How to Purchase Music on Android Phones

We have made an Internet survey about the handiest Android apps for purchasing music on the Android phones. And there are ten of them in the following passages according to the netizen. To manage your music on Android with ease, you may would like to know the  best Android audio manager.

App 1. DoubleTwist

This is said the most popular app for Android users for its wonderful user experience. You can see the list of all functions on the left including the albums and the artists. You can choose tap on the options to search for the music you want and then purchase it.

1.You can use this app to sync the music library with your iTunes.
2.You can download audios with various formats and play them with this app.
3.You can use the app with the basic version.
1. Although there is a free version of this app, you need to pay for it if you want complete functions.

1.It is much better than the built-in media player on the Android phones.
2.It works smoothly.
3.The layout is reasonable and the interface is easy for most people.
4.I’d like to say it is so awesome that I wish I had known it earlier so that I had no need to deal with the other players.

App 2. Poweramp

It is thought the second one according to the survey. It enables people to purchase music without hassle on their Android phones. You can find the albums on the left of the interface. And this app also enables you to purchase music easily with the help of some simple guidance.

1.The functions are great and you can learn it easily.
2.You can make some settings at your disposal to make it more handy.
1.The free version of it is only available for 15 days and after that you need to pay for it if you want this app.
1.It can do a wonderful job for me sometimes, but the overall assessment is not good.
2.You won’t like it after you purchased Unlocker on this app.
3.It still needs some improvement.
4.I updated a new skin and it doesn’t work after that. Who can help me out?!

App 3. Google Play Music

This app is so widely welcomed in the world because you can get the latest music in it with ease. Just like the former two apps, you can find the options on the left side including the Listen Now, My Library, Playlists, and Radio. You can choose one that you need and click on it. I’d like to say that the operation of it is quite easy.

1.It is totally free for all the Android users.
2.It offers a large cloud storage space.
1.You can not customize it as you do in the Poweramp.
1.I knew it from my friends, and I downloaded it delightedly. But what happened! I cannot use it even for a second.
2.I have never pay for a music player, but this app turns out the payment is worthy.
3.It can also work as a radio and that is great.
4.I have update to the newest version but it crashes sometimes.

App 4. PlayerPro Music Player

This app has an attractive interface and that may be why people want it. Besides the interface, the functions are good too. You can tap on the button of Album and then search for the music you like. You will see the search results given out in a friendly way.

1.The pictures are beautiful and the interface is attractive.
2.You can make some settings on the music equalizer to get the best enjoyment.
3.It servers as a music player as well as a video player.
1.If you need the complete functions, you have to pay for it.
1.I bet it is the best one I’ve even used.
2.It will be better if there are more colors available of it.
3.The sound quality of it is nice. And I have to say I love it.

App 5. Shuttle Music Player

This app is the fifth one I would like to introduce to you. The operation of it is easy and simple. And it offers a great user experience. You will find the options at the top bar of the interface, like the Recent, Artists, Albums and Songs, which makes it easy for people to find the tool they want and choose it with ease.

1.There are a function of sleep timer in this app so that you can enjoy music before sleeping without worrying about how and when to turn it down.
2.The equalizer built-in is nice.
3.You can change the theme of the app during the music is being playing.
1.It is just wonderful. I like it.
2.The thing is that there are several different albums for the same singer just because the audios are different.
3.It is an amazing app. But the top tool bar is a little hard to use for an user with a phone of small screen.

App 6. Equalizer

There are a lot of different songs in this app which makes sure that you can find the song you like with it. And the equalizer is good to use. You can say the interface seems kind of classical. With some big buttons in the interface, it is much easier to find the tool that you want to use. Just search for the music and pay for it.

1.The equalizer built-in is wonderful so that the users can benefit a lot from it.
2.The interface is simple instead of classical so that the users can use it with ease.
1.It is great especially for the equalizer.
2.What come I cannot make settings in it?
3.I like it so much.
4.It helps me to find songs easily.

App 7. Neutron Music Player

Now this is the seventh app in the list, but it is also as good as the one we talked before. Install the app on your Android phone and you can see the amazing interface of it. Click on the button of Albums and you can start to search for music yo like.

1.It is compatible with a lot of music formats.
2.It can play music with 32 bits or 64 bits.
1.You have to pay for it if you like it.
1.The music from it is so beautiful.
2.It crashes at times. And it also loses the music library I make online. Is there any way to deal with this situation?
3.I just have to turn to another music player. It is such a junk.
4.I pay for it and I get benefits from it. It is awesome.

App 8. n7player Music Player

There are some people say the interface of it is kind inconvenient, but also someone think it a nice innovation. Anyway all the operations are clearly displayed on the interface and you can find them if you want. It is an user friendly app.

1.It provides with 3D sound effect which is awesome.
2.You can edit the tags with this app.
3.It has the sleep timer too.
1.You have to pay for it.
2.If you don’t want to pay for it, you can use the free trial version which allows you only ten days but with complete functions however.
1.I have just paid for it. But why doesn’t it work for me?
2.The albums just gone and I have to download again afterwards.
3.It is seems unfriendly with my Huawei, and I have to turn to another player.
4.Why people say about the problems of it, I can see it just working well.

App 9. Rocket Player

There are some great functions of it so people like it. The layout is nice and it is easy to find the songs you have.

1.It supports a lot of music formats.
2.The update speed is fast.
1.The pictures it offers are kind of fancy.
1.I’m regretting that I’ve brought the complete version. It is simply a waste.
2.I think it worth the full stars. It is just wonderful.
3.Why have I updated? It has made all the playlists gone and I have to create them once again.

App 10. FlipBeats Music Player

This app is one that is full with young blood, and it is popular mainly among the young people. Launch it on your Android phone and you will find it colorful and graphic. The features of it are complete and the operation of it is easy.

1.The interface is attractive.
2.The equalizer is not only handy but also of good look.
1.The interface is too fancy for some people so it can make them hard to find the options they need.
1.Can I say it the best music app for Android phones?
2.I just love it.
3.It is amazing and awesome!

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