Best Long Range Baby Monitor for iPad and iPhone

It is important to install a security camera in your house for keeping an eye on the people at your house when you go somewhere else. They are not just security cameras, but they are baby monitors as well because it has features like HD-videos, two-way microphones, and many other amazing features. Mentioned below are some of the best long range baby monitors that can use for your iPhone and iPad.

Part 1: Netgear Arlo Baby

This is the perfect security camera that you can buy as it is available at reasonable prices. This is the most adorable piece that you can use for keeping an eye on little one. It streams and records videos in HD. Plus, the videos on this monitor can be viewed by you in any part of the world if you have access to the internet.

Moreover, it has a two-way microphone, which you can use for hearing your baby talking back to you or crying. Another great feature of this monitor is infrared LED that allows you to keep an eye on your baby even when it is completely dark in the room. If you don’t wish to see your phone all the time, then there are some other notifications that you can turn on such as air quality, sound, and motion. These notifications will keep you alert in case your baby cries during the night time.

Netgear Arlo Baby is the perfect audio baby monitor for the users of iPhone and iPad as it works with IFTT, Google Assistant, HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa. This is not only great for Apple users but also for other people who are not familiar with the Apple ecosystem. If you are willing to buy a model that has grey bunny years, then it’s worth is not less than 200 dollars.

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Part 2: Nanit smart baby monitor

This monitor is more like a showerhead, and you can get a top-down look of your child when he or she is asleep. This audio baby monitor can be mounted on a wall and allows you to watch real-time audio and video. It has various amazing features such as zoom, night vision, temperature sensors, and motion alerts.

The best thing about this baby monitor is that it has a sleep tracking feature, which helps you know how long your child has slept. Moreover, it helps you know the number of times a person has visited the crib for a particular duration. Additionally, it displays a sleep score that you can see, which tells you how well your baby slept. Moreover, this audio baby monitor gives you some of the tips on how to take care of a baby. This product is available at a price of 280 dollars on Amazon.

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Part 3: iBaby Care M7

This is one of the most adorable audio baby monitor that you can have. It has an appearance similar to that of BB8 of Star Wars. It has a high definition camera and offers complete 360-degree rotation. Moreover, it has a moonlight projector, which brightens up the roof of your baby’s room by creating a pattern of the night sky.

Just like various other cameras mentioned on the list, you can monitor your baby through this camera from any place if you have access to the internet. The number of users of this application can be unlimited, and each one of the users is allowed to change the humidity and temperature in the room of your baby. Also, the users are allowed to tilt the camera, check the quality of air, and enable moonlight soother. Moreover, this audio baby monitor has sound and motion alerts, so that you can reach out to your child whenever he or she needs you. The price of this product on Amazon is not less than 244 dollars.

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Part 4: Lollipop

The long rage baby monitor is exactly like what the name suggests. The camera has a circular shape and is attached to a stick. You can wrap up this stick on the bar of your baby’s crib. The position of the camera can be changed according to your requirements.

The best attribute of Lollipop is the audio mode, which allows you turn off the screen of your iPhone or iPad and you can continue listening to the sound of your baby by using the Lolipop application, this is very similar to Spotify or Apple Music. The price of this product is not more than 149 dollars.

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Part 5: Holababy P1

This cute little audio baby monitor has a shape similar to that of a robot. This robot monitor toddles together with your baby. It is very much like Pixar lamp or reminiscent of wall E. Moreover, it has humidity and temperature sensors. Additionally, it has a projector that is top mounted and displays a light show on the roof of your baby’s room so that your baby remains relaxed while he or she is about to sleep.

This baby monitor also has a feature of night vision just like various other monitors mentioned in the list. Holababy baby monitor is available at a price of 70 dollars. But just because this product is a budget option, it does not have many other features like whistles, bells, and sensors that are there in various other choices but still this long range baby monitor allows you to keep an eye on your child 24×7 from any place in the whole world if you have access to the internet.

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Part 6: Logi Circle 2

This is not particularly a baby monitor but is considered as one of the most amazing security cameras that you can have at your home. The wired model of this camera is enabled with ahomekit, and you can get a complete experience of iPhone or iPad.

This baby monitor allows you to do streaming and recording in 1080p. Moreover, it has 180-degree lens. It also has a feature of Smart Alert detection that gives you the picture of the motion that has been detected. Also, you have an option of monitoring the live feed 24 hours in a day.

The circle two long range baby monitor has a microphone that allows you to wear the sound of your baby from any place in the whole world. By using this baby monitor, you can add an infinite number of users and do unlimited streaming.

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So, this was all about long range baby monitors that you can buy for monitoring your child. There are some that are available at a reasonable rate. On the other hand, there are some, which are very expensive but every monitor has incredibly amazing features.


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