Why Putting Music on HTC 10, HTC U Ultra & HTC U Play?

Android devices today have more of a market share of the mobile phone marketplace than at any time in the past. While Apple iPhone still continues to be the world’s most dominant phone, there is no question that Android phones such as those made from Samsung and HTC are running close.

While Android phones today match the iPhone at every level, the fact is many still struggle to get their Apple based music onto their Android device, such as the HTC 10. If you are a long time iPod user, it is likely that most of your digital music collection will be tied up with iTunes. Now, if you have since moved on to the Android, getting your iTunes playlist onto your new Android phone can be a real chore, unless you get help, from apps such as Wondershare MobileGo.

So, if you have recently bought an HTC 10, here’s what Wondershare MobileGo does – it not only puts music on HTC 10, but can transfer the music from HTC 10 back to your computer or iTunes. It manages your music or playlist with ease. What’s more, it even makes the ringtone for your phone and performs several other functions related to music.

Before we discuss more about how to put music on HTC 10 using MobileGo, let’s quickly talk about HTC 10. So, what led you to buy the HTC 10?

The new HTC 10 represents a great comeback from the Taiwanese company which was once the no. 1 Android smartphone manufacturer in the world. HTC has fallen by the wayside, even has smart and ambitious smartphone makers such as Samsung, Xiaomi and LG have dominated the Android phone market. Now, with new phones such as HTC 10, Taiwanese company has been working hard to recover lost groung.

The HTC 10 sports a brand new design, great display and excellent audio. It is reminiscent in a lot of ways of the legendary HTC M8. Its new BoomSound audio system is very popular with music lovers around the world. Now, the HTC 10’s external speakers are not the best you’ll get, but they are pretty decent. You are sure to get a more rounded audio experience with the new HTC 10. Indeed, some have said that the music on HTC 10 sounded better than the iPhone 6S.

Next, let’s talk a bit about Wondershare MobileGo and tell you how it puts music on HTC 10.

Wondeshare MobileGo is really two different types of products. One is the MobileGo app for Android. It works as an optimization app for Android and comes with a neat bunch of features, which includes putting music from the computer and iTunes into your Android phone. The second version of MobileGo is as an app for the PC, which provides a set of features and tools that help manage your Android device effectively, from the PC.

MobileGo manages everything from apps to contacts, to media and backs up and restores your files on the PC. It is particularly effective with iTunes and backs up everything with a single click.

Indeed, MobileGo is one of the most powerful music management software out there. You can use to transfer music to your HTC 10 from a computer. You can use MobileGo to import iTunes playlists, delete the music that you don’t need quickly and efficiently in batches, Export Playlist to iTunes and to set a song of your choice as a ringtone.

It does more – MobileGo allows you to download music from an MP3 download or for that matter from any music site of your choice. It’s very easy to use Wondershare MobileGo – just download it here and launch it on your computer.

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Next, connect your HTC 10 to the computer with a USB cable or over WiFi. MobileGo recognizes your HTC 10 and displays it in the primary window.

If you have used MobileGo with iOS before, we can tell you that it works differently with Android and has a different interface. It has the exporting functionality with Android, for example, which is not available with iOS.

So how does MobileGo put music on HTC 10, HTC U Ultra & HTC U Play?

MobileGo uses two methods to put music on HTC 10 & HTC U Ultra Phone. They are…

Let’s discuss how to make this work for you.

How to convert and put music on HTC 10 from your PC?

Follow the steps given here to transfer music from your computer to your HTC 10.

Step #1: Open the MobileGo on your PC. Click on “Music” in the left column.


Step #2: You will notice the music management window towards the right. Here, click on the triangle that’s below Add -> Add File, or click on Add Folder.

Put Music on HTC 10

Step #3: Now can you see the file browser window? From here, you can select the songs of your choice to be imported from the PC to HTC 10. You can preview the songs on the built-in player on MobileGo. You can also create new folders, playlists and albums should you want to – just right click Music and click on the option to save the songs that are being imported.

Step #4: Okay, what if the imported songs have a format that your Android does not recognize? Nothing to worry about – you can perform a quick convert operation on MobileGo and convert your music files into a format that Android understands – MP3. Just follow the instructions in the pop-up dialog box, as simple as that.

How to transfer & put music on HTC 10 from iTunes?

Next, let’s discuss how to import music from iTunes to HTC 10.

Step #1. Open MobileGo, click on the “Super Toolkit” tab.

Step #2. Next, go to the Media Management section. Here, select the option Import iTunes Playlists. MobileGo scans all playlists present in iTunes and displays each playlist in the Import iTunes Playlists Window which pops up.

import itunes music to HTC 10
Step #3. Okay, now check the playlists that you are interested in and want to transfer to your HTC 10. Go to the lower right corner of pop-up window and click OK.

Step #4. That’s it! MobileGo automatically starts importing the playlists from iTunes to HTC 10.

The process is as easy and intuitive as it gets. Just be sure to keep the HTC 10 connected to the PC the whole time.

How to transfer music from HTC 10 to the PC?

You can very easily transfer music from HTC 10 to the PC. Here’s how to do it…

Step #1. Open MobileGo. Click on “Music”.

Step #2. The music management window opens up. Select the songs you like and click “Export”.

export music from HTC 10
Step #3. Okay, now you can see the file browser window. Now select a path where you can save the songs from HTC 10 to the PC.

That’s it! You have moved your favorite music from HTC 10 to PC.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Now you should have no trouble putting music on your HTC 10, HTC U Ultra & HTC U Play.

Next, grab the MobileGo Windows client, which is available for free on the official Wondershare MobileGo website. Okay, now for some great music!

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