LG to Android: How to Transfer LG Data to Android Phone or Tablet

After years of utilization, your LG phone goes fusty old, and then you may want to buy a new Android phone. It is true that the phones that LG released recently are kind of attractive than that in the past. But as the science and technology are developing rapidly, there are more and more versatile and intelligent smartphones coming out. After moving to a new Android phone, you can probably get better user experience.

But, the matter is what we should do with the old LG phone. We cannot simply throw them away and pick up the new one because there is a lot of important personal information on the LG phone. So what we have to do is to transfer all the data needed from the old LG to the new Android phone by LG to Android Transfer. And we know that LG phones also run Android operation system, so it can be easy to do this between two Android phones.

Generally, you can sign into your Google account on both phones, and it will help you to sync the contacts, messages, and calendar with ease. However, it is time-consuming sometimes when you don't have so much time to sync these three kinds of data one after another. Here are some other methods for your consideration.

A Free Method — Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung launched a free software for data transfer between Android phones named Samsung Smart Switch, which makes use of wireless transfer technology. Let's have a look.
Step 1. Download the captioned application in the app market. Run it after installing. Remember that both of your phones should be equipped with this software.
Step 2. If it is your first time to use this software, you can spare some time to read the introduction content, in order that you can get a quick knowledge of it. If you are in a hurry just go to the next step by clicking on “Skip” on the lower left.

Step 3. On your LG phone, you can see a list of data on it, including messages, audios, videos, photos, and apps. You can choose what you want to transfer and check them.
Step 4. Now on your new Android phone, find the option say “[your phone model name]” which allows you to choose your LG phone to be your resource. Then you need to put them close enough no more than 10cm in distance so that they can connect to one another.

Step 5. It starts to transfer data from LG phone to new Android phone automatically as soon as they are connected. You can just wait, but it can cost a long time for they are using a wireless connection.

This method is free but has some unavoidable weak points:

  • 1. This application is launched by Samsung, so in fact, it is designed for Samsung phones specially. Although it also compatible with other Android phones, it does not work that perfectly.
  • 2. The technology it uses is a wireless connection, so it is not so stable as the connection with cable. And there comes the problem that you may lose some data or damage it when the network is not so consistent.
  • 3. Wireless connection is not very quick, so you have to wait may for a long time.
  • 4. The files transferred on your new Android phone are stored unorganized, so you have to sort them out.

The Best Method to Transfer Data from LG to Android Phone in One Click — dr.fone Phone Transfer

dr.fone – Phone Transfer is the best application for data transfer that I have ever used. It is developed by Wondershare, a company that offers various application useful for Mac and Win users. You can see its advantages below:

  • 1. It is able to transfer all kinds of data from your LG phone to your new Android phone in batch, including calendar, contacts, messages, photos, audios, videos, and ever apps and app settings.
  • 2. It allows users to create backups and helps them to restore the backups to their new Android phones again.
  • 3. It is safe and reliable, so that you needn't to worry about information leakage.
  • 4. It can transfer faster than wireless connection, because it asks people to connect their devices with USB cables.
  • 5. Its compatibility is really great, which make it convenient for different users like Android, Windows, and iOS. The number of phones supported is over 6000.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Now the operation guide is presented and you are going to learn to transfer data from LG phone to another Android one by yourself:

Step 1. Download the said application and make some settings on it after installation. Then you can run it and move to the next step. It is advisable that you make some simple clicks on it to get some initial knowledge of it.

Step 2. Connect both LG & Android phones to the computer with USB cables. You will see them showed on the primary window shortly after you plug them in. Then make sure that the positions of them are right, left being your LG and right being the destination phone.

LG to Android Data Transfer

Step 3. Now you can begin to choose what you want to transfer on the middle box, check them and click on “Start Transfer“.

Copy data from LG to Android Phone

Step 4. During the process, you can see the detailed transfer progress via the pop-up window. When it finishes transferring data from LG to Android phone. You can eject your phones, and check the results o your new phone.

dr.fone – Phone Transfer is a powerful application of simple operation and technical and professional effectiveness. So don't be hesitated. Just make a try now.

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