How to Transfer Google Photos to iCloud Easily?

You are reading this article probably because you want to learn how to transfer Google Photos to iCloud. In fact, you will want to move Google Photos to iCloud due to various reasons. Regardless of the reason, this article explains how to do it easily and correctly.

How to Transfer Google Photos to iCloud

Why do you want to move Google photos to the cloud?

As we mentioned earlier, there can be many reasons to move Google photos to the cloud. Think of a situation where you have made a switch from Android to iPhone. You obviously need your precious photos on your iPhone too. Just because you have bought an iPhone, you cannot afford to lose your memories. That is exactly when you need to know how to transfer Google Photos to iCloud. If not, what if you want to move Google Photos to iCloud as a security measure?

You might already know that there is a hot debate over choosing between Google Photos and iCloud. Many users explain their reasons to justify their decision. But the truth is that there is no straight forward answer to this question. Both iCloud and Google Photos have unique features.

As a matter of fact, Apple has its Photo app pre-installed on its iPhones, iPads, and Mac devices. Every photo you have on the Photo app will be saved on iCloud too. As a result, you can see all those photos on your iCloud account regardless of the platform. For instance, if you need, you can view your iCloud’s photos on a Windows PC. If not, you can view them through a web browser as well. On top of that, you can use iCloud on Apple TV as well. That means it allows you to view your precious moments on a big screen while having a coffee.

To make it happen, however, you should download the app called “Google Photos” on your iPhone or Android. In addition to that, iCloud offers plenty of editing features to edit the photos saved in it. It is done with the assistance of the “Apple Photos” app. Thanks to the advanced and handy features associated with Apple Photos, you can edit images without any complexity. For instance, it lets you change the color settings of the device. It is done with the assistance of Automated color correction. However, when it comes to advanced editing, you will have to choose a dedicated editing tool.

Why do you want to move Google photos to the cloud

Well, when it comes to storage, iCloud gives you 5GB free storage for you. It allows you to store any type of file you want. However, if you intend to get more space, you can do so by paying a very small amount. For instance, you can purchase 50GB for a month at a rate of $0.99. But on the other hand, Google Photos are completely free, and the storage is unlimited. However, you should be ready to downgrade the image quality to store more photos.

Let’s consider the sharing factor, as well. In this case, iCloud is the best choice for many. And, iCloud lets you share the images easily through Apple Photos. In addition to that, it allows you to post photos on social media platforms directly. The most important part is that the photos sent through iCloud can be viewed without having an account. You can even create shared folders using Apple Photos. As a result, multiple individuals can access photos easily and manage them without any trouble. Such an approach is very handy in instances where a group of individuals wants to share an album.

So, iCloud is ideal for sharing a large number of photos without compromising the quality. However, on the other hand, Google Photo comes with some limited features in terms of sharing as well.

Likewise, there can be plenty of other reasons for a user to transfer Google photos to Cloud storage. No matter what the case is, this article explains how to do it with ease.

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Is it possible to move Google photos to the cloud?

In simplest terms, yes! It is possible to move Google photos to the cloud. In fact, there are several manual methods to accomplish this task. In addition, you can even use professional, third-party software to move Google photos to the cloud. With that said, if you’re switching to iCloud since you have purchased a new iOS device, there’s good news. That means Google Photos work on new iPhones as well, in addition to Android devices. In that case, moving from Google Photos to iCloud is not difficult at all. You can read the remaining sections of this guide and learn how to do it.

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How to transfer Google Photos to iCloud

Those who wonder how to transfer Google Photos to iCloud can follow the steps below. These steps are very easy and fast.

  • First, please open a web browser of your preference and go to Then, you should log into your Google account under which Google Photos is configured.
  • Now, you should locate the first photo that should be transferred into iCloud. Then, hover over it and click on the checkmark icon. This will select the respective photo. Once selected, the photo icon will appear in blue color. You should apply the same method to all the photos you want to transfer to iCloud from Google Photos.
How to transfer Google Photos to iCloud
  • After selecting the photos, you should move to the next step. While the photos are selected, find the icon appears as three dots at the top. Then, click on it and select the option called “Download” that appears on the menu.
How to transfer Google Photos to iCloud
  • Once you have done that, the system will download all those photos as a single ZIP file. At the completion of the download, you will have to unzip the file so the photos will become available. To unzip the file, you should right-click on the file and see the popup menu. After that, you should choose the option called “Unzip” from the menu.
How to transfer Google Photos to iCloud
  • After that, please go to the URL using a PC. Then, go to the option reserved for photos.
  • You will see a new window as a popup. At this stage, you will have to give some time for it so the images will be uploaded. It goes without saying that the duration it takes might vary based on the number of photos being uploaded. So, wait patiently until the process is completed.
How to transfer Google Photos to iCloud
  • At the completion, you should click on the icon that represents iCloud at the top corner. Then, upload new pictures to proceed. That’s basically it. All those Google Photos will be transferred to the iCloud space now. Please note that this process might take some time based on two important factors. For instance, the number of photos you transfer and the speed of the internet connection will affect the time.

That’s it.

As a modern-day iCloud user, there are plenty of things you will like to know. We intend to list down some of those important tips for the benefit of our readers.

  • It is possible to use iCloud on any web browser simply by visiting the official website of iCloud. You should provide the Apple ID and password to access the features.
  • You can even create a backup of your smartphone using iCloud. To do that, you should go to settings first and go to the bottom of its screen. You can find an option called “iCloud Backup” there. Just select it to proceed.
  • It is possible to use the keychain feature to secure all the data that is available in iCloud.

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Importance of storing photos on cloud storage like iCloud or Google Photos

Some novice users may not know the importance of storing photos in cloud storage. To get a general idea about it, just keep reading this section. In fact, cloud storage is virtual storage space. There are many vendors who offer cloud storage space for users across the globe. Both Google Photos and iCloud are superb examples of cloud storage. More importantly, both of those storage spaces are provided for free with Android and iPhones, respectively.

If you store your photos in the cloud, those files can be accessed from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and the credentials to log into the relevant space. This is a handy approach, particularly when you have to share photos among several individuals at once. You don’t have to save those photos into physical drives to share them with others. Therefore, it saves your time, and the process is very convenient.

Another remarkable benefit associated with cloud storage is that it can be used as a reliable backup. As you know, physical drives like DVDs and USB drives are prone to physical damages very often. However, if you save those files in the cloud, they are well-secured. In case of a data loss, you can retrieve those files easily if you have created a cloud backup.

Your data is perfectly secured on the cloud. They are well encrypted with passwords, and third-parties can hardly access those files unless they have your credentials. In addition to that, saving photos on iCloud can free up the physical storage space in your device. The more space you have in your device, the better will be its performance.

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Transfer Google Photos to iCloud with a professional, easy method

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If you are using a new iPhone, you shouldn’t worry about how to transfer Google Photos to iCloud. That is because new iPhones are compatible with Google Photos app. However, by any chance, if you need to move google photos to the cloud, you can use the above methods. To make it more convenient, you can use Wondershare inClowdz and transfer data with a single-click operation.