Top PS4 Puzzle Games to Challenge Yourself

Puzzle games have always been a favorite genre of games. Board games have their fair share of puzzle games, like Cluedo, and there are even some Jigsaws that can be challenging.

If you’re a fan of these types of games, then you’ll know how addictive it can be when you delve into those very difficult puzzles that hold your attention for hours at a time. So, because of how popular these games are it’s no surprise that PS4 puzzle games are a huge hit.

Console games take puzzles to a new level. Professor Layton was one of the most popular Nintendo DS games and rightfully so – the game features hundreds of puzzles that were designed around the game’s storyline.

PS4 games have taken things to a new level, and the puzzles are more intense, mentally demanding, and addictive than ever before. This leads us to the main theme of this article: what are the best PS4 puzzle games to play?

Why Play Puzzle Games?

Before we dive into the games themselves, you might not be convinced that puzzle games are for you. Therefore, here are some reasons to play them, which should persuade you:

  • Rewarding. After spending ages solving a puzzle and eventually solving it, you’ll feel a huge weight is taken off your shoulders and a rewarding sense of satisfaction.
  • Improved Brain Performance. There are a handful of ways that your brain benefits from solving puzzles. Your cognitive abilities will improve, concentrating won’t be as difficult, and you’ll generally be more intelligent.
  • Memory Enhancement. Due to the structure of some puzzles, there are links between solving puzzles and enhanced memory.
  • Incredibly Fun! Not to mention how fun puzzles can be. The dopamine rush that comes with solving puzzles just enhances the satisfaction and happiness of puzzles.

Hopefully, you’re now more enticed to grab a few of these titles and spend endless hours of the day wracking your brains over unsolvable puzzles!

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Top 10 PS4 Puzzle Games

Now to the good part; here are ten of the best PS4 puzzle games that all gamers (and even non-gamers) will love playing.

#1 PS4 Puzzle Games. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will pull at your heartstrings as you make your way through the story while exploring the puzzles that are presented. Playing as two different characters, your goal is to retrieve life-saving water from a distant tree, and in doing so, you face many challenges.

Admittedly this is a game that is more plot-driven than the other PS4 puzzle games, but it is still one that everybody should play at some point. Xbox and PC users can also play it!

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#2 PS4 Puzzle Games. The Tetris Effect

Most of us are familiar with the classic Tetris. The Tetris Effect takes the original puzzle game up a few notches and presents otherwise classic puzzles in a Virtual Reality environment. You can dive into over 30 stages and various game modes – there’s an endless number of puzzles to be solved.

VR is a fun twist to what we would still consider a simple game, but with sheer interface improvements and high-quality visuals, it’s like an entirely new gaming experience. If you consider yourself an “older” gamer, then this is a blast from the past.

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#3 PS4 Puzzle Games. Hitman GO

The Hitman is an award-winning game series that puts the player in the shoes of a trained killer. Hitman GO isn’t the same as the others in the series and isn’t part of the storyline. Instead, while still playing as Agent 47, you must move around a board and assassinate certain enemies.

It sounds simple, but those enemies can move too as it’s turn-based. On top of that, as you progress, the enemies get more difficult to eliminate, and your strategic approach is put to the test. Completing all of the puzzles is not going to be an easy task, so brace yourself for the challenge.

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#4 PS4 Puzzle Games. The Swapper

Mystery, intrigue, and the ability to switch bodies – The Swapper is a combination of all three. The game revolves around a spaceman who possesses a unique device that lets him clone himself into other bodies.

Playing as this character, you explore a space station and try to figure out where everyone else is. Along the way, you face challenges that can only be solved by utilizing the cloning device in different ways.

Right up until the end you will obsess over this game’s mechanics, and after finally completing The Swapper, you’ll want to start over again.

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#5. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

What starts off with an investigation into the missing boy Ethan Carter leads into a more gruesome and darker storyline. Playing as a detective, you start by investigating the missing boy, but upon reaching his home, you are overcome with the realization that murder surrounds you.

Through flashbacks and a series of puzzles, you analyze each murder and learn about the dark history of Ethan Carter’s family. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a definite buy for fans of horror, mystery, and PS4 puzzle games.

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#6. Firewatch

Henry decides to trade his messy life for something more laid back, or so he thought. Firewatch follows Henry’s story after he decides to move to the mountaintop as a “fire watcher.” While developing a close relationship with colleague Delilah, Henry starts noticing strange events happening around the forest.

You investigate the mystery, searching for answers to what’s going on, and you’re pressed to make game-changing decisions along the way. The more you investigate, the more mysterious Shoshone National Forest becomes.

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#7. Little Nightmares

Get ready to flick your light switch and immerse yourself in the dark plot of Little Nightmares. In this game, you play Six, a child who wants to escape a possessed building called The Maw. As you try to escape, you face disturbing scenarios that will relight your childhood fears and put you on edge.

As far as horror games go, this is one of the scarier PS4 puzzle games even though it uses monsters and ghouls to scare players. If you’re an imaginative horror gamer who enjoys the feeling of fear, consider Little Nightmares as your next library addition.

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#8. Lara Croft GO

Just like Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO presents an interesting perspective on a classic series. Playing as Lara, you take on the same adventure style as the other games, and you have to solve puzzles in order to find out the truth about the Queen of Venom.

Dangerous enemies stand in your way, as do over 110 puzzles. If aesthetics is something you like to indulge in, then you’ll be happy to hear that along the way you unlock character outfits and more. It’s nothing like the Tomb Raider games but shares the same amazing universe.

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#9. Fez

Looking for a more slow-paced and relaxing puzzle game? Try Fez, a game that follows the being Gomez. After living in a 2D universe for his entire life, Gomez suddenly experiences a 3D environment. By looking at his environment from different perspectives, you must help Gomez explore this new universe.

You will solve puzzles, explore a magnificent new universe, and help Gomez find answers to this new place.

#10. The Witness

Last up on our list of PS4 puzzle games is The Witness, a game that all players quickly classify as a favorite. After waking up with no memory of who and where you are, you start exploring this mysterious island to find answers and fill in the blanks.

More than 500 puzzles are waiting for you to solve. All of which contribute to the overall storyline. Only after solving every last one of them will you have the answers you need to remember who you are, how you got there, and get back home.

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Conclusion on PS4 Puzzle Games

It’s now time for you to grab your controller, launch the PSN store, and purchase a couple of these puzzle games! As well as being an incredibly fun way of killing your free time, PS4 puzzle games are proven to enhance your brain, and ultimately, they make you smarter. Of all video games, these are definitely the ones you want to invest your gaming time into.


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