Listening to music and downloading them into devices has been one of the most common techniques followed by innumerable users over the time. There are various new techniques to download songs and music from the Internet, and one can listen whenever he wants and wherever he wants irrespective of having an internet connection or not. One of the most trusted ways of downloading international music from Mixcloud in general is by using software applications like iMusic and Streaming Audio Recorder, two of the best Mixcloud Downloader and Mixcloud to Mp3 Converter alternatives.

These days, we have moved from PC to Smart devices like iPhones, Android Phones, iPad, and many such pocket-friendly and compatible devices. All we need is a data or a Wi-Fi connection to search and download our desired songs on the go. From Mixcloud and other similar applications, downloading your favorite tracks is a matter of a few minutes. Today, we shall discuss the processes of downloading tracks from top two Mixcloud downloader applications.

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What is Mixcloud Music?

Mixcloud can be described as a storage shop of music, where a registered customer can access, modify and share their versions of audio and audio files. It’s a little similar to sound cloud, a place where one can go and upload audio files and share accordingly. Thus, you too have the liberty to browse any number of songs you want, and all you need to have is the Internet connection, where the songs will stream online. One complication of Mixcloud is that you cannot download the audio files that easily.

At this point, you might need an assistance of a downloader, which not only does help you download the files, but converts them into Mixcloud to MP3 formats. Presenting two software which helps in the downloading and conversion process are iMusic and Streaming Audio Recorder. Both of them are very easy to use, and once you are done with the process part, it becomes easier to share these files to various portable devices without much hassle. Let us discuss these software in details.

Part 1. iMusic: One Stop Mixcloud Downloader & Mixcloud to Mp3 Converter

iMusic is a popular name in the world of media downloads. It is one of those popular websites, where a person can go and download videos from YouTube, by just providing the URL on their website. Such is the extent, where iMusic has reached, and now they are operating iMusic to just focus predominantly as Mixcloud downloader.

Features of iMusic:

  • Detects and supports over 10000 or more websites to download audio and video files
  • Works as an interpreter for iTunes with Android devices
  • Removes duplicate songs and corrupt audio files
  • Helps in transferring music between any two connected devices
  • Arrange the iTunes music library with regular updates.
  • Corrects covers and ID3 tags
  • Works as an m4ufree downloader & Mixcloud to MP3 converter

Download iMusic Free

How to Use iMusic

Let us see for details on how to use Mixcloud downloader and carry out the entire process of song transfer using the software as follows.

Step 1: After carrying out the process of step by step installation, the next thing you are supposed to do is to run the user interface of imusic, here you will see 4 top screen major icons like Get Music, iTunes library, Device, and Toolbox. Apart from this, you can see an open playlist of top trending songs on the main screen, which you can go and listen with the help of live stream.


Step 2: This step explains about two distinct options on the same row as the major icons, on the top middle of the screen, click on the record button to start the process of record and search. At this time, a separate interface opens asking the user to tap on a button on the bottom of the screen to start recording any music from any possible source.

Step 3: This step asks you to search for the song or the audio file, which you require. The source can be almost anywhere, and after you manage to find the file, the option of automatic song record starts. The song conversion and recording take place in this process automatically.

Step 4: At the end of the process, you can simply go to the iTunes Library icon and just need to click on the microphone symbol, which will redirect you to the directory where the song is saved.

Now that you have the files ready in hand, you can simply select the file and click on the download box to click and save the song to your device. You can even transfer Mixcloud to mp3 with the help of this software.

Part 2. Streaming Audio Recorder: Mixcloud Music Downloads Made Easy

Streaming Audio Recorder is one of the simplest Mixcloud downloader programs. Unlike iMusic, this is pretty much a simple, easy to use, less complicated features studded downloader. If you seek just to download video files, share multiple format files, arrange the entire music library, then Streaming Audio Recorder is not exactly the thing you might love to go for. This is a simple online stream recording software, performing the extremely simple download and modification processes. Let us see, how we can download Mixcloud Music with the help of Streaming Audio Recorder as follows.

Step 1: This step involves after setting up the software is the logging into the user interface. This is available for both Windows and Mac systems.

Download Streaming Audio Recorder

Step 2: After opening the interface, we will come across a very simple and limited feature software. On the top left side of the page, there are two icons, out of which you need to go and click on the record button. After carrying out the process, visit the website and simply hit play on the song. Streaming Audio Recorder will then, take care of the upcoming processes. After the recording, the file will be saved automatically once the song is finished.

Step 3: After this step, all you need to do is to go and transfer the files to iTunes and transfer is done in a very quick time. Go to the music library and click on the Mixcloud songs and click the Add to iTunes button, and here the final synchronization process of iTunes to any device takes place. For a simple MP3 player, right-click on the saved song to open in the folder, and then it can be transferred easily to any desired folder or destinations it might be moved.

There is one more added feature of Streaming Audio Recorder is that it allows creating ringtones from a recorded song. All you need is to click the bell icon and select the song in the bit map, and the downloader will do the rest. Thus, you can rename the file of your choice and perform necessary modifications.

Difference Between Streaming Audio Recorder and iMusic

Streaming Audio Recorder and iMusic are distinctly similar when it comes while working as a Mixcloud downloader download & convert Mixcloud to MP3, but there are distinct differences separating them from each other. Let us have a look at the distinct differences between these two software as follows,

  • Creation of Ringtones: While Streaming Audio Recorder allows the user to create ringtones from the recorded files manually, iMusic doesn’t allow any such feature.
  • Download Contents from popular Video streaming sites: iMusic is a pioneer downloader, which can download video files from YouTube and many other premier websites like Vimeo, BeatPort, Dailymotion, etc. Whereas, Streaming Audio Recorder is restricted only to audio files only.
  • Burn Multiple Songs in a CD: iMusic allows the option of burning or writing data in CD, which Streaming Audio Recorder doesn’t allow.
  • Arrange your entire Music Library: iMusic allows the user to arrange the files and set them up in any possible pattern he wants to line them up. This allows for easy indexing and searching for the user, a very important feature, which is not present in Streaming Audio Recorder
  • Backup Feature: In case of software up gradation, iMusic ensures that no files are lost or modified, and allows the feature to keep a backup. Restoration can be done at any point of time whenever it is required. One more feature which is lacking in Streaming Audio Recording.
  • Transfer among devices: Once again a division dominated by iMusic, as it allows transferring songs and files to almost all the popular supported devices irrespective of the formats.

In Closing

iMusic and Streaming Audio Recorder are two of the most useful utility software for Mixcloud downloader. As both the software has risen, it’s no longer difficult to download songs, which were perhaps difficult to be searched on normal websites are now available a lot freely.

The conversion of Mixcloud to MP3 files has facilitated transfer in non-Mac devices, from a certain Mac device. iMusic though outscores Streaming Audio Recorder in numerous aspects and applications, but both of the software remains the most popular downloaders to download music and audio files from Mixcloud interface. Thus, it remains a user’s choice to choose their suitable software according to their convenience.

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