Do you want the iPhone ringtone to be your favorite music or videos? Would you like to share your ringtone of iPhone with your family and friends? Do you want to find a simple and useful ringtone maker to cut your special ringtone of iPhone? If your answers are yes, now read this article to learn how to transfer and make your iPhone ringtones.

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Part 1. How to use iTunes to make iPhone ringtones

It’s not hard for iPhone users to make iPhone ringtones, you can do it by yourself. Now I will introduce the method to create .m4r ringtones by iTunes.

Step 1. Open iTunes. Click on the playlists in the left sidebar, then find the music you want to make.
Step 2. Play the music you choose and select a 30s part or less to create the ringtone.

Step 3. Click right mouse button on the song, select Get Info, and then it will pop-up a window. Tap the Options button, set the start point and stop point, then tick them. At the final, click OK.

Step 4. Go back to click the right mouse on the same song, and then tap Create AAC Version. Now the ringtone will be in the playlist. Then drag and drop the ringtone to your PC.

Step 5. The ringtone you just make is in .m4a format. So you must change its format to be the .m4r. Click right mouse button on the ring and select Rename. Then the extension is changed.

If the extension of the files is not shown in the name. Do as the following steps to let it appear.

Click on the Control Panel, tap the Appearance and Personalization, select the Folder Options, then choose View button, and then select Uncheck Hide Extensions for Known File Types. Now you can check the ring you just make, do as the step 5 said above, you can rename the ring this time.

Part 2. How to use the apps to make iPhone ringtones

However, if you don’t want to use iTunes, you also can create the ringtones by some professional apps. Here, there is a good choice for you – a free app called Ringtone Maker App. It is famous for the iPhone ring making. With its help, you can use the music in your playlist to create your special rings, alerts and text tones. Please do as the following steps:

Step 1. Download the app – Ringtone Maker App from App store, then install it.

Step 2. Open the app you just download on your iPhone.

Step 3. Choose a song you want in the playlist, iTunes File Sharing, sound recorder or Dropbox to make ringtone.

Step 4. Click on the song you choose. Select one part of the song as the ringtone. Then listen to the song.


Step 5. This app will create the ring when the song is playing.
Step 6. When it completes, click on the button next to the button for playing or stopping the song.
Step 7. The ring with the .m4r format is done. Transfer the ringtone to your PC or Mac through Dropbox or Email.
Step 8. Login in your Dropbox or Email on your PC or Mac to download the iPhone ringtone.



Part 3. How to share and transfer your iPhone ringtones

The ringtone is on your computer now. But how to transfer it to the iPhone or share it with your family and friends? You can synchronize your iPhone with iTunes if your ringtone is in iTunes. However, when the ringtone is not in iTunes, you just need the 3rd party tool to transfer the ringtones.

I recommend the dr.fone – iOS Transfer to help you do this. This software is similar to the iTunes, but have diverse functions which iTunes can’t be compared. You can import the ringtones to iPhone 3GS or newer with the help of this software. No worries about removing the songs and playlist in your iPhone. Please do as the following steps:

Download dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

Step 1. Connect your mobile device to your PC or Mac

Use the USB cable to connect the device to the computer. Open the dr.fone and click on “Transfer”, then the iPhone will appear in the window.

Step 2. Import your ringtones to iPhone

Tap Media in the left. The music window on the right by default. If it does not show, tap Music. Select Add to pop up the file browser window. Find the location you save the ringtone, then select Open to add the ringtone to iPhone.

Transfer Ringtone for iPhone

Import Ringtone to iPhone
Not only the software can import the ringtones from computer to iPhone, but also can do it in turn. Besides, it also can transfer the ringtones between two iPhones with ease. What’s more, dr.fone Tranfser – is the best Ringtone Maker for your iPhone as well. Click to know more about this practical & powerful feature about dr.fone – iOS Transfer.

Try dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)