MyPhoneExplorer Alternative: The Best Android Data Management

Do you know about MyPhoneExplorer?

MyPhoneExplorer is a desktop freeware, which helps you to manage your Sony Ericsson and other Android phones. With its help, you can back up and restore contacts, music, photos, videos, text messages and more on your phone from a PC. Besides, with it, you can directly save, read and save messages. What’s more, you are able to sync Outlook, address book, Gmail and Thunderbird between your phone and this data manager.

Here comes the MyPhoneExplorer alternative

Although the MyPhoneExplorer seems perfect in managing your Android phone data, there is still one tool can do more things than it. It is the Wondershare MobileGo for Android, an all-in-one Android manager. Let’s take a look at which aspects it can help:

  • Direct download, install, uninstall, export, share apps on Android device and even move apps to SD card;
  • Freely convert any video file into audio one (batch conversion supported);
  • Easily sync Windows Address Book, Outlook and Windows Live Mail with your Android phone or tablet;
  • Efficiently download, switch and convert videos and songs to your Android device, and export to the PC;
  • Instantly drag and drop loads of photos to and from your Android tablet or phone;
  • Conveniently send a text message to one or more contacts from the PC, or back up all or selected threads as and XML or TXT file;
  • Straightly manage or browse all contents on the SD card and the Android phone memory;
  • 1 click to back up all photos, songs, videos, text messages, contacts, call logs, apps, calendar, playlist info and more, and restore them when necessary.

What if you are a Mac user? No worry. This data manager also has Mac version — the Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (for Mac). This tool lets you do most things as the Windows version does, which means it has some limits. I am afraid that this app is unable to convert videos and music into Android friendly formats, or extract contacts from Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Windows Address Book with Android device. It does not have resource center for users to directly download videos, songs and apps as the Windows one does.

Steps to use this MyPhoneExplorer alternative

After reading the information of this tool, I bet you can’t wait to try it out by yourself. So, just click the green Download button to get the MyPhoneExplorer alternative tool – Wondershare MobileGo for Android and install it on your computer. We here are going to use the Windows version to illustrate the steps, which are similar with those of the Mac version. Now, we should begin.

Get MobileGo

Step 1: Plug in the Android portable device to the PC

With the Windows version, you are able to connect your Android phone or tablet with the computer with or without USB cable. If you want to connect via WiFi, you have to install MobileGo Apk file on your Android device first. Then the data manager will automatically scan your Android tablet or phone as soon as possible. After detected, your device will be displayed in its primary window.

MyPhoneExplorer Alternative - MobileGo

Step 2: Time for Wondershare MobileGo to shine

1. Check, save and send text messages
android phone reply text message with MyPhoneExplorer Alternative MobileGo

From the message window, you can see all the threads on your Android phone. To move text messages to and from your Android phone, you can click the Import/Export button. Plus, with it, you are allowed to send text messages directly from the PC to your families and friends. If you get a phone call and are too busy to answer it, you can cancel it or send a text message as reply.

2. Convert videos and songs into Android compatible formats
convert videos to android phone

In the left column, click Music or Videos to reveal the window. Press Add and go to the folder where you store the music and videos. Then, drag and drop them to the tool. This data manager can detect and convert any incompatible videos and songs into Android friendly ones.

3. Manage the contacts on your Android phone
export android contacts with MyPhoneExplorer Alternative MobileGo

Also in the left column, click the Contacts to show the contact window. Hit New to add a new contact with its comprehensive info, such as the name, photo, job title, email address, phone number, home address, company info and more. Then click the Import/Export button to sync contacts between your Android phone and Outlook, VCF files, Windows Live Mail or Windows Address Book. By clicking De-duplicate, you can delete duplicate contacts.

4. Download videos, music and apps from Online Resources
download apps to android

As you can see, under the Online Resources in the left sidebar, there are YouTube, Google Play Apps and MP3 Download. Click what appeals to you and you will get the corresponding window on the right panel. Go and browse your desired videos, songs, and apps and download them directly to your Android tablet or phone. If you have collected some fantastic websites, you can add them to the Online Resources section. By clicking the plus sign beside the Online Resources, you can enter the URLs of the sites you collected. After it, click OK.

5. Keep the apps on your Android portable device well organized
export android apps

Navigate to Apps on the left column to enter the app window. Then you will see all apps, the downloaded and system apps. There are some button on the top line, from which you can click Install, Uninstall, Export, Move to SD Card, Refresh, and Get More Apps. Click one button to start managing your apps. What if you want to share apps with your friends? Easy. Just right click the apps and choose to share apps via text messages, Facebook or Twitter.

That’s it. Hope you have got the idea by now. To get a better management experience, download the MyPhoneExplorer alternative toolWondershare MobileGo for Android to have a try.


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