Peel Remote | Here is Everything You Should Know About Peel Remote

You can find a large number of universal remote apps available for smartphone owners to use. Among those remote apps, Peel Remote has received a lot of attention. In fact, this is considered one of the best and most effective smartphone remote apps available for you to use. You will fall in love with the overall functionality that it can provide to you as well.

A few years ago, the concept of using a smartphone as a remote was pretty new. However, people found that an interesting concept. That’s because they got the opportunity to take control of their televisions from mobile devices.

This helped them to stay away from the hassle of locating the remote controller to change the channel or adjust the volume. They had their smartphone in their hands at all times. Hence, the concept of the mobile phone remote became extremely popular within a short period of time.

Under such conditions, Peel Remote is one of the first smartphone remote controllers that were released into the market. In other words, it was initially introduced back in the year 2009. As the first player to come to the market, it was able to gain a lot of popularity and attention within a short period of time. In other words, it only took a short time for this app to receive 25 million users.

In order to take Peel Remote app to the next level, the development behind it went ahead and got into collaborations with other smartphone manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung as well. These smartphone manufacturers then added Peel Remote as a default app that is shipped along with their devices. It further contributed to the overall popularity of Peel Remote.

As of now, Peel Remote has got a massive user base of more than 70 million users. People who live in all parts of the world are using it on a daily basis, as well. Even though the app has received some criticism for running in the background, you will be able to get a quality experience out of it in the long run. That’s why we thought of compiling this article as well.

If you are already using Peel Remote or if you have any plans to use Peel Remote, you are encouraged to go through this article. Then you will be able to figure out how to get the most out of it.

What Is The Peel Remote?

Peel Remote is a universal remote application. You will be able to replace the remote controller of your television with the help of this app. In other words, you can think about calling it an all-in-one remote, which can help you to get a variety of tasks completed with ease. For example, people who use Peel Remote will be able to take control of the air conditioner, television, setup boxes, and even smart home gadgets such as Roku.

The functionality of Peel Remote is offered by the inbuilt IR blaster of the smartphone. Therefore, you need to make sure that your mobile phone has got IR in order to download and use the Peel Remote. Or else, you will be able to use Wi-Fi to gain access to the functionality offered by Peel Remote as well.

However, it is only compatible with a few supported devices. You need to take a look at the list of devices and then go ahead with accessing the functionality delivered by the app.

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Features Offered By Peel Remote

You can receive a large number of impressive features from the Peel Remote app. These features have contributed to the popularity of the app, as well.

Here is a list of some of the most prominent features that you can discover in the app. You can go through the list of features and then determine whether it is worthy of getting the Peel Remote app installed on your mobile device.

Rich Interface

You will notice that Peel Remote has a rich interface. This rich interface can provide excellent overall assistance to you by making life easy while you are using the app. You will never come across any frustrating or painful situations at the time of using the Peel Remote app. That’s because everything is self-explanatory.

Even if you are a person who doesn’t have a good tech background, you can learn how to use Peel Remote and get work done from it on your own. Along with that, you will be provided with a seamless experience at the time of changing the channels, as well.

YouTube Live

One of the unique features that you will see in Peel Remote is its ability to cast content available on YouTube directly to the streaming devices that you have got at home such as Chromecast and Roku.

If you are looking for a convenient method to enjoy content on YouTube, this would be a good option available to consider. You will fall in love with this functionality offered by the app, as well.

Replicating The Physical Remote Control

You have been using the physical remote control for a long-time period, and you are used to it. For example, you have a clear understanding of the placement of buttons in the physical remote control. This experience can benefit you while you are using Peel Remote to get work done. That’s because it is replicating the physical remote controller on your mobile phone interface.

Therefore, you will never get stuck when you are changing the channels, adjusting the volume, or performing any other action. You just need to follow the steps that you are used to following. The only difference in it would be that you have the remote controller on your mobile device.

Comprehensive Television Guide

People who get Peel Remote will be able to receive a comprehensive television guide as well. This will be another feature that you will fall in love with. For example, you can see the different genres of TV shows and episodes.

On the other hand, you can even take a look at trending content, so that you can go ahead and watch them. Peel Remote will provide you with some personalized recommendations, as well. Hence, you will fall in love with the comprehensive TV guide that comes with Peel Remote.

Voice Control

You don’t have the ability to control the traditional remote controller of your television with voice commands. However, Peel Remote will be able to provide that functionality to you. It can offer impressive voice controlling capabilities to you.

Therefore, you will be able to get superior assistance with controlling the TV, without even touching the mobile phone. The voice control works perfectly well with all the basic controls. For example, if you want to adjust the volume, change the channel, or turn on the TV, you can use Peel Remote and get the job done.

How Can You Add A New Television Or A Device To Peel Remote?

Upon opening Peel Remote, you will need to do some configurations to add the televisions or devices. You will only be able to control the devices after this configuration. Hence, you should go ahead with the steps without ignoring them.

As mentioned earlier, there are two different methods available for you to use Peel Remote and control the devices that you have. The steps that you should proceed with configuration would change along with the method that you are going to use in order to control the device as well.

Controlling The Device With IR Blaster

The Peel Remote will be able to use IR functionality available on your mobile phone and take control over the TV or any other device. In fact, you can use this method to replace the TV remote or the AC remote as they are powered up with IR.

In order to control the device with an IR blaster, you must follow these steps.

How to Setup Peel Smart Remote
  1. You should first download and install Peel Remote on your mobile phone. You can search for the app on the Google App Store or Apple Store.
  2. Now you will need to pick the TV brand. You will be provided with a massive list of TV brands. All you have to do is to go through the list of brands and then pick the most appropriate brand.
  3. Now you should point the mobile device onto the device that you are going to control.
  4. Then you will be able to press the power button and see whether the device is turned on.
  5. You will be provided with multiple options to see if you can power on the device with Peel Remote. This will help you to determine the best method to power the device with it.
Peel Remote Button

Upon discovering a working method, you can simply save it. Along with that, you can complete the configuration process, as well.

Controlling The Device With Wi-Fi

Peel Remote can help you to control devices with Wi-Fi, as well. You will need to do the configurations for it as well. For example, you will come across the Peel Remote app initializing mode when you open it for the very first time. Now you can pick Wi-Fi mode and proceed. This will list down all the devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi network.

You need to make sure that the devices that you are going to control are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Peel Remote. Then you will be able to go ahead and control them through the app on your mobile device.

Peel Remote Wifi Setup

How To Remove Peel Remote?

There are some drawbacks associated with Peel Remote as well. For example, this application is running in the background. Therefore, you will be able to see advertisements being displayed on your screen in certain instances. In some instances, these advertisements would crepe into your lock screen as well. This can lead you to frustrating situations.

In such instances, you will come across the need to figure out how to remove the Peel Remote app from your mobile device. If the Peel Remote app was pre-installed by your smartphone manufacturer, you would not be able to remove it from the traditional method of removing apps.

Instead, you will be able to go ahead and disable the app. However, it is not the best method available for you to take control of the app, as well.

You can try the following steps to disable Peel Remote.

Then you will be able to overcome the annoyance of it up to a certain extent. When you come across the need to Peel Remote, you can simply enable and use it.

  1. You need to navigate to the settings menu and then locate Peel Remote.
  2. You should now click on the Disable button.
  3. If you wish to uninstall Peel Remote, you will be able to do it from the same interface as well. It is up to you to pick the correct option depending on your requirements. If the Peel Remote app came along with the device as a pre-installed app, you would notice that you cannot uninstall it. You will only be able to disable its functionality.
How to Deelte Peel Remote App

What Are The Peel Remote Alternatives?

There are some excellent alternative apps available for Peel Remote as well. If you don’t like their habit of sending unethical ads, you can take a look at the Peel Remote alternatives.
Here are three of the best Peel Remote alternatives that you can try:


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