Top-5 Best M4V To MP4 Converters In 2020

There are times when you need to convert M4V to MP4 using a video converter that can make such conversions. That’s because the M4V files that are meant for storing TV series, movies, music videos, etc. in iTunes stores are supported by iTunes and QuickTime only. They are not compatible with the Windows PC, Android phones, Xbox, etc. Such files cannot even be edited with the use of Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc.

And, as far as the MP4 format is concerned, it is a very useful format, and there are many players available out there which you can use to play this particular format. There are also many editing tools that you can use to edit a video with MP4 format. Hence converting M4V to MP4 is a good solution to the problems that you face while using the M4V files.

Before moving ahead to discuss the top-5 best tools available out there to convert M4V to MP4, below, I have, first, discussed some frequently asked questions that will put more light on why you should convert M4V to MP4 format.

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Q1. What are the limitations with M4V file formats that cause us to convert them into the MP4 formats?

Answer: The items that you download from iTunes can be played with VLC and QuickTime also apart from the Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. But, on the other hand, when it comes to the items that you have bought from iTunes, they can only be played on iOS devices and iTunes. Hence, these items in M4V file formats need to be converted into some popular format like MP4 that can be easily played on any device.

Q2. Can’t I convert the M4V format into MP4 just by renaming the file extension?

Answer: This trick might or might not work. If, in some rare cases, it works, still you will have to compromise with the quality of the converted file. Moreover, this trick is quite risky. That’s because it may cause the corruption or breakage of the original file without giving the desired output.

Best Tools To Convert M4v To Mp4

As you are now fully convinced about why you should use a tool to convert the M4V to MP4, let’s move ahead and discuss the best tools to convert M4V to MP4. Below I have listed top-5 such tools:

#1 M4V To MP4 Converter – Wondershare UniConverter

The tool that I would like to recommend at the number one position for converting the M4V to MP4 is Wondershare UniConverter. It is not only a converter but also a video editor. No matter whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, you can make use of Wondershare Uniconverter in order to convert all of your iTunes M4V files into the MP4 format. And, apart from this, there are even more than 1000 file formats in which you can convert your file using this awesome tool or converter.

In addition, there are many other functionalities in Wondershare UniConverter. For example, you can also use it to download the media file through a URL by pasting it, and you can also make use of this tool in order to transfer your file from your PC or Mac to the Android phones or iPhone/iPad devices, etc.

The quality and speed of conversion offered by Wondershare UniConverter are quite appreciable.

Feature of Wondershare Uniconverter

  • It can easily convert your M4V movies (that you have purchased from iTunes) into the MP4 or any other required file format.
  • Wondershare UniConverter also facilitates some video editing tools like cropping trimming, rotating, adding effects and subtitles, etc.
  • You can also burn your M4V files to DVDs in order to create professional DVDs.
  • The conversion speed with Wondershare UniConverter is thirty times faster as compared to the other free and common converters available online or offline.
  • There is a versatile toolbox which offers GIF maker, video compressor, fixing metadata of video, casting of video to TV, screen recorder, etc.
  • It can also be used for downloading and recording videos from more than 10000 online platforms like Youtube.
  • There are optimized presets in order to offer you easy playback on Samsung, iPad, iPhone, and other devices.
  • Wondershare UniConverter is compatible with Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10 and Mac 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15.

Get Wondershare UniConverter

How to convert M4V to MP4 using Wondershare UniConverter

The steps that you need to follow in order to convert your M4V file into MP4 format are as follows:

Step-1: Install Wondershare

The very first step that you need to take is to download and install this program on your PC/Mac.

Step-2: Load Your M4V Files

Once you have installed Wondershare UniConverter on your computer, launch it. Now you have to load your M4V files into the converter. There are two methods to load them. One method is to drag & drop your files simply into the window. Or you can use another method in which you can perform this task by clicking on “Add Files” in order to add or load the files into the program window.

Wondershare UniConverter

Step-3: Select the output format

On the top-right corner, there is a drop-down icon next to the “convert all task to.” Click on that drop-down icon. As you click on it, a list of output file formats will open up. Under the video tab, select MP4 as the output format and also select the desired video resolution.

In case you intend to make your experience better with the playback by setting the parameters for video or audio, you can click on the “Create Custom” also for accessing the required setting window. You can easily adjust the parameters like Frame, resolution, rate, etc.

Wondershare UniConverter

Step-4: Finally Convert

Once you are happy with the settings you have made, simply click on the button “Convert All.” It will finally convert your files from M4V to MP4. Your converted files will be available under the “Converted” tab. And, that’s it.

Wondershare UniConverter

Try Wondershare UniConverter

#2 M4V To MP4 Converter – Convert.files

Convert.files is one of the best online tools for video conversion. And, it also supports the conversion from M4V to MP4. You can easily download or send the converted file to your email address. As far as the interface offered by the tool is concerned, it is quite simple so that it may be easy for anyone to use it. The tool also offers an option for downloading the file directly from the interface in order to use it for the conversion project. And, you can also add or import the file from your computer. The maximum limit of the size of the file accepted by this program for the conversion process is 250MB.

And, the steps to be followed for making the conversion with this online tool are as follows:

Step-1: Open The “Convert.Files”

First, you will need to open the “Convert.files” on your web browser.

Step-2: Add The Desired M4V File

Hit the “Browse” button in order to add or import the M4V file available on the computer. And, entering an online link for the required M4V file is also possible.

Step-3: Select Output Format

Now select the “MP4” as an output format. If you want the converted file to be sent to you via email, you can check the box provided for the same.

Step-4: Start Conversion

And hit the “Convert” button so as to initiate the process of conversion.

#3 M4V To MP4 Converter – Cloud Convert

Cloud Convert is another online tool for converting M4V to MP4. This tool supports even more than 200 different formats and is free to use. You can follow the steps mentioned below:

Step-1: Open The Cloud Convert

First, open Cloud Convert on your web browser.

Step-2: Add The M4V Files

Now click on the “Select Files” in order to import or add the M4V files or videos that you need to convert.

Step-3: Edit Parameters

If required, you can make changes in the video parameters by clicking on the Edit icon.

Step-4: Start The Conversion Process

Hit the “Start Conversion” button in order to start the process of conversion from M4V to MP4.

4. Online UniConverter

Online UniConverter is another free online tool for converting M4V to MP4. It is a very simple and easy-to-use tool. Follow the steps mentioned below for executing the conversion process:

Step-1: Open The Online UniConverter

First, open on your web browser.

Step-2: Add M4V Files

Now you will need to click the “Add File” button in order to import or add M4V video files that you want to convert.

Step-3: Select Output File Format

Select the MP4 as the output file format from the “Convert all files to” tab.

Step-4: Start Conversion

Finally, hit the “Convert” button in order to start the conversion process. Once the conversion process is complete, there will appear a “Download” button.

5. VLC

Another one of the best tools that can be used to convert M4V to MP4 is VLC. No need to mention that VLC is a very popular media player that supports a very large range of formats of video. And, you can also make use of this for converting videos from one format to another.

When it comes to the process to convert M4V to MP4 with the help of VLC player, all you need to do is just follow the steps mentioned below:

Step-1: Launch The Program

First, install and launch the VLC media player on your PC/computer. Click on the “Media” tab. Once you click on it, a drop-down menu will be opened up. Select the “Convert/Save” from the menu.


Step-2: Add Files

Next, select the “File” tab and hit the “Add” button in order to start importing the M4V videos that you intend to convert.


Step-3: Select the Output File Format

Now you have to hit the “Convert/Save” button that is provided below just left to the “Cancel” button. Once you click on it, the “Convert” window will get opened up. There you will have to select MP4 as your output format from the profile list provided under the “Settings.”

Step-4: Select the Destination Folder

Just right to the output format list, there is an icon for edit. Click on this icon. And, also select the location as well as the file name under the “Destination.” The location selected here will decide where on your computer your converted video file will be finally saved.


Step-5: Start Conversion

Finally, click on the “Start” button provided just below the “Destination” part. As soon as you click on it, the process of converting M4V to MP4 will begin.


Limitations Of Online Tools

There are some limitations of the method of conversion from M4V to MP4 with the use of the online tools mentioned above. These limitations are listed below:

  • There is a limit on the maximum size of the file that can be added for conversion at one time.
  • You will not be able to make use of these tools if you don’t have an internet connection.
  • These tools cannot convert DRM protected files.
  • And, the quality of the converted files is not of a high level.

Limitations Of Conversion With VLC

There are also some limitations of the method to convert M4V to MP4 with the use of VLC media player. These limitations are as follows:

  • You cannot convert video files in batches.
  • The number of output formats is not as high as provided by the other tools.
  • It can only work for files that are not protected.

Final Words on M4V To MP4 Converter

All of the five tools mentioned above are the best tools to consider for converting M4V to MP4. You can choose the one out of them as per your requirements. But if you ask me to recommend the number one best tool, I will recommend you to go with the Wondershare UniConverter. That’s because all of the three online tools and VLC players have some limitations (as mentioned above) that will encourage you to prefer the Wondershare UniConverter over the other above mentioned tools.

Try Wondershare UniConverter

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