The iPhone is a remarkable Smartphone containing unique features. It is the most in style brand in the world today, which is used by people of all age groups. In this article, we are specifically dealing with the latest iPhone model, i.e., the iPhone X. Users of iPhone X have often asked online for the best tips and tricks on how to put music on iPhone X and download free music for iPhone 8 (Plus) / iPhone X, along with professional advice for the top iPhone 8 music downloader. These are common questions, which we have sought to investigate in and answer for our reader’s convenience. If you are seeking solutions for such queries, this article can provide you with the best elucidation for your questions through the use of distinct pointers.

If you wish to learn how to put music on iPhone X / 8 and download free music for iPhone 8, just through this post, you can have the best preview for answers to such solutions. Also, we have added the finest iPhone 8 music downloader for your music download needs. The tools provided for you in this column are efficient and speedy in the task and are mostly advocated by regular users and technical experts. These can be used for your task performances in quick time.

So, if you possess the new iPhone 8 (Plus) / X and are seeking to make transfers from different devices like the Android phone, PC, iPad, iPod, and the like to your iPhone 8 device and vice versa, then we have got the most convenient and apt responses for you! Such transfers among devices are not simple unless users are aware of the tricks to go about doing them. The steps below must be carefully adhered to for the operation of such tasks. The post has been divided into four distinct parts according to their subjects. Read on to learn more about the most suitable iPhone 8 music downloader:

Part 1: How to put music on iPhone X / 8 without iTunes using dr.fone – Transfer

From the most recent developments, the dr.fone – Transfer (iOS) software is, without doubt, the simplest means to plant your desired songs on your iPhone 8 device without the use of iTunes. It is an apt iPhone 8 music downloader. We have included some detailed key program features for you to read and judge to download free music for iPhone 8.

Also, we have made sharp and easy to understand pointers, which can display to you on how the program can be operated. This is the top technique to learn how to put music on iPhone 8 devoid of iTunes. Read on to know more about this remarkable software:

Basic program features for dr.fone – Transfer (iOS):

  • This program can transfer your song files, images, playlists, contacts, SMS, audio and video files, TV Shows, Podcasts, and the like from your PC or iTunes to an iOS device.
  • The dr.fone software can shift your data files among iOS devices at ease.
  • The program manages any iOS device devoid of iTunes.
  • It can edit and alter images and video to GIF format and distribute the GIF files on any SNS site.
  • It can mechanically secure and make the most effective use of song information.
  • Though this program, your contacts can also be de-duplicated.
  • dr.fone – Transfer can easily restore and backup your songs library on iTunes.
  • It is wholly supported on the iOS 11 operating system.

How to put music on iPhone X / 8 through dr.fone – Transfer

Step 1: Start by downloading and installing the dr.fone program on your PC and open its interface.

Download dr.fone – Transfer (iOS) Free

Step 2: You are then required to link your iPhone 8 device to the PC through the use of a USB cable. After this, the program will immediately detect it.

Step 3: Then, select the ‘Music‘ icon located at the top of the main program menu. Tap on the ‘+Add‘ icon and choose either ‘Add Folder‘ or ‘Add File‘ to add songs on your iPhone 8 device.

Step 4: You can now start adding song files from your PC and tap on the ‘Open‘ button to initiate the music transfer from your PC to iPhone 8.

Part 2: How to download free music for iPhone X / 8 from a PC using iMusic – The Best iPhone Music Downloader

To initiate this method, you would need a few essentials:

  • iMusic – the Best iPhone 8 / X music downloader
  • A Windows operating computer or Mac for downloading desired songs
  • Your iPad along with the USB Cable

The steps below provide valuable information on how to download free music for iPhone 8. Follow the steps carefully for effective results:

Step 1: Start by running the iMusic program on your PC.

You are required to download the best iPhone 8 music downloader – iMusic program and install it on your PC for transferring your music from the PC to your iPad device. Then, you may connect your iPhone 8 to the PC through a USB cable. Soon, the connected iPhone will be shown to you on its interface when you tap on the ‘DEVICE‘ button on the main menu. Also, get to know how to convert URL to MP3 effortlessly.

Download iMusic Free

Step 2: Add your songs to iPhone 8 / X / XS / XR

You are then needed to tap on the ‘Music‘ button located at the top-left section of the interface after which you will view the iPad music library. Hit the ‘Add‘ icon located at the top right section and choose the ‘Add Folder‘ or ‘Add File‘ options through the drop-down menu. This will allow you to put song files from the PC.

Step 3: Download music from PC to iPhone

After having selected your desired song files, the iMusic program will start the music download from PC to iPhone. In case you possess any file, which is incompatible with iPhone 8, the iMusic program will convert it for you and transfer the files.


Download free music for iPhone X/8 using iMusic- Automatic Compatible Format

The iOS devices and iTunes are generally not compatible with all kinds of audio format. These are mostly limited to those like the M4A, MP3, and the like. When you choose to download your desired songs from PC to iPhone 8 using the iMusic program, the program will mechanically convert your incompatible files into MP3 format and then make the iPhone 8 transfer.

Advantages of music transfer from PC to iPhone XS/XR/X/8 through iMusic

  • You can download unlimited songs from PC to iPhone.
  • There will be no data loss amidst the transferring process.
  • You can share songs among all iDevices and PCs with no difficulty.
  • The program is very fast for copying songs from PC to iPhone.

Part 3: How to put music on iPhone X / 8 from PC using iMyFone TunesMate

The iMyFone TunesMate program is a remarkable tool often opted for any kind of music transfer from the PC to iPhone. It is a suitable iPhone 8 music downloader. This program carries such operations without any loss of data. It is the in the total alternative for the iTunes app, which lets you put songs on your iPhone 8 device from iTunes or the PC, iPhone music backups and backups restoration, and deletes unnecessary song files or song duplicates in mass without any issue. The program is exceedingly advocated by many users and popular media.

Basic program features:

  • It supports the transfer of paid-for music or non-purchased song files.
  • It supports entire video or music formats. The program readily converts incompatible song files to the supported iPhone version while doing iPhone transfers.
  • In contrast to iTunes, the subsisting songs on iPhone 8 are not erased while downloading to iPhone 8/X.
  • The program transfers songs to iPhone 8 through varied iTunes libraries or PCs without erasing.
  • It can support songs, movies, audio books, ringtones, photo library, podcasts, playlists, camera roll, and the like.

Download iMyFone TunesMate Free

To use the software, you are required to download the iMyFone TunesMate program on your PC, which is trial free. Follow the steps below to download free music for iPhone X / 8 (Plus):

Step 1: Start by opening TunesMate on the PC. Then, join your iPhone 8 to the PC using a USB cable. For first-timers, simply hit the ‘Trust‘ button from the pop-up box on iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Music‘ button located on the top of the list on the TunesMate program. Choose ‘Add‘ icon and then tap on either ‘Add Folder‘ or ‘Add File‘ options.

Step 3: Select your music location on the PC. Choose the song files, which you wish to include, and tap ‘OK’ to initiate the transfer.


In case the intended song file is not compatible with iPhone 8, the TunesMate app will instantly start converting it to a supported iPhone format. The iPhone 8 device supports specific song formats, which includes WAV, AAC, MP3, AAX, etc. In contrast to iTunes sync, this program will not delete your valuable iPhone 8 data even in the case where sync is already being made to a different iTunes library.

Other task managing features on iPhone X / 8 music using TunesMate

  • The program allows a two-way transferring of files between iPhone 8 and the PC or iTunes.
  • It can manage iPhone or iTunes music library smartly – back up, add, delete, and edit.
  • You are allowed to manually convert song files’ information like the album, name, artist, artwork, and the like.
  • The program provides choices to manage song playlists, like music transfers among different playlists, adding music to the playlist, renaming, creating, etc.

Part 4: How to put music on iPhone X / 8 using FoneTrans

FoneTrans program is a remarkable tool, which allows you to add songs to iPhone from Mac or the PC using Windows. It is a fitting iPhone 8 music downloader.

Basic program features:

  • The program can add songs on iPhone 8, devoid of iTunes, from PC.
  • Transfer song files from any iDevices to iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X.
  • Convert music files routinely for iPhone 8 compatibility.
  • Export songs from iPhone 8/X to the PC or iTunes.
  • It is supported on the iOS 11, entire iPhone models, and the like.

Follow the steps below carefully to learn how to download free music for iPhone X / 8 (Plus):

Download FoneTrans for Windows Download FoneTrans for Mac

Step 1: You can start by running FoneTrans and connecting your iPhone X/8 to the computer.

Launch the program on your PC and use a USB cable to link your phone with the PC. You will need to wait for a while till the software detects iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

Step 2: Adding songs to iPhone X / 8 devoid of iTunes

Tap on the ‘ADD‘ icon from the ‘Music‘ category in ‘Media‘ to put the music folder or file to add songs to the iPhone music library. For adding a ringtone, tap on the ‘Ringtones’ icon.


1. When you wish to share song files among 2 iOS devices, simply link both devices to the PC. Then tap on ‘Media‘ to locate the song files. Then, choose the desired device to which you want to transfer your song files from the ‘Export to‘ option. Now you can easily transfer your files.

2. When you wish to add songs from iPhone X to iTunes or the PC, you can simply link iPhone X to the PC and choose desired song files from iPhone X. Then, tap on the ‘Export to iTunes Library‘ button from the ‘Export to PC‘ category in the ‘Export to’ menu.

These tips and tricks can help you in choosing the best iPhone X / 8 music downloader. In the sea of new gadgets and apps, finding such iPhone 8 music downloader is a great boon! After reading these steps, you have also learned how to download free music for iPhone 8 / XS / XR / X.

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