3 Methods to Recover iTunes Playlist, Restore iTunes Library

Even your music still in your iTunes, disappearing of the playlist can still be really frustrating. But such situations happened again and again since many people choose to update their iTunes. Just search the Internet, you can easily find a lot of people had met the same situation and they all want some solutions for such an awkward problem. Lucky you click in this article because it will provide you not one but three methods to help you. Definitely, give you the freedom to select your own most suitable method.

PS: What if iTunes Cannot Read the Contents of The iPhone, this is the best solution for you.

Now, what are these three methods?

Let's learn the first one.

Method 1: Backup playlist by restoring iTunes

God blesses those who have the habit of data backup on their computer because if you had backed up iTunes playlist as an XML file on your PC ahead of iTunes did, you won't meet many troubles to recover your missing playlist. You just need to follow the steps below

Step 1: Run iTunes on your computer;
Step 2: Find and click File option and then find the Import playlist;
Step 3: Navigate to your playlist file on your computer and then move them to your iTunes.

Not everyone can keep such a good habit to backup their data regularly. So for those people don't have the backup XML file, here come their backup plans.

Method 2: Using the previous iTunes Music Library. Xml

If you noticed that the missing of your playlist soon after updating your iTunes, why not try to use your previous file to replace your iTunes Library XML which cannot work properly.

Step 1: Close your iTunes and then open the iTunes Music Library.xml folder, I suggest you drag it to the desktop for preparing.

Step 2: At the same folder, you will find another folder named “Previous iTunes Libraries”, you should open it and locate the latest iTunes Music Library (might named like iTunes Library YYYY-MM-DD. Xml)
Here is the list of the location of the iTunes library files:

PC runs in Windows XP

\Documents and Settings\{username}\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Library.itl

PC runs on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7

\Users\{username}\Music\iTunes\iTunes Library.itl

Mac runs on Mac OS X

/Users/{username}/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.itl

Step 3: Paste the folder in step 2 and copy it to the place where should be the place for iTunes Music Library.xml, after that rename this folder as iTunes Music Library.xml.

Method 3: Using the iOS platform to recover disappear iTunes playlist

Well, if you were the part of people who never backup data and failed to find your iTunes Music Library. Xml folder, so lucky you have this last method to help you to fix problems. But you are going to use the iOS device to help you.

Let's say, if you have synced iTunes playlist through the iOS device, like iPhone, iPod or iPad, before updating iTunes, please try iMusic to recover your disappeared playlist.

Download iMusic Free

1. This software has both Windows and Mac version, you may also try it at your Windows devices.
2. iMusic supports versions from iOS 6 ~ Lastest iOS 12.x.

Learn how to use this software

Step 1: Download and launch this software on your Mac;
Step 2: Connect iOS device to Mac and wait it show at the software's interface;
Step 3: Click “Rebuild iTunes Library” at the main windows. Then you just wait and the disappeared playlist will be back soon.

Step 4 (Optional). Click Music (under Device Name) > Export > Export to iTunes. Thus, you are able to export the music which you want to recover from your iOS devices to the iTunes library.

Download iMusic Free

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