How to Clean WhatsApp Using Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp

This blog has collected phone cleaning ideas with Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp and a few other software for an optimal phone performance experience. More often than not, the users of WhatsApp forget to delete their past messages regularly on their devices. Also, in most instances, the app itself tends to store your file documents in its app storage capacity even after you try deleting it from your gallery. This is detrimental to your phone’s health, as it could potentially jam your device storage and result in the slowing down of your device performance.

If you can relate to such an experience, then this article about the Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp is definitely a good read for you! Through this article, we have asked expert technicians and advanced users of Whatsapp about quick fixes and solutions to such issues to bring you a better experience with using the app.

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Reasons for Needing Cleaner Software for WhatsApp

The WhatsApp application can easily occupy a large quantity of your device space when regularly used to communicate with your close circle. The app itself occupies 97.9MB of storage space along with files and data, which can use almost up to 5.6GB of space on your phone.

  • The WhatsApp software is not self-equipped with a cleaning system of its junk files, cookies, cache, temporarily downloaded files and the like.
  • While cleaning the app messages along with other hidden documents in batch, you will be required to select the desired files manually. Or you can also erase your entire chat history altogether.
  • Any deleted WhatsApp document can still be retrieved, making it a security issue regarding your personal information.
  • Except for the uninstallation option, there is no full-proof method for erasing your WhatsApp files and data.

The column has been divided into three major parts, which would help you get an overall analysis and understanding of how to use such apps more efficiently to connect with your near and dear ones.

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Part 1 – Using the Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp cleaning

This software is the new answer to all your smartphone device’s clogging issues. At times when the WhatsApp app habitually stores all information received or sent by other sources, your phone suffers due to such huge accumulation of data. This is especially so when users forget to clean such data from their phones periodically.

This is where the magic Cleaner for WhatsApp comes in. The basic function of this software is to help you in identifying and deleting all unnecessary and unwanted junk files in WhatsApp. It conveniently locates such files for you. Also, you can opt to go through your files manually before confirming that Magic Cleaner can erase all of it for you. It is a quick and convenient solution to all your Whatsapp related space problems on your smartphone device.

We Have Listed a Few Key Features of This Software for Your Reading Convenience:

  • It is an easy to use application which can be downloaded straight from Play Store to your smartphone device.
  • It will instantly locate junk pictures that you don’t require.
  • Permit you to erase the images from your device at your discretion.

Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp is the most efficient tool to have on your phone if you want to save Whatsapp space without wasting your precious time regularly.

Test & Review of Magic Cleaner

The Magic Cleaner for Whatsapp is an efficient tool that works solely to save the user’s time and phone space. It is also adept at locating the pictures, which you don’t require on your phone. These may include the various unaccounted memes and conversation messages that you receive and send every day on your phone and which take up unnecessary space on your storage memory. It is easy to use the process that requires only a few clicks to complete.

Pros of Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp:

  • It can readily locate your trash files on your device.
  • Can potentially save you loads of space.
  • It can be used at the tips of your fingers without the requirement of a computer.
  • It is simple to understand and user-friendly.

Cons of Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp:

  • Its iOS version is not out yet and is presently non-existent even on the official iTunes store.
  • It is not an entirely secure app. This refers to the fact that deleted data is not gone for good. In theory, your deleted pictures may still be recovered by any vested party using recovery software.

Reasons How the Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp May Not Be Your Best Option

Among the varied reasons why the Magic Cleaner may not be your best cleaning option, the most glaring cause is privacy. When you try to delete picture files from WhatsApp, it is beneficial to be certain that your information is scrambled and all your photos are deleted permanently without any chance for recovery.

You can opt for using other kinds of applications laying more importance on security so that there is no risk even when you lose or sell off your device in the future.

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Part 2 – Using the Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp Alternative – dr.fone iOS Erase

The dr.fone – iOS Erase software is yet another powerful alternative created to erase data permanently. This could include contacts, pictures, call history, app attachments, messages, and the like. It is adept at keeping all your private data out of prying eyes and is a completely user-friendly tool for your device. It also clears your device cache and junk. Additionally, this tool can compress your pictures and transfer pictures to make more space on your iDevices.

This tool is currently available to you for a free trial period.

You can utilize the dr.fone – Erase (iOS) software conveniently to erase your desired Whatsapp messages, attachments, chat history, and the like without any scope for recovery. In case you wish to restore the files later, you could simply back up all your phone data from the iPhone device to the iCloud or a PC.

Follow the Steps Given Below Carefully to Erase Your Whatsapp Messages for Good from the Iphone Device:

Step 1. Erasing the Whatsapp Messages Manually on the iPhone

You are required to erase the messages on Whatsapp before using the dr.fone – Erase (iOS) software. You can open WhatsApp and choose to erase the unwanted messages.

Step 2. Installing and Running the dr.fone Software

You can start by installing the software through the prompts. Then, run the dr.fone – iOS Erase software after completing the installation. The main home screen will contain three features, containing the ‘Free up Space’, Erase Private Data’ and the ‘Erase All Data’ options.


Download dr.fone – iOS Erase Free

Step 3. Connecting yYour iPhone to the PC

Next, you are required to link your iPhone device to the PC through the use of a USB cable. After successfully connecting it, your phone’s storage will be displayed on the left side of the screen. On this cue, you will have to hit on the option called the ‘Erase Private Data.’

Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp alternative - dr.fone Data Eraser

Step 4. Selecting the Desired WhatsApp Messages to Be Deleted

After the process, the iOS Safe Erase software would begin to scan your phone’s deleted data. This may include all your Call History, Messages, Photos, Contacts, and the like. After the scan is completed, the left side of the screen will display the data files, which were previously deleted and are all checked. Now, you can easily check the WhatsApp messages that you want to erase completely for good and cancel the rest of the options. Then, hit the bottom right area named ‘Erase Now’.

To affirm the erasing, you will have to type “delete” in the space and move on. After this, your WhatsApp messages will automatically begin to delete. A message would be displayed as “Successfully erased”, which would erase all the selected WhatsApp messages on your device. Throughout the whole process of deleting, you will have to make sure that the connection is secured properly without any disconnection. From now on, you can rest assured and need not be fearful about your device data being leaked to unwanted sources.

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These are extremely helpful self-help tips and can be used by any smartphone user to solve their phone health at its best.

After reading this column, you can easily solve your own device problems without the need to run to a service center at the slightest issue. You can use the Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp to erase your Whatsapp memory, along with dr.fone – iOS Data Eraser programs.

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