iMyFone TunesFix to eliminate iTunes-related issues. Apart from that, you will know about other common fixes to get rid of this issue. So, let’s get started!

1. iMyFone TunesFix: Best Way to Fix this iTunes not responding Error

iMyFone TunesFix is an amazing application that you can use to resolve all iTunes issues on Windows PC. Hence, when you come across the iTunes not responding issue, there’s no perfect solution than iMyFone TunesFix.

Along with that, this application can even fix other errors related to iTunes like installation issues; iOS data restore issues, iOS device detection errors, Backup issues, and others. Furthermore, if iTunes does not work efficiently, then users can employ TunesFix for repairing or clearing out junk files to make it work again optimally.

Unique characteristics of iMyFone TunesFix:

  • To resolve 100+ iTunes issues, such as iTunes not responding, data restoration, connection, backup errors, iTunes error 0xe80000a and others.
  • One can resolve all iTunes errors and issues without any data loss.
  • Using TunesFix, optimize your PC performance or iTunes for scanning, repairing, and erasing unnecessary junk files and iTunes libraries.
  • It provides a one-click feature to fix iTunes, which fixes all iTunes problems in a single tap.

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Steps to resolve iTunes not responding using iMyFone TunesFix:

Step 1: Firstly, download and install TunesFix on your PC and then launch this program. It will detect iTunes and other related components.

iMyFone TunesFix

Step 2: Next, if there’s no problem found, then you will return back to its home interface. If there is, then you will find the details on your screen. Then, tap on ‘Repair‘ for starting to repair the iTunes.

iMyFone TunesFix

Step 3: Now, open iTunes to check if the issue of iTunes not responding has been resolved. If you could not use iTunes yet, then open the tool again and choose the mode ‘Fix Other iTunes Problems.’ After that, click on ‘Repair‘ to get rid of the issue.

Before you go for this advanced method to fix iTunes-related issues, it is best to try out some common methods to troubleshoot the iTunes not responding error.

2. Run iTunes as Administrator

To resolve the ‘iTunes not responding’ issue, you can try running iTunes as an administrator. For this, follow the instructions as listed below.

  • Step 1: Initially, you have to close the frozen iTunes program. If it does not work, then try closing the same using Task Manager.
  • Step 2: Now, reboot the computer and then, right-tap on the iTunes icon present on the desktop.
  • Step 3: Choose ‘Run as Administrator‘ from the listed options.
Run iTunes as Administrator

Now, check if the issue iTunes not responding still persists on your system or not. If yes, move onto the next solution.

3. Try Running iTunes in Safe Mode

When you run iTunes in safe mode, then this program becomes isolated from interferences that occur by third-party plug-ins. For performing this action, you can follow some simple steps given below.

  • Step 1: Firstly, press the ‘Control‘ and ‘Shift‘ keys on the keyboard while you open iTunes.
  • Step 2: Next, you will come across a notification saying ‘iTunes is running in safe mode.’ It means that all plug-ins that might be causing the iTunes not responding problem will be disabled temporarily.
Try Running iTunes in Safe Mode

4. Reinstall QuickTime

QuickTime is a significant iTunes’ component. When this component does not function properly, you can come across the iTunes not responding issue. To repair this iTunes issue, go through the following instructions.

  • Step 1: Visit ‘Control Panel‘ on your Windows PC. To find the Control Panel, you have to navigate to the Search bar.
  • Step 2: Tap on ‘Programs and Features‘ and then look for the ‘QuickTime‘ component.
  • Step 3: Now, tap on ‘QuickTime‘ for uninstalling the program. After that, visit ‘‘ for downloading and reinstalling this program.
Reinstall QuickTime

5. Restart your Computer, iPhone, and iTunes

Sometimes, you can resolve issues like iTunes not responding by just restarting your system. For restarting your Windows PC, go through the instructions as follows:

  • Step 1: Tap on the icon ‘Windows‘ present on the left side.
  • Step 2: After that, select the icon ‘Switch‘ and then choose ‘Restart.’

Now, it does not take much hassle for restarting iTunes and iPhones as they need you to just hold the power tab for a few seconds and then, close iTunes respectively.

6. Upgrade iTunes to the Latest Version on your Computer

Sometimes, your new iOS device does not support an outdated version of iTunes since iOS 8/9/10/11 upgrade. It could occur in incompatibility problems while you try making a connection. So, always keep a tab on the update page because Apple comes up with iTunes updates quite often.

Upgrade iTunes to the Latest Version

Moreover, updated versions even help you to fix errors and bugs along with the software enhancement. Therefore, updating iTunes could be beneficial for you. It even solves various errors associated with iTunes, such as iTunes not responding.

7. Examine your USB connection

Another effective solution to fix this annoying iTunes issue is to examine the USB cable that you use for making the connection. It is because if your wire does not help you to make a proper connection, it could result in iTunes not responding.

As stated above, a broken or loose wire could restrict the interaction between iTunes and your iOS device. Not just that, you even require to check if USB ports are working fine by trying out other drivers. Now, see if the issue is with your USB wire or port, which is resulting in iTunes not responding.

Also, if you have linked your device to low-speed ports on your keyboard, it could result in freezing of the synchronization process. Thus, for fixing this problem, you have to ensure that the port or USB wire is working fine to make a connection.

Examine your USB connection

8. Uninstall Third-Party Plugins to fix iTunes not responding error

The first thing that you need to understand here is that when you install third-party plug-ins, it could result in issues with iTunes. If you are using third-party plug-ins, there are chances that your iTunes might be crashing or not working normally throughout the process. You can verify this by tapping on the keys ‘Shift + Control‘ together while launching iTunes in the safe mode. If the connection does not progress, then it is time for you to install these third-party plug-ins for reinstating the iTunes’ functionality.

9. Employ Anti-Virus Software for Ensuring iTunes Work Normally

This method is more about securing your device while you make a connection with other devices. There is a possibility that some virus on your computer is making iTunes act in a certain way that further creates problems. In that case, you should fix this problem. It is better to download an application’s free version or purchase an anti-virus. This program will assist you in keeping the information safe while producing secure connections with various other devices. When it comes to resolving the iTunes not responding issue, it is best to go with the best anti-virus. We recommend you to go with Lookout Mobile Security or Avast Secure. Both of these programs are very simple to use and pretty effective at fixing iTunes not responding.

Employ Anti-Virus Software

Using these effective methods, users can easily eliminate the issues related to iTunes. Therefore, they can use their iTunes again in a normal condition.

So, these are some of the effective methods that you can use for getting rid of iTunes issues like iTunes not responding. All of these ways are really easy to use. However, it is recommended to download iMyFone TunesFix to eliminate iTunes-related issues in an effective manner. Try out some common fixes, and if they do not work, you should opt for TunesFix. It comes with so many advanced yet interesting features. For fixing your system or iTunes, download TunesFix right now.

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