Lost personal data on your Samsung phone or tablet will cause a variety of effects, so it is of great importance to create a backup of your Samsung devices. As we all know, Samsung Kies is the most popular professional syncing software, which can manage the files on you Samsung Phone or tablet devices, backup and restore is the most useful function of this software, which can backup the files on your Samsung Phone or tables devices to your personal computer and also can restore this files from your personal computer to your Samsung Phone or tablet when you need. But in this process, you might come up with many questions you never know how to solve it, so we will tell you some useful tips to solve your problems when you are using Samsung Kies 3 to backup or restore data of your Samsung devices.

CASE 1: How to establish a connection of devices and Samsung Kies 3?

You can establish connection of your Samsung device and Samsung Kies 3 via the regular USB data cable, which you can find it in the package of your device when you bought, and then just follow the steps below to connect your device and Samsung Kies 3.

Step 1. Connect to your Samsung Phone or tablet with the smaller end of the data cable and connect to the USB port of your computer on the other end of the data cable.
Step 2. Your computer will install compatible device driver automatically when your Samsung device is connected to your computer.
Note: Sometimes your computer may not install compatible device driver automatically, you need to manually operate this step, visit your device’s manufacturer’s website, often is Samsung Support site, and then find the tag of “Support” in the guide menu, click and see all downloads so you can download the relevant driver of your device.
Step 3. Open the Samsung Kies 3. It will establish a connection to your Samsung device automatically and show this message below.

CASE 2: What kind of data can you backup & restore with your Samsung device by using Samsung Kies 3?

By using Samsung Kies 3 you can back up or restore the data of contacts, call logs, videos, photos, messages, memos, email account information, ringtones, and something else. Once you click Backup/ Restore tab, you will find the complete list of content that can be backed up and restore.

CASE 3: Steps to back up your device with Samsung Kies 3?

Step 1. When your device had connected to your PC, you can find Samsung Kies 3 software and open it.
Step 2. Click the tab of backup/restore, it will show you all kinds of data that you can back up with Samsung Kies 3.

Step 3. Select what kind of data you want to back up in the box by clicking the box before the option. If you want back up everything in the windows, just click the button of Select all on the top.

Step 4. After then, click the button of backup.

Step 5. A pop up notification will show you the date, time, and contents of the backup at this time. Just Click on the button of Complete to finish the backup operation with Samsung Kies.

CASE 4: How to restore your device with Samsung Kies 3?

Step 1. When your device had connected to your PC, you can find Samsung Kies 3 software and open it.
Step 2. Click the tab of Back up/Restore.

Step 3. Click the button of Restore Data.

Step 4. Select any file that you want to restore to your device, when you can’t find the file, just click on the button of Find file, then select the file to get next.

Step 5. When you have selected the backup file of you want, just click the button of Restore.

Step 6. At last, you need to click the “Complete” button to finish the task.

CASE 5: What should you do when you can’t find your device in Samsung Kies 3?

You should to be noticed that Samsung Kies 3 doesn’t compatible with all kinds of device models. It is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices with an Android 4.3 version system and above. Samsung Kies 3 also can be used by Mac users. If you can be sure that your device is compatible with Samsung Kies 3 and you had to use it for backup/restore with no problem, then you can follow these steps to confirm whether your device is connected to your computer.

  • Reconnect the device to your computer.
  • You are using the bad computer port which may not work as usual, change the port one by one.
  • Try connecting your computer with another device like dock station.
  • Check the new version of Samsung Kies 3, because your software isn’t the newest one.
  • Try closing and reopening the application once.
  • Restart your device and your computer finally.

If there is something wrong with the device driver or Samsung Kies 3, it can also lead to this phenomenon.

How to update drivers:

If you are a Windows user, you can use a connection troubleshooting function to update drivers in Samsung Kies 3.
Step 1. Open Samsung Kies 3.
Step 2. Find the tab of Tools and click Re-install button.

Step 3. You will show by this warning message and click yes, after that the troubleshooting function of re-installing process will keep going.
Step 4. You need to disconnect your device and re-connected your device after the troubleshooting function of re-installing process is completed.

How to re-install Samsung Kies 3 (Windows):

If this problem isn’t disappeared, we suggest you uninstall your Samsung Kies 3 in your computer and download the software in the Internet for re-install.

How to uninstall Samsung Kies 3:

Step 1. First of all, you need to disconnect your device from your computer.
Step 2. Then visit the website Samsung Kies official website by your website browser.
Step 3. Find the option Download and click it on the home page.
Step 4. You can find two options, Kies 3 and Kies 2.6, just select Kies 3.
Step 5. After the download completes, just click the file to run this software.
Step 6. Then you will get two options, which are removed Samsung Kies 3, you need to select this option to remove Samsung Kies 3.
Step 7. Select the option of yes, when you get the message box of checking. (You can find next to the option of deleting temp save)
Step 8. After all the steps above are expected to be completed, the software is deleted.

CASE 6: How to transfer backup files from a device made by another manufacturer isn’t using Samsung Kies 3?

You can also transfer files from another device to your Samsung device with Samsung Kies 3.
Just follow the steps below:
Step 1. Your computer and your device must establish a connection already.
Step 2. Find the icon in your desktop and open Samsung Kies 3.
Step 3. Click the tab of Tools.
Step 4. Click the option of Transferring data from a non-Samsung device.
Step 5. Select Samsung.

Step 6. You can select anyone of the following options without Samsung devices: Apple®, Nokia®, LG®, and Blackberry®.

Step 7. You can click on Change to select the backup file you want. Select the file and open it.

Step 8. It will show the content in the window for you. Choose the content you want to backup, you need to select I agree and click Start to start.

Step 9. After the process of backup is completed, click the button of Complete.

CASE 7: How to Fix an Emergency Firmware Recovery for your Samsung device with Samsung Kies 3?

If you were failed when you were updating your device with an Emergency Firmware Recovery. Don’t be sad, you can reset your device easily with the following simple steps.
Step 1. Click the tab of Tools and select the “Emergency firmware recovery” option.

Step 2. You will find your device in the list when your device need reset to recovery. You need do nothing but select your device recovery then click it to start.

Step 3. You should copy the code of your device to some place in case you will use again. It will be used again when you restoring it completed from another computer.
Step 4. You need to let your device get to recovery mode and then click to start it.

CASE 8: How to Fix an Emergency Firmware Recovery for your device with Samsung Kies 3 from another PC?

If you were failed while using the process in Question # 7 to perform an emergency firmware recovery for your device, you can also do it on another computer. Just follow this:
Step 1. Find the tab of Tools and click it.
Step 2. Select Emergency firmware recovery and using the recovery code you had copied before to Emergency recovery.
Step 3. After put your device into recovery mode, just Click Start button to upgrade.

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