Well, most of us have as accidentally deleted or lost a file in our smartphones. There are times, out of unfortunate events; we are stuck in waiting for our phone or any devices to load, but no response – ending it to data lost. It has also become a problem when old phones, full memory shutdown, and even unexplained system crash may cause our files to be lost. In between those events, we may lose important files, or some files are erased. Then how can we recover data from dead phone in an easy way?

What is so nice about in this digital world, there are now ready-to-use dead phone data recovery tools that now easily can be accessed and possibly used.

Part 1. Why Do We Need a Dead Phone Data Recovery?

PC, phones and other electronic devices lock up or freeze and eventually dies due to the following reasons:

  • “Wear and tear” – All electronic gadgets have to expire in time, regardless how well you take care of your phone. There has to be a time a device has to be upgraded and replaced.
  • Storage Location – Lifespan decreases depending on how users handle their devices. Exposure to sunlight, high temperature, water and moist and other outside factors may affect device’s lifespan.
  • Virus infection – More often than not, virus and other computer bugs may affect speed and performance of a phone. A lot of virus, often attack internal processing memory of devices by causing freezing and system crash. Other extension files are also targeted by viruses which shut down operation of the phone. There are also viruses that intentionally erase photos, videos, and other files.
  • Configuration incompatibility – Installation of apps from untrusted third parties may also cause device freezing or system crash.
  • Memory full – When phone reached its maximum storage capacity, it starts to work slowly and then ends up freezing and dying.
  • Multiple apps are running – Phones have limited capacity in handling multiple programs. If there are a lot of apps that are opened at one time, it often freezes. Imagine a person doing multiple tedious jobs at one time, thus exhausting man’s effort and energy to perform many activities at one time. Same way with phones, once the device has difficulty performing all tasks simultaneously, it freezes down or shuts down.
  • Hardware Issues – There are cases that device’s parts may cause the phone to freeze and does not work properly. Electronic parts are quite sensitive that when exposed to extreme heat or these parts are mishandled wrongly, physical parts of tending to be destroyed. Thus phone often discontinues operating properly.
  • Other Software Issues – Operating System, system drivers, and updates are also causing a phone to die and freeze up.

Common ways to fix the frozen Andriod phone and locked other devices:

>> Force restart – This is done by forcing to turn-off phone by the long pressing power button. Turning back on the phone can allow the phone to work again.

>> Removing of battery – This is only applicable for Samsung or any Android phones where batteries can be removed physically for few seconds. After which, put the battery pack on and turn on the phone.

By doing these two methods, you cannot completely recover data from dead phone or worst even lose more data and corrupt other files on your phone. This article will show you how to use the two of the best dead phone data recovery programs, which are available online – Aiseesoft’s FoneLab for Broken Android Data Recovery and dr.fone – Recover (Android).

Part 2. Recover Data from Dead Phone by Wondershare’s – dr.fone Android Data Recovery.

Basically, dr.fone – Recover (Android) can restore erased and lost data from accidental deletion, auto-safety factory reset mode, unexpected device’s system error or rooting crash, jailbreak and other ROM flashing effect, unfortunate device locking, device wear and tear, virus, misplaced or lost system links, memory full and among other reasons from phone’s internal storage.

dr.fone – Android Recover Features and Functions:

  • Provide recovery for different kinds of broken Smartphones: System crash, phone locking, window, broken Monitor (LED) or screen, frozen window
  • Able to Allows Retrieval of files and other data inside Smartphone’s or any Android device’s SD Cards, memory and internal storage: saving, copying, and backup of retrieved data
  • Easy, speedy and smart recovery of files which allows preview of data files (then user can pre-select data to be recovered)
  • Support for wide variety of Smartphones and other Android device (such as various Samsung phones and tablets), data file types (like contacts, messages, WhatsApp and other messaging apps, photos, videos, etc.), and easy to match System Requirements (Windows OS and other Android models)

“Once my phone was infected by an unknown virus, my files randomly cannot be accessed or seen. I thought I wouldn’t be able to retrieve it. Someone from our IT department recommended Android Data Recovery, and I was so surprised all my lost files are recovered! ” – Ven Astill

dr.fone – Recover (Android) is the best dead phone data recovery app. I thought all my memories died with the phone. It was able to restore not only on my phone memory also on SD Cards and other phone storage devices.” – Peter League

Steps how to recover data from dead phone using dr.fone – Recover (Android):

Step #1 – Download the Dead Phone Data Recovery and then install it on your computer

Install dr.fone for Android Data Recovery. Follow installation steps by agreeing on the app contract stated during the installation process.

Download dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Step #2 – Connect Android device to PC

Using cable wire, link phone to PC where dr.fone app is installed.
dr.fone - Recover from Broken Android Phone

Step #3 – Launch app

>> Click “Recover from Broken Phone“. Choose which type of file to recover. Then choose the current status of your device:

A.”Touch doesn’t work or cannot access the phone”
B.”Black/broken screen”

>> Enter device’s name and model.
>> Click “Next”. Then, “Confirm”.

Step #4 – Restart (broken) Device

>> Turn off the device by holding press and hold these buttons simultaneously – Volume Down + Home + Power
>> Then, press “Volume Up“.

Step #5 – Continue Recovery process on the PC where Android Data Recovery is installed

>> Click, “Recover“.
>> Check files you want to recover, click “Recover”.
>> Wait for data to be recovered, click “Back”.
>> End process by clicking “Exit Recovery Mode“.

Try dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Part 3. Recover Data from Dead Phone by AiseeSoft’s FoneLab for Android.

Most of us would basically do all the initial response to frozen or unresponsive devices, and dead phones; we may all have tried forced restarting our phones, removing batteries, or forcing factory setting recovery. These may result in data loss, system link deletion, and among others. But it is not a big problem now. There is a data recovery tool app which can recover lost data.

Aiseesoft’s FoneLab for Android Features and Functions:

  • Versatility in data retrieval of dead phone on any Smartphone conditions: virus cause, system crash, unresponsive screen, blank screen, wet phones/broken phones, and password locking.
  • Efficient Recovery of files and other data from damaged Android phone’s memory /internal storage and SD Card storage (User-friendly process in viewing and retrieving contacts, call history, photos, videos, other app files, etc. from Smartphone’s internal storage and SD card storages). It can also recover Snapchat photos & recover deleted Instagram photos with ease.
  • Allows various compatibility with any Operating System (Windows, Gingerbread, etc.) and Android phone units (basically almost all kinds of Samsung phone and tablet models).
  • Secured and stress-free data recovery software even for nontechie persons (can fix phone easily without causing any harm to your smartphone).

Aiseesoft’s FoneLab – Broken Android Data Recovery is considered a powerful app to recover data from dead phone or Recover Deleted Instagram Photos from Android or iPhone. It is highly recommended by previous and current users who have tried this dead phone data recovery app.

“Fonelab was able to recover documents from my phone that has stopped working.” – Merlyn

“Only Fonelab was able to retrieve my photos and videos which other dead phone data recovery tool has promised. ” – Tom Banks

“I was a skeptic at first if this software will be able to recover my photos from my broken Samsung Tablet, but AiseeSoft’s FoneLab was all worth a try! I was able to get back my photos and other files.” – Merlyn

Steps how to recover data from dead phone using AiseeSoft’s FoneLab for Android Data Extraction:

Step #1 – Download and install the dead phone data recovery – FoneLab.

Install AiseeSoft’s FoneLab. Follow installation steps by agreeing on the app contract stated during the installation process.

Download FoneLab for Android

Step #2 – Connect your phone to computer

>>Connect PC and broken device using a USB cable wire. Make sure connection between them is stable.

Step #3 – Run the Dead Phone Data Recovery to recover data from dead phone

>> Click “Broken Android Phone Data Extraction“.

>> Click Start if device memory or Operating System is still working but has issues like broken and unresponsive touch screen, and forgotten login details.

But if the phone has issues with the operating system itself, or its system is corrupted. Click “Fix Device“.

>> Indicate the name and model of your damaged or half – damaged device. Click “Confirm.

Step #4 – Restart Device that you need to recover your files and other data.

>> Long Press and hold together buttons for Volume Down + Home + Power.
>> Then, press “Volume Up“.
>> Then click, “Start” button.

Step #5 – Going back to PC where FoneLab is installed

Recover data from Dead Phone with FoneLab for Broken Android Data Recovery
>> Select “Messages“, and then, choose on “Message Attachments“.
>> Then, click on, “Next”. Click on the items you wanted to restore or restore.
>> Click on “Recover” which you should save on your PC.

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