How to Make the Apple Watch App Gone Away from iPhone’s Home Screen

The new iOS 8.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch finally came into our eyes on March 9th. It fixes some of the bugs of the former system and enhances the stability of the current system. If you have upgraded your Ios to this latest version, you probably have found out that a new Apple Watch App sneaks to the interface of your device without asking whether you need it or not.

I consider the Apple Watch app redundant bloatware because it acts as an obvious ad on your device. It is quite intolerant due to the ugly icon. And there is technically no way to get rid of the app like other pre-set Apple apps.

Of course, you can try to hide the Apple Watch app to a folder along with other unwanted apps. But we can offer you other useful tips to make it go away completely. The tips won't delete the app out of your device, which means you are still able to see it in Spotlight and every time you restart the iPhone. But making it go away gives a sense of unspeakable satisfaction to some users.

Solution 1. Use Dock to get rid of the app (Easy way)

This solution is somehow the easier one. First of all, you have to ensure that the first page of your home screen is full and the Apple Watch app stays on the next page. Then you can press any icon to get into the edit mode. At this moment, drag the Apple Watch app together with a random app and set up a file folder. Open the folder and drag the Apple Watch app to the dock. Then you will see it disappeared.


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Solution 2. Use a folder to get rid of the app (Hard way)

This solution 2 is a bit trickier than solution 1. The trick here is to put Apple Watch app into a file folder before you make the folder disappeared. You have to take a few steps to complete the process.

In the full home screen page of your iPhone, put the Apple Watch app besides a non-Apple app on the right side at the bottom. Get into edit mode and drag the non-Apple app to the Apple Watch app to start a file folder. Quit the folder and then get into it again. Drag the non-Apple app back to the original place. Open the folder and then drag the Apple Watch app out and then put it on top of the folder.

You are able to use the two tips on any apps that seem irremovable.


You have to take the steps all over again if you restart your device whatever solution you choose to perform. It won't be a big issue if you don't restart your device often. If you find it annoying, then you can try to hide it to a file folder just like other apps.
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