Guide to simple “Tips and Tricks” that you can do and add to your YouTube settings. This article will also introduce you the trendiest, and the number 1 must – have video app in town – Keepvid YouTube Downloader!

Also, click to find out how to Convert SWF to MP4 and convert AVCHD to MP4.

Tip #1. Do you know you can personalize skin background of YouTube?

Yes, you can do this! Not a lot of YouTube users know that they can do this. In a world where people have become more territorial, creative and would have wanted to personalized everything (including website pages accounts, they will do it!).

But how are going to customize your own YouTube window page? Here are the simple ways to do this. You can change the background of your YouTube channel account.

First step
You have to be logged in to your YouTube Account. If you don't have any YouTube Account, you must sign in first.

Second Step
Tap on to your username located on the right-hand corner of your YouTube window page, and then choose “My Channel”.

Third Step
After clicking “My Channel”, click ” Add Channel Art” you see on the rectangle heading box of the window.

Fourth step
You can now choose a photo from your local folder file from your computer. Just choose the option “Select a photo from your computer”.

Fifth Step
The photo or picture you have elected will now be uploaded, as long as the image size is equal to or under the recommended size 2560 x 1140.

Sixth Step
You may now have to option to make your changes on your background private (obviously, you are the only one who can see the newly updated background) or you can choose public (where everyone on the internet can view your uploaded background picture).

Aside from uploading your personal photos as background page, you can also find free and for public use photos. Various photos from these websites can also satisfy your desire to customize your YouTube window depending on your mood, taste, preferences and creativity. There are persons who are generally creative but cannot execute the design they wanted; these 5 YouTube background sites will help you decide what skin or theme you would want to upload.

The Following are suggested Popular Websites that you can use for your YouTube Background.


This website is able to provide a lot of different designs with simple yet professional touch. They also offer free images for public consumption, and if you want more diverse and more creative designs, there are also photos are worth paying for. They can provide for most professional images rather than generic photos like high-quality background images for any YouTube channels, and their images range from Abstract, Gamer, Scenic, Movies, Holiday, Sports, Business, etc.


If your personality is more on free range designs and theme, this site is for you. They also provide color coded designs which would perfectly fit your funky personality. Just imagine one type of design of a dress which has various color schemes. Makes you a spoiled YouTube user, right?


For more options and comprehensive and wide-range of professional background photos, this website can also provide you with one that you might like best. Design layout can vary from Abstract, Animals, Bands, Babe, Cars, Cartoons, Celebrity, Drinks, Game, Battlefield, 3D, etc.


Another site that also targets people who like formal, and prefers professional looking themes, this is one great website find. This website provided YouTube Channel Art Layouts, Covers, Theme and Background in many different categories.


This website may often be the talk of the town in social media platform. This is a hub for various wallpapers that almost resembles deign-themes from Twitter and Facebook. The website is known for their individually customized background photos which are often used in YouTube Channel Art, covers backgrounds.

Tip #2. Do you know you can download and convert YouTube Channel to any video or music file type and format?

Have you heard about Keepvid YouTube Downloader? It is an app that can do multi – functional roles when it comes to organizing and managing your video files. Good news, you can try it for free. And if you are really satisfied with the enhanced and powerful features of the app, you can buy the full version of it.

It can download YouTube videos, and amazingly, Keepvid YouTube Downloader can also convert to any format or file type on MAC platform.

Keepvid YouTube Downloader Key Features

  • Provide built-in video player along with the app
  • Download YouTube channels; even include the whole playlist in one click
  • Convert downloaded videos to hundreds of over 150 ++ different video file types and format
  • Download video speed is three times faster than any other downloader app
  • Download videos from more than 10,000 video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo
  • Include a default download YouTube video to mp3 in just one click
  • Able to record videos from various internet websites, can also record real-time event on your computer screen or window (as it happens)
  • Transfer video to mobile phones even not connected using USB cable.

If you decide to Keepvid Pro, here is an additional tip for you.

How to download YouTube Channels for Mac? Here's how:

First Step
You must visit the official website of Keepvid YouTube Downloader to download the software. You can either buy the full version of Keepvid Pro or try the free – trial to check to validate our testimony how diverse and versatile. But we can assure you will not be disappointed.

Download KeepVid Pro(Windows Version) Download KeepVid Pro (Mac Version)

Run the downloaded program and continue installation by agreeing with the next confirmation tabs during the installation. You will be prompted that you have successfully installed it.

Amazingly, the installation process is fast and quick you will not have any problem with the installation wizard provided.

KeepVid Pro

Second step
Once successfully installed the Keepvid YouTube Downloader, open the app by double – clicking the Keepvid Pro shortcut icon. If you have prior subscriptions to different channels, Keepvid Pro has systematically loaded them to your page.

KeepVid Youtube Downloader

a. You can search existing favorite channels that has been loaded and marked, or you can also search for new channels, playlist or new YouTube videos.

b.Or you can also copy directly the link address of the youTube video you would want to download and paste it on the Keepvid Pro app window to download.

Then, click the button “Download all“. It is so powerful that it can simultaneously download over 5, 000 videos from same or different sites at once.

Third Step
Do you have problems with memory space, especially with iPhone and other iOS devices? No need to worry, Keepvid YouTube Downloader allows you to convert videos on your phone. You can also convert video files to more than 150 ++ different video formats. You can also do this to increase the quality of your videos, as well.

Convert Downloaded Videos

Convert Youtube Vidoes to MP4That's all. It's really simple and practical. With only three steps, the world's #1 video downloader – KeepVid YouTube Downloader download and convert online music to your smartphone, and then you can enjoy them on the go. For more details, please visit the website of Keepvid YouTube Downloader at

Download KeepVid Pro(Windows Version) Download KeepVid Pro (Mac Version)

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