Move to iOS Similar Apps: Sync Android with iPhone

Top 10 “Move to iOS” Similar Apps For You to Transfer Android Data to iPhone

With the continuous development of communication networks, smartphones become an indispensable tool in our daily life. It seems to be one of the best inventions that make our life more and more colorful and convenient. For the same reason, people like to use their phones to store important data. Since various brands of mobile phones are constantly developing new capabilities to meet the needs of users, it is common to see that people often search for ways to move their data from/to other devices. The reasons are various, for example, you buy a new mobile phone and want to transfer data from the old one or you want to share data with other friends.

So the question is coming. How can you transfer all the information from the old Android phone to the new iPhone? I think most people want to know the answer since it is closely related to our life.

What’s more, there are so many important data such as messages, photos, videos and music that need to be transferred to the iPad or the new iOS 11 iPhone. In addition, most users are concerned about the security of data while they exchange information from Android to iOS devices. I’m so happy to tell you that, there are lots of software can help you solve this kind of problem. In iOS 9, “Move to iOS” is a good assistant to transfer information from Android to iOS devices. It seems to be a very simple job for this program. It is so reliable that it ensures the transferred files can keep their original state. In other words, the transferred information will be 100% similar to the original info.

This is the reason why it becomes so popular among the users. Some of you may want to know what the principle of this program is. In fact, it is easy to understand. The data transferred from the Android device will be saved on a desktop or a cloud server. Then it will sync to the iPhone. Both two parts are necessary. In this way, it seems to be one of the most convenient and easiest methods when it mentions data transfer. What’s more, there are a lot of useful applications helping people exchanging information from the Android device to the iOS 11 iPhone. And you will find them shared over the local network or an ad-hoc local network for the purpose of transferring files.

A list of Move to iOS alternatives in the field of transferring data from Android to iPhone is displayed below. In this part, I would like to expound each characteristic for you, so that you can find out which one is more in line with your requirements.

1. Xender

With using this application, you are allowed to transfer almost all kinds of data, such as messages, music, videos, apps, contact and any other information from Android to iPhone.


2. Dropbox

This kind of application supports to exchange information from Android to iPhone and vice versa. It is based on the cloud service so that 2GB of space is free for you to use, but you have to buy the paid version if you need more space.

share music by dropbox

3. dr.fone – Phone Transfer – All-In-One Move to iOS Alternative

dr.fone – Phone Transfer seems to be one of the best Move to iOS alternative tools in the field of transferring information from one device to another. It can make sure that the data transfer process between devices is smooth and safe. What’s more, almost all the types of data such as messages, audio files, photos, contacts, video files can be moved from one page to another. In order to achieve this goal, first of all, you should download this application and then install it according to the installation file.

Next, launch the program and you will see the phone transfer window. Connect your phone to the Windows or Mac you are using. Both the destination phone as well as the source phone should be connected together. Now, go to the option of “Start Transfer“. In this way, the process begins to transfer files from the source phone to your destination phone.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

4. WiFi Photo Transfer

This application is good at transferring pictures or images from an Android device to the iOS platform. It is usually used for mass transfer such as videos and photos.


5. Wireless Transfer App

As its name implies, it is not necessary to have any USB cable while you use this application to do the data transfer. In this way, you are allowed to exchange pictures or images saved on your phone easily. All you need to do is connecting the phone to the WiFi device and do the transfer process. There is no need to use the email ID.


6. Image Transfer

It is easy to guess that this program is mainly used to transfer images or photos from Android devices to iOS devices. Multiple platforms are supported. It can make sure that the pictures transferred through this application can keep their original state.


7. Fast File Transfer

It is a powerful program that supports to transfer large files with the help of the Wi-Fi network. With its help, iOS devices can be logged onto the Wi-Fi network. In respect of sending data or files from Android to iOS, its transmission speed is much faster than Bluetooth. That is the reason why people name it with “Fast File Transfer”.


8. Feem Pro for Android & iOS

It is a simple and user-friendly application that used to send data from an Android device to iOS. It can be downloaded on both devices without any obstacle. All you need to do is to enter your friend’s user name or the person you want to share the data with. After that, the process begins automatically.


9. Instashare for iOS

This application supports a variety of platforms that allows you to transfer or share data from the Android platform to the iOS platform. It is simple to use and its free version is easy to get for any mobile platform.


10. Sharable for iOS & Android

Its working principle is a bit like Instashare that can be used with the help of Wi-Fi technology. What’s more, it is completely free for users. Many platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac are supported. In this way, you can transfer information from Android phones to the iOS device efficiently.


Some Tips About Transferring Data from Android Phone to iPhone with the Help of “Move to iOS”

Many users may wonder how a program like “Move to iOS” works to exchange information from Android to the iOS device. I’d like to see the principle with you together.

Exchanging Contacts while using “Move to iOS”

With using this application, almost all types of data such as contacts, videos, message history, camera photos, mail accounts, web bookmarks, and calendars saved in your phone can be transferred to iOS devices wirelessly. It means that it does not need to have any USB cable to connect devices. What’s more, details such as message history or any other information can also be exchanged. The free apps which have both iOS and Android versions are supported to be transferred as well. For example, apps like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook can be found both in the Android market and iOS stores. After the data transfer process is completed successfully, you can go back to the social networking platform with your family and friends as soon as possible.

If you have bought some paid applications, you can also use them on your iPhone, since they will be added to the iOS store’s wishlist automatically. As it is confirmed by Apple, programs like “Move to iOS” can ensure the data security and no information will be misused or leaked. When the data transfer process is finished and you haven’t bought a new phone, Google will promptly and help you to recycle the old one with the help of this powerful program.

How to Transfer Contacts, Emails, and Calendars

For iPhone users, they have the right to enjoy mail service from a large number of email service providers. They contain Exchange, Google, and of course Yahoo. For some users, their email accounts are totally different for the Apple ID or some other people, they have more than one email account to manage, in all these situations, users can still exchange their information smoothly from Android phone to the iPhone and vice versa. In addition, people can use the current email account for his or her Apple ID when they set up the iPhone. If it is the first time for you to set up the iPhone, you can select which kind of data should be synced to the email account. The data contains notes, contacts, and calendars, it is up to you to decide.

It looks smart but you should wait until this fall after the issue of iOS 15. Before you have it, you can try the professional Android Migration tool – dr.fone – Phone Transfer developed by Wondershare, which is also a trustworthy computer around the world. The main features of dr.fone – Phone Transfer are as follows:

  • It is easy to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone with full contact information.
  • It enables you to transfer all the messages you want to the iPhone.
  • dr.fone allows you to transfer all media files to your iPhone, and convert the incompatible ones.
  • It helps you to transfer photos or albums to the photo library of the iPhone.
  • It is compatible with Android devices like Samsung, Motorola, HUAWEI, HTC, etc. And the Apple devices running iOS 12/13/14/15.

In a word, it is easy to switch to an iPhone with the All-In-One phone data migration tool – dr.fone – Switch. You can successfully transfer Android data to any iOS device by following the video tutorial or following the guidance on the primary window of it.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Here is Something That You Should Keep an Eye Open For.

  • 1. Transfer contacts from online account: the all-in-one phone data migration tool – dr.fone is also able to transfer data on social software like iCloud, Google, Facebook and Twitter. So, if you want to transfer them too, remember to sign in to the accounts on your old Android device.
  • 2. Backup and Restore: the all-in-one phone data migration tool – dr.fone – iOS Backup & Restore is can help you create backup files and restore them to your mobile devices too. In this mode, you need just one device, either a phone or a pad. Then the backup files will be stored on your computer which you run dr.fone on. And when you want to restore one of them, just plug in your devices and do it with this application.
  • 3. Erase your phone: If you want your phone becomes a new phone, you can actually remove all the data with dr.fone – iOS Data Eraser by choosing the mode “Erase” on the primary window.


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