Macのスクリーンショットが動作しません。- 今すぐ修正する

Is the Macでスクリーンショットができない? Undoubtedly, taking screenshots is pretty straightforward on Mac. This is because Apple provides a simple way to perform this action. However, many users have reported that they came across the ‘Macでスクリーンショットができない‘ issue while taking a screenshot. If you are struggling with the same problem, then you may be in search of different ways to resolve it. So, learn here different methods to get rid of this annoying issue hassle-free.

Part 1: Introduction to a Screenshot

その『。スクリーンショット‘ term is also called a screen capture, print screen, or snapshot. A screenshot refers to a picture, which shows the contents of the computer display. So, in other words, a screenshot enables users to capture whatsoever they are viewing on their computer screen. After they have taken a screenshot, they can save it anywhere as an image file. Once saved, it is also possible to edit the file.

So, this screenshot feature proves to be pretty helpful. Currently, you get this feature in every electronic device, including tablets, smartphones, and computers. The screenshot feature can be very helpful in various situations. For instance, if you want to share your screen image with others or if you want to write software reviews, this feature comes in handy. However, you may face the ‘screenshot on Mac not working’ issue; learn below how to fix it.

PS: if you are experiencing the errors like MacBook charger not workingまたは AirPods not connecting to Macそのためには、以下のような方法があります。

Part 2: How Can You Take a Screenshot on Mac?

So, before you look for different methods to resolve this issue, let’s see how a screenshot is taken on Mac. Now, there are different ways to capture the screen of your computer. Sometimes, the ‘screenshot on Mac not working’ issue could occur if you do not take a snapshot in the proper way. It is possible that you are using the wrong commands for capturing the screenshot. So, learn about the right ways to perform this task!

1. Take a Screenshot of a Window

For screen capturing a window on Mac, users can go through the following instructions:

  • Use the ‘Shift + Command + 4‘ keys simultaneously. Now, you will be able to spot crosshairs on the screen. After that, employ the ‘Space‘ bar for hovering the cursor over that window. Now, tap either on your mouse or trackpad. Keep holding the ‘Space‘ tab while you drag the cursor.
  • Next, users will come across an icon of ‘カメラ.’ Also, the window will change its color to grey. When you have multiple windows opened, choose the one that you want to capture. Lastly, click on your mouse. That’s it! You have successfully captured the window’s screenshot.
  • Once done, either right-tap on the app icon and select ‘Move to Trash‘ or drag the icon to the Trash.

2. Capture a Snapshot of the Complete Screen

For capturing the complete screen, users can follow some simple steps listed below:

  • To begin with, users need to employ the keys ‘Shift + Command + 3‘ together.
  • After that, they will hear the sound of a camera shutter. Now, you have successfully captured the screenshot on your desktop.

3. Take a screenshot of a screen’s portion

Find some steps below for taking a screenshot of just a screen’s part:

  • Again, use the keys ‘Shift + Command + 4‘ simultaneously. With this shortcut, users can take a snapshot of a particular portion.
  • Once users have pressed the tabs, they will come across a cross featuring some numbers. Now, drag that cross over the portion that you want to capture.

4. Snapshot a dropdown menu

On your Mac, you can easily take a screenshot of a dropdown menu using the following instructions:

  • Initially, open a menu that you like to screenshot. After that, use the tabs ‘Shift + Command + 4‘ together. Now, drag that cross to the menu for capturing it.
  • Now, you need to release your mouse for capturing the portion. Once done, employ the Space bar for altering the pointer to the camera. Lastly, tap the menu to take a snapshot.

So, these are some ways in which you can capture a screen on Mac. If these methods did not work for you to take a screenshot on your system, go to the next part. In that part, you will find different ways to resolve ‘screenshot on Mac not working.’

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Part 3: Different Ways to Resolve ‘Screenshot on Mac Not Working’ Issue

Now, you know how you can capture the screen of your Mac in a proper manner. However, if you come across the ‘screenshot on Mac not working’ issue, then look for solutions here. Try the methods listed below for fixing this annoying issue hassle-free.

Solution 1: Examine the Settings of Keyboard Shortcuts

To capture the complete screen, you use the keyboard shortcut ‘Shift + Command + 3‘. And, to capture the selected portion, you can use the keyboard shortcut ‘Shift + Command + 4‘. This works unless you have activated any screenshot shortcuts. Otherwise, you may face the ‘screenshot on Mac not working’ issue.

So, these keyboard shortcuts for capturing a screen are activated by default. However, it could be possible that you configured the settings earlier and are unable to recall them. In that case, you just need to examine whether the screenshot shortcuts are active on the system or not. To check this, go through some simple steps given below:

  • In the first place, visit the ‘アップル‘ menu. From there, look for the ‘システム環境設定‘ tab and click on it.
  • After that, click on the ‘キーボード‘ tab and choose ‘Shortcuts.'
  • Now, select the option ‘Screenshots‘ present on the window’s left side.
  • Lastly, ensure that all the listed options are active or checked.
Check Settings for Keyboard shortcuts to fix Screenshot on Mac Not Working ピン

After making sure that the keyboard shortcuts are active, try taking a screenshot again on your system. Now, check if you are still facing the ‘screenshot on Mac not working’ issue. If yes, move onto the next solution.

Solution 2: Try Restarting Your Mac

Another way to fix the ‘screenshot on Mac not working’ issue is to restart the system. Programs and applications will not function perfectly when you have not restarted the computer for a very long time.

In such situations, an easy restart on your Mac could probably resolve the issue without much effort. Gladly, most users have resolved the issue in this way. So, you should try this solution.

There are various methods you can restart your system, which include:

Way 1: Firstly, press the ‘パワー‘ tab and hold it. Then, select the ‘再起動‘ tab.

Way 2: Alternatively, users can press the ‘Control + Eject‘ keys together. After that, select the ‘再起動‘ tab. Or, visit the ‘アップル‘ menu and then select the ‘再起動'のタブです。

Restart Mac to fix Screenshot on Mac Not Working ピン

Way 3: Press the ‘Command + Control + Eject‘ keys or ‘Command + Control + Power‘ keys simultaneously. After that, select ‘再起動'.

After starting the Mac again, the issue should be resolved now. However, if not, you can go to the next methods for fixing the ‘screenshot on Mac not working’ problem.

Solution 3: Employ Grab for Taking a Screenshot

Also, there are other ways for taking a screenshot on Mac. So, instead of capturing snapshots through keyboard shortcuts, employ Grab for capturing the screen on the system. A grab is a pre-installed tool for macOS, which enables you to capture screenshots of the complete screen, the entire window, or just a specified portion of the screen.

Steps to resolve the ‘screenshot on Mac not working’ issue:

Here are some simple instructions on how to fix ‘screenshot on Mac not working’ using Grab:

1: To begin with, users have to launch ‘アプリケーション'を選択して、'ユーティリティー.'

2: Once selected, look for the ‘Grab‘ option and choose it.

3: Next, tap on the ‘Capture‘ button.

Fix Screenshot on Mac Not Working Using Grab App ピン

Depending on your requirements, users can select any option and capture a screenshot.

Solution 4: Fix ‘Screenshot on Mac Not Working’ Using Preview

If you are encountering an issue like a screenshot on Mac not working, employ ‘Preview‘ for capturing screenshots. Preview is a default utility that allows you to open images and edit or modify images. Apart from this, users can even capture a screenshot on their Mac through the Preview program.

Steps to fix ‘screenshot on Mac not working’ using Preview:

1: In the first place, you need to go to ‘Preview.'

2: Now, click on ‘ファイル'を選択して、'Take Screenshot.'

3: After that, select an option depending on your choice.

Fix Screenshot on Mac Not Working Using Preview ピン

Part 4: Get Lost Screenshots on Your Mac

After resolving the ‘screenshot on Mac not working’ issue, users might lose the screenshots. Now, this could happen without any serious problem. If that happens, recover the lost screenshots through the Recoverit Data Recovery tool.

Recoverit Data Recovery is designed specially to recover accidentally lost files, like documents, audios, videos, and photos. This program is strong enough for working under various data loss scenarios.

With this program, users can recover media files within some minutes. This just takes three simple steps. For recovering the lost screenshots, download Recoverit. Install the program and then go through the instructions below:

Steps to recover lost screenshots using Recoverit:

Step 1: Firstly, launch the program on your Mac. Next, users have to select a drive on the system from where they lost the screenshots. Once selected, tap on ‘スタート.'

Recoverit Data Recovery ピン

Step 2: Next, the tool will search for all lost files by scanning the chosen drive location. The scanning process will take some time to finish.

Recoverit Data Recovery ピン

Step 3: Lastly, preview all the files and select the file that you like to recover. Tap on ‘回復‘ for saving the recovered file on your system.

Recoverit Data Recovery ピン

Now, you have an idea about how to recover your files if you lose them accidentally. However, after you have recovered the desired screenshots, do not save the files in the same location as from where you have lost them earlier.

So, this is how you can resolve the ‘Macでスクリーンショットができない‘ issue. Here, we have mentioned all the possible ways to resolve this annoying issue hassle-free. Additionally, we have even provided an effective solution to recover your lost files.

Now, you can lose screenshots while facing this issue in some cases. Thus, it is better to use a reliable tool like Recoverit Data Recovery for getting back your files effortlessly. Using this amazing tool, users can rescue their lost screenshots easily. So, download the tool now!