The Best Available Music Downloader for Android Devices

On-the-go music has grown to be a day-to-day habit and form of leisure for people all over the world. When any sort of music genre or type can be availed so easily in the present times, it is no wonder that the people of this generation are more hooked on their respective mobile devices.

On this very note, we are going to give out the best music downloader for Android that you can make use of, for all your music listening needs.

Starting from the CD players to the smartphones, in the present times, everyone has more and more possibilities to take along their favorite tracks wherever they go.

On the other hand, the only defect here is when people tend to get a tad bored and jaded with carrying identical tracks each and every day. Variety is, after all, the spice of life, and hence a change in music tracks and a replacement of the old ones with some new and fresh music on devices is a fresh breath for any given person.

While buying music on the iTunes app or Amazon can cost too much sometimes, there are also other viable means for downloading free music on mobile devices.

For the very reason of Android devices winning over a large population in all parts of the world, we are going to cater to a larger audience. In this article, we are going to set out a lengthy and helpful discourse on ways to download free music for the Android devices out there.

By and large, there are two good ways for getting free songs for Android phones. First of all, you can download any free music on the PC, (which is just a much easier way to do so) and then transport the music files to the Android devices.

Or otherwise, you can find an apt music downloader for Android for directly downloading free music on the Android device. Follow the segments below to know more about the processes:

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PART 1: Downloading Free Music Using the PC via The Best Music Downloader for Android

As we have mentioned previously, there are comparatively more options for downloading free music on the PC than for, directly downloading free music for the Android devices. In most cases, a lot of people tend to prefer converting their music videos first from the YouTube app and then transferring the converted music files to the Android device.

So you can achieve the most up-to-the-minute music collection in a matter of a few minutes. In doing so, the endorsed video to audio music downloader for Android is the iMusic program. Here is a shortlist of the program’s key features:

iMusic Key Features:

  • Transfer download, and manage all music for your Android or iOS devices
  • Offer YouTube as a personal source of music
  • Support over 10000 sites for downloading videos and music, like Spotify…
  • Transfer music files between any two devices
  • Easily employ the iTunes app on the Android device
  • It can organize the whole iTunes music library
  • It can fix ID3 covers and tags
  • Delete duplicate songs and remove the missing tracks
  • It can share out your iTunes playlist

Download iMusic Free

The following steps will demonstrate for you, the apt ways for making use of this music downloader for Android for downloading free music for Android devices.

1: You can initiate by downloading and installing the iMusic program on the PC, and then launch the program interface.

2: Next, go to the ‘DOWNLOAD‘ tab in the upper-middle part of the main program window.

3: Visit the YouTube app and locate the music file that you need on your phone. You must copy the URL from the address bar respectively.

4: Then paste this particular URL into the iMusic interface, and then select MP3 as the output. At that point click on the ‘Download‘ option for starting the free music downloading from the YouTube app.

5: Once your download is completed, you can now opt for the ‘ITUNES LIBRARY‘ tab at the middle portion on top, and then tap on the down arrow button for viewing your downloaded music file.

6: Now, connect the Android device to the PC by way of a USB cable. Soon the iMusic program will detect it routinely. Choose your downloaded song file and right-click on it. Then go to the ‘Add to‘ icon and opt for your Android Phone option.

Get iMusic Free

Besides, you can take some good advantage of the available online solutions for downloading free music for your Android device. is a good example in this case, which is also easy to employ.

1: You can begin by entering into the YouTube app for copying the available URL of your desired music video.

2: Then, paste this copied URL to the provided blank box on the site and tap on the ‘Convert Video‘ option.

3: Once the converting gets completed, simply tap on the Download icon for getting the song to the PC.

4: Finally, plug in the Android device into the PC, and copy and paste your songs into it.

Apart from converting your desired music videos as audio files, you can also resort to other options for downloading free music files. For instance, you can directly download music from any number of free sites for music downloading.

It is also possible to use the free music downloader for Android tools for downloading songs from popular song streaming sites, such as Spotify. You can also contract rewards by following up with your beloved artists on Twitter or Facebook apps.

Nonetheless, if you wish to download free music for your Android device without any problems, then the iMusic tool can be your finest option.

PART 2. Directly Downloading Free Music on Android via Music Downloader for Android

It could save you from a lot of trouble when you directly download free music for Android devices using Android applications. Let us take the MP3 Music Downloader as a good example for showing you ways to download free music on your Android device directly.

1: You can begin by downloading and installing the Mp3 Music Downloader on the Android phone.

2: Then access the program interface and search for music in its browser tab.

3: Tap on the Download icon for getting the song transferred to your device.

This application has been rated and tested by several people. Simply go ahead and give it a good attempt at giving your music adventure, a makeover. The iMusic program is an apt music downloader for Android that you can make use of, for getting the songs of your choice in a matter of seconds!


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