Methods to Put Music on LG G4 PRO from PC/iTunes/Other Device

How to Put Music on New LG G4 Pro?

With the development of technique, nowadays, people rely heavily on the smart device. Among all smart devices, the smartphone is the most important one, and people prefer to contact with friends, share daily moments, store files and enjoy music through smart device now. Due to the large market of smartphone, more and more new models of phones are released in the market every year. In addition to the popular iPhone device, there are also many other excellent phones in the market, such as the newly released LG G4 PRO!

As a predecessor of LG G4, the new LG G4 PRO has a host of new features while equipped with excellent features of LG G4. As to the appearance, LG G4 PRO comes with a few noteworthy changes, for example, the device is curved for a more comfortable grip and it is slightly more round in the corners. Displayed with the same resolution, LG G4 PRO is 25% brighter than LG G4 and is more color-accurate. In addition, the 16MP camera of the LG G4 PRO is an improvement over the 13MP solution that was found on the G3 and the rear shooter of the new device has an aperture of 1/8 to allow more than 80% more light to hit the sensor. What’s more, you can launch the camera app quite fast than some of its rivals! With these advanced features above, LG G4 PRO is a good choice for you and you can have a different experience with the new phone. LG G4 PRO will be a good start of using an Android smartphone.

When switching to a new phone, the first thing you have to do is transferring data from your old phone. Among all files, music is quite important one if you have collected a lot. Here I will show you how to put music on LG G4 PRO. When it comes to transferring music, the first tool you may think of is iTunes, right? However, you will find it difficult to transfer files from your iPhone to new LG G4 Pro Android device. Well, don’t need to worry now! In the following article, I will show you the ever-best methods to complete the transfer. Please choose the most suitable method according to your preference.

Method 1: Put music on LG G4 PRO from Nokia/iDevice/Android

Up to now, there are three popular operating systems of smartphone, which are Android, iOS and Win Phone respectively. However, you should know that it is quite difficult to transfer music between two different OS due to some limitations. To transfer files among the three operating systems, you’d better turn to help from a third-party program. Here is my recommendation – dr.fone – Phone Transfer, which is quite useful to put music on your LG G4 PRO from iDevices, Windows phones and other Android phones in one click!

Here are steps for you to handle the program in detail. Just follow me to have a try.

Step 1: Install dr.fone on your computer.

To start with, please download the program and install it on your computer by following the installation instruction. You can then see a clean and simple interface of the program.

Here you can download the free trial version of either Windows version or Mac version, please choose either one according to the system of your computer.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer


Step 2: Connect your two devices to the computer via USB cables

Now, please connect your old phone and LG G4 PRO to the computer via USB cables. The program will start to detect and recognize your devices immediately and display them in the starting window of the program. For example, you want to transfer music from iPhone 6 to LG G4 PRO, the program will display your devices with iPhone 6 at the left side of the window and LG G4 PRO in the right side as the destination device.

iphone to lg g4 pro music transfer

Step 3: Put music on LG G4 PRO from your old device

Now as you can see, in the middle part of the starting window, you can select content to copy. The program will detect files in your old device and classify them into different categories. You can also see numbers of each category besides the files. Now, just choose the Music type to continue. Then please click on the button Start Transfer. The program will start to transfer files for you automatically. You can see the process bar in the middle of the interface.

Copy Music from iPhone to LG G4 PRO

Note: If you want to empty your LG G4 PRO before you start to copy files, you can tick off the option “clear data before copy” under the device of your LG G4 PRO. If you don’t need, just ignore it.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Method 2: Transfer music to LG G4 PRO with help of third-party tools

As you know, there are many formats of music files, and the formats supported by different devices are different in some condition. Thus, after you transfer music files to your LG G4 PRO, you may find some of them cannot be played successfully. If you want to put your collected music files on LG G4 PRO and play them fluently without the bug, you need help from third-party tools. When searching in the market for such a tool, you can find a lot of transfer tools, however, you should know that not all them could convert music into compatible format during the transfer.

Here I recommend you try the programs iMusic for Windows & Mac to have a try. Both of the two programs can transfer music files from your old phone to new device and convert formats such as AMR, AC3, and WMA to compatible formats for your device. In addition to transfer files, the program also enables you to download music online and transfer them to your target device in an easy way.

In the following passages, you can learn how to conduct the program step by step. Here I will take iMusic as an example. You can follow similar steps if you are Mac version user.

Step 1: Install the program on your computer

The program is quite easy to use for both experts and first users. Before all steps, you need to install the program on your computer by following the wizard and run it by double-clicking. Before you download the program, please check the operating systems and model of devices that are supported by the program.

Download iMusic Free

Step 2: Connect your LG G4 PRO to computer via USB cable

After step 1 to install the program on your computer, you can then see a clean and friendly interface of the program. As you can see in the starting window, you are required to connect both your old phone and LG G4 PRO to the computer. Please do as required via USB cables.

Connect Samsung Galaxy S7 to PC

The program is quite professional to detect your LG G4 PRO immediately and then display them in the starting window of the program. You can also check more detailed information of your LG G4 PRO such as the battery, contents model, memory capacity and more other details. In the left side column, you can see several categories that classify all files in your LG G4 PRO. To transfer music files, please click on Music to move to the next step.

Step 3: Put on more music on LG G4 PRO

After clicking on Music, you can then see the music window that shows you all music files that are saved on your LG G4 PRO. To add more music files on your new device, you can click on the button Add at the top side of the starting window. You will get a drop window after clicking the little triangle under Add. In the drop-down window, you can see all music files with detailed information such as time, name, artist, size and even created information are well organized. With this detailed information, you can choose exactly the ones you want to put on LG G4 PRO. To save your time, you can also choose music files according to music types and formats if you don’t want to select files one by one.

As I mentioned above, the program can not only transfer media files for you but also detect and convert music files that are not compatible with your new LG G4 PRO device at the same time. When you are transferring music files through the program iMusic, you will see a pop-up window at the end of the process that ask you whether to convert the music of the wrong format into MP3 format. Just give the answer yes here.

Download iMusic Free

Method 3: Transfer music by using LG G4 PRO as external hard drive

For many people, when it comes to transfer files from one smartphone to another one, take LG G4 PRO as an external hard drive will be their first choice. Here will show you detailed steps to complete the task and according to disadvantages of the method.

Step 1: Firstly, please connect your old phone and new LG G4 PRO to computer via USB cables. The program will start to detect your devices and then display them for you. In order to save your music files conveniently, you can choose to create a new folder at first.

Step 2: Now it’s the main body of the method. You can check the music files saved on your computer and choose the ones that you want to save on your LG G4 PRO. However, it may take you a lot of time to complete the step since you have to find the music files you want to transfer from huge numbers of music folders on your computer without help from third-party tools.

Step 3: After selecting the music files you want to transfer to LG G4 PRO, you can copy and paste them to your new device then.


  • Time-Consuming: The process is quite easy to do, however, you will have to spend a lot of time to wait for the transferring.
  • Incompatible of Formats: Since your music files are just transferred by copy and paste, you have to face the problem of incompatible of formats after transferring them to LG G4 PRO.

Due to the disadvantages above, you may face some frustrating problems during the process when you just take your devices as an external device. To save your time and complete the transfer successfully, you’d better turn to a useful third-party tool for help so that you can enjoy music on LG G4 Pro more conveniently.

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