How to Lock Your Messages & Photos in iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 with Passcode

If you are watching this article, it probably means that you need some help about the confidentiality of your apps on the iOS device. It is widely believed by Apple fans that they can lock certain apps separately on the iOS 8 device according to a photoshopped tricking image over Twitter. And they believe that the apps can only be unlocked by fingerprint ID or passcode. But that is not genuinely correct. However, you don’t have to worry. We will demonstrate some truly helpful methods for you to Passcode lock your iOS 8 photos and messages apps respectively.

You can see the questionable image that has been twitted numerous times over the Internet below. It claims to lock the photo and messages feature with passcode easily and save millions of relationships due to this feature.

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Where does this rumor come from? Think about it carefully, we may reach a conclusion that it is because Apple allows third party developers to use the TouchID fingerprint feature to secure their own apps. But the truth is not exactly as you think. The locked message or photos feature hasn’t been built-in the Apple device for now. The only way that Apple can help you secure your device in the case of snooping is to lock your entire iPhone with password and keep that password only to yourself.

If your phone is stolen or missing, it probably means that others could have easy access to your personal information such as messages and photos in the iOS 8 device if you don’t want others to get closed to the private information, the best way is to wipe out the personal information including messages, photos or more. It sounds quite devastating right? But do not worry about it at all. Just because the rumor over the Twitter is not absolutely authentic does not mean there is no way to fix this security problem. We will offer you more options to secure your messages and photos in this article. Handle what Apple cannot do to us, we will offer you an unexpected happen ending. The tips we are going to demonstrate can all help you complete the task. Just pick the one that fits you most.

Use Guided Access to Secure your Apps

There is one available feature that is embedded in the device. This feature enables you to prevent unwanted snooping even though it is not the most advisable feature to use. You can locate Guided Access in the Accessibility settings which allow you to take the controls of your iPhone in one app.

Once you have enabled Guided Access, triple click the home button. Select the certain areas you want to prevent from snooping and then hit Start. Once the Guided Aceess feature is on, that means no one could get near your private information unless he or she has the password you setup.

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This method should prove to be helpful regarding information security. You can tell from the shot that I was able to block all the messages except for the ones I need.
If you want to disable Guided Access, you just have to click the Home button for three times and type in the password.

If you find this method a little tricky or hard to understand, you still have many other available apps in the software market that you can take advantage of to protect your device with password.

Use Folder Lock as Your Digital Locker

Downloaded from, is, Folder Lock is one quite easy to handle app that enables you to protect your files such as photos, notes, documents, music, contacts with password.

Each time you get away from the Folder Lock app, you have to type in the passcode again in order to get into the files. This can ultimately protect your personal files from snooping. However, you have to ensure that you have erased the photos or files you keep on the device outside the protection of Folder Lock. Let’s assume Folder Lock a utility. It is a medium storage space that can keep the files inside it safe. But it doesn’t acquire the access to secure all the files outside the folders.

You have various kinds of other apps that have the similar features as Folder Lock. For instance, Secret Folder Icon FREE and .folder can also help you with the security problem. You can locate the numerous choices in the App Store.

Is That It?

We are glad to tell you that it is all for you to make the secured move. Maybe that is why people say it is possible to secure messages and photos respectively. We are all in desperate need of data security. If you didn’t take much attention to this field before, then it won’t be a bad idea to take extra notice to it.

The best word of advice for you guys: just password-protect your phone. And if you really just have to protect all that shit you’re hiding, consider getting an Android instead.
So the most sincere suggestion for those who want to hide the secrets: just secure your device with password. If you are really so interested in hiding the information, then maybe you should consider an Android device.