NordVPN and Other Free Proxy to Unblock Sites

There have been many times when you tried to browse through foreign websites online and watch any random video from that place.

But, the moment you wanted to access them, you must have found out that accessing these sites was not possible since they are blocked for access outside that country.

To overcome problems like these, there are certain programs that help you access blocked websites and view foreign content without any difficulty.

There are literally hundreds of proxy websites and special tools that can help you watch your favorite video content or read foreign news on the web.

Below, we have listed a wide range of free proxy websites for you. These sites will help you unblock websites and won’t cost a dime. Go ahead and read more:

Part 1: Six free proxy websites to unblock sites


Free Proxy -

Apart from unblocking web content, this free proxy site does a good job of ensuring your privacy remains protected. With great speed and SSL encrypted protection, you will be able to access websites from all over the world.

This proxy site is capable of bypassing any kind of filter set up by the government or your organization. The browsing data and activity remains totally safe and anonymous.


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Free Proxy -

Hide .me is a splendid free proxy site to unblock and view any website in the world. You get VPN-like benefits by encrypting your internet connection.

Accessing blocked websites has never got so easy because the site offers the best ping time, along with access to controlled servers that support SSTP, SOCKS, SoftEther, and OpenEther.

IPs are not stored and are pretty easy to understand and use. Be it a Mac system, Windows, or SmartTVs; you will be able to access BitTorrent clients as well.


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Free Proxy -

If you ever come across websites that are blocked due to censorship, you can use proxfree for browsing anonymously on the internet. This proxy website literally ignores these restrictions and opens these websites for you by posing as an intermediate between the website you wish to visit and yourself. All your activities are SSL encrypted by the server as the proxy IP is exposed only to the destination website.


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Free Proxy -

You can unblock any website across the world without spending a fortune, thanks to this great free proxy website. has a 128-bit SSL security that even bypasses restrictions set up by social media websites. You will be able to stream videos from Dailymotion without any problem seamlessly.

It is definitely one of the most reliable proxy sites to go to if you wish to browse restricted websites anonymously.



Free Proxy -

In many countries, the government likes to block certain websites. In cases like these, you can use atozproxy to bypass and view blocked websites for free.

This free proxy site simply allows you to view the blocked website by acting as a mirror image of that site. Some great features of this proxy site include fast speed, a mobile-friendly interface, and strong SSL encryption.



Free Proxy -

One of the best features of this proxy website is that it can unblock and load restricted websites a lot faster than other such sites. smartdnsproxy consists of approximately 400 channels spread across 39 countries.

All these channels can be accessed via smartdnsproxy. This site supports multiple devices that will allow you to stream restricted websites uninterrupted.


Part 2. Risks involved with free proxy sites

Theft of identity

If you did not know already, your private information gets transferred to these proxy websites while you are browsing anonymously; there is a high chance that these pieces of information get stored right then and there.

So, if a free proxy website were to get hacked, all your private information, data, and browsing history is open for grabs to potential perpetrators. Some information that can get stolen includes your identity SSI number and your health insurance claims.

IP getting tracked while browsing

It is possible that a security breach with a proxy site may lead to your IP getting tracked. Although the IP is not exposed to the desired website, it is possible that the free proxy site might store or track your IP address.

Location tracking

While your real location might not get traced while using a proxy website, there are chances that a cyber attack takes place and your approximate location gets exposed on the internet. This can mean trouble for you, especially if the proxy site is not legal in your area.

Plain internet connection

Since these free proxy sites are just ordinary passageways to the internet, there is no check on the amount of security offered by them. Therefore, all sensitive information like your online banking data, credit card information, identity information, etc. could be at a big risk if there is a hack on the proxy website.

Part 3. Safer alternatives to unblock restricted websites

A VPN is a better alternative if you are looking for security as well as unblocking restricted websites. VPN, or virtual private network, hides the blocked websites from your ISP by acting as a moderator between the server and you.

VPN is a preferred way of accessing blocked sites since they are highly secure, very reliable, and extremely fast. Most VPN services are also more trustworthy than proxy websites. With them, you can free download and save videos via the best YouTube video downloader.

If you feel like signing up for a VPN service, it is important that you consider and go through every side of it, especially the security factor.


NordVPN was launched in 2008 in Panama and is operated by Telecom co S.A., according to their website. It is one of the best and most trusted VPN services in the market today.

NordVPN simply encrypts your browsing data to prevent your sensitive information to slip away into the hands of hackers and perpetrators. Additionally, this VPN service is free of annoying ads and advertisers that keep bothering you and potentially steal your data.

NordVPN allows you to access blocked internet content and stream at high speeds, which is any day better than using free proxy websites since you have to pay the price of privacy to view blocked websites. No matter where you are from, NordVPN can unblock all sites without problems while keeping your security in check.

Not only does NordVPN have applications for Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows; they also have detailed tutorials for protocol connectivity for them and more than 40 other mobile operating systems like RaspberryPi’s. While some VPN services tend to keep logs, NordVPN strictly cleared it out on their website and stated that it runs on a no logs policy.


NordVPN’s mobile clients (Android, iOS) allow you to purchase subscriptions through their respective app store, which is available in three pricing tiers: $70 every two years, $69 per year, and $11.95 per month.

The payment can be done via credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, or any other payment methods. You also get a 30-days money-back guarantee as well.

Why does NordVPN stand out differently from others?

The reasons why NordVPN is different than others are:

  • You can easily access public Wifi services without worrying about a spyware or malware attack
  • Your IP is hidden, and ads are blocked, granting you extra security while keeping perpetrators at bay
  • You can use a single NordVPN account across six devices on separate platforms like mobile devices, laptops, etc.
  • You have access to two different types of kill-switches; one to close a particular app or the one to completely terminate the internet connection if there is an unexpected dropout
  • If you are worried about bandwidth consumption while abroad, NordVPN has no such bandwidth expiry
  • For safe online transactions and internet access, NordVPN provides you with dedicated proxy browse extensions, VPN apps, and IPs.

How to set up NordVPN

Step 1: From its official website, download NordVPN. Next, click on the ‘Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter‘ on the components to install tab and click on Next. This will start the downloading process.

Step 2: Once the software is installed and ready to go, log into your account. Click on the Quick Connect button to connect successfully with the VPN server. If the country pin shows green color, it means you are connected.

NordVPN is one of the most secure, fast, and safe VPNs out there. Also, you do not have to invest a lot of time learning it, unlike many other VPNs like AirVPN. The server is extremely large (3350+), spread over 60+ countries all over the globe. It gives good performances at relatively low prices.

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