Nokia to S4: Transfer Photos/Music from Nokia to Samsung S4 (Lumia included)

When we got a new Samsung S4 / S4 Active / S4 Mini / S5, you will need to transfer files from your old Nokia to it eagerly. If you have a tool such as certain Nokia to S4 phone data transfer, you can do the S4 file transfer conveniently with only one click. I recommend you dr.fone – Switch. With professional Wondershare Nokia to S4 transfer tool, you can easily transfer photos from Nokia to Samsung S4, or copy music from Nokia to Samsung S4.

Just days earlier, my roommate got a new Samsung Galaxy S4, however, she was so upset about how to transfer files including music, photos from her old Nokia phone to new Samsung S4. Though she wanted to share with her friends amazing files on Samsung S4, but she did not know how to transfer Nokia files to S4! For many people faced the condition like my roommate, it is really a problem to transfer music/photos/contacts from Nokia to Samsung S4 eagerly.

Of course, you can transfer contacts one by one manually, whereas it is so troublesome to do so, especially when you have a lot of contacts to transfer. Instead, if you have a Nokia to S4 transfer tool, you can do any data such as music from Nokia to Samsung S4 transfer conveniently with only one click. I recommend you the best Nokia to Samsung S4 transfer software – dr.fone – Phone Transfer, with which you can transfer not only contacts, but also music, photos and text messages from Nokia to Samsung Galaxy S4.

Here, we provide you a free trial version of Nokia to S4 data transfer – dr.fone Phone Transfer to transfer your photos/music. Simply download it to have a try. After downloading Nokia to Samsung S4 transfer tool, please install it on your computer and then launch it by double-clicking. Then you will see a starting window on the screen,

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer


Step 1: Connect Nokia & Samsung S4 to computer

Now, you need to connect your Nokia phone and new Samsung S4 with your computer via USB cables. Since professional Nokia to S4 photos transfer tool will detect your devices automatically, you will then see your two phones displayed respectively.

Nokia Music to Galaxy S4

If it is necessary to empty your new Galaxy S4, you can do so by clicking “Clear data before copy”. If you don't want, just let it alone.

Step 2: Transfer Music/Photos from Nokia to Samsung S4

Here, since all items including music, photos, text messages are marked, you need to remove marks before other files if you want to transfer photos or music only. After the selection, please click the button “Start Transfer” to continue. Nokia to S4 transfer tool will do the data transfer for you automatically. Please keep your two phones connected with your computer during the whole process.

music from Nokia to Galaxy S5

Congratulations! You have already got loving music or even all other files on your new Samsung Galaxy S4. Since the Nokia to S4 transfer tool – dr.fone – Phone Transfer is fully compatible with all Nokia phones and Samsung Galaxy series, don't worry about some system problems. Don't hesitate to download the professional Nokia to Samsung transfer tool and have a try yourself.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

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