Best Way to Copy Contents from Nokia to iPhone

As we all know, Nokia phones and iPhones are running on different operating systems, which makes it difficult to sync contents, like contacts, SMS text messages, videos, music, and photos, between them. You may say you can transfer videos, photos, and music to the computer, then import them to your iPhone via iTunes. Yes, that makes sense. However, what about the contacts and the text messages? Actually, it is not unachievable. With one single click, you can complete your goal. All you need is a powerful data transfer tool — the dr.fone – Phone Transfer — to help you out. With it, you can easily move contacts, music, videos, photos, and text messages from Nokia to iPhone. Just take a glimpse to learn how it works.

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Part 1: Get to know the contents allowed to transfer from Nokia to iPhone

In the following, you can see the supported contents you can transfer from Nokia to iPhone.

  • Contacts: With dr.fone Switch, you can get rid of typing the contacts one by one.
  • Music/videos: No limitation to transfer all music and videos on Nokia to iPhone.
  • Photos: It is a piece of cake to copy photos from your Nokia to iPhone.
  • SMS: It enables you to extract text messages from your old Nokia phone in just one click.

Part 2: Plug in Nokia phone and iPhone to the computer

Plug in both your Nokia phone and iPhone to the computer via two USB cables. Then launch the dr.fone to reveal the main window. Make sure you have installed iTunes on your PC. If not, install it.

Nokia to iPhone contents transfer

Part 3: Guides to transfer data from Nokia to iPhone

1. Contact transfer

You can transfer the contacts from your Nokia memory card or accounts, like Yahoo! and Hotmail. Of course, the premise is that you have already saved contacts on the accounts. If you want to transfer the contacts on accounts, you should log in to them on your Nokia phone first.

2. Move music/videos

Unlike iTunes, dr.fone – Switch will never delete the existing music and videos on your iPhone while doing the music and videos transfer.

3. Copy photos

Not only photos but also albums, can be moved from your old Nokia phone to iPhone. Besides, nothing will happen to the old photos in the Photo Library on your iPhone. Amazing, right?

4. Sync text messages

Just in one single click, all threads on your old Nokia phone will be transferred to your new iPhone. This task is quite easy to complete, just follow the simple steps here, and you will figure it out.

dr.fone Phone Transfer – Directly Way to Transfer Data from Nokia Windows Phone (Lumia Phone) to iPhone

dr.fone – Phone Transfer for Windows & Mac newly supports videos/photos/music transfer between Nokia Windows Phone and iPhone now! You can transfer data from Lumia Windows Phone to iOS/Android phone in an EASY & DIRECT way now! Just try it.

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