Recover Deleted Instagram Photos from Android or iPhone

The Instagram app has come out in recent days, as the most popularly used social media application. It is employed by people, ranging from kids, teenagers, or even adults.

For the most part, it is an application where people come together to share visuals, in the form of pictures or stories.

In this blog post, we are thus catering to a wide audience platform and giving out a few good ways to recover deleted Instagram photos, which were accidentally removed previously.

As the most popular platform for communication in the present time, a good number of individuals prefer to share their up-to-date pictures on Instagram on a daily basis. You may already have downloaded and saved a lot of precious Instagram screenshot photos and memes on your given Android or iPhone device.

But what about when you accidentally delete your precious Instagram photo collection and need to acquire them all back?

To recover deleted Instagram photos is a grave complexity and if this situation seems quite familiar in your own case, then this is your ideal article.

This information guide has been prepared for your use to recover deleted Instagram photos.

The following are a few causes behind which, the unfortunate deletion of Instagram photos take place:

  • While deleting redundant files, for instance, images, text messages, videos, audio, contacts, WhatsApp messages, and so forth, you may delete Instagram pictures accidentally in the same vein.
  • Your precious Instagram photos may get deleted mistakenly while resetting your Android or iPhone device to its factory settings.
  • A number of existing infected system files can affect file corruption, and you could lose Instagram your photos.
  • There may be virus attacks on the Android or iPhone device, which can lead to the loss of data on your phone.

Read on and find out the precise techniques and steps to recover deleted Instagram photos. The segments below can illustrate further the entire process:

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SEGMENT 1: How to recover deleted Instagram photos from the iPhone device

You will naturally be out to retrieve your most precious Instagram screenshot images, especially if it is a collection of most interesting memes or pictures of loved ones. In this segment, we are specifically going to engage in ways to recover deleted Instagram photos from an iPhone device.

Do not fret anymore and confidently put your faith in a resourceful Instagram Recovery toolkit for iOS. The ablest and most competent program among the rest is the FoneLab for iOS program. This popular app can be of assistance to you in getting back your lost and deleted Instagram pictures on the iPhone device.

Follow the steps below to know how to recover deleted Instagram photos on your iPhone device with the use of the FoneLab for iOS program.

Step 1: You can start by first downloading and installing the FoneLab program on the PC, running on either Mac or Windows.

Step 2: Now you must launch the FoneLab interface and plug the iPhone device into the Mac or PC with the use of any USB cable. You will be entering into the ‘Recover from iOS Device‘ mode automatically. Tap on ‘Start Scan‘ for starting the scan on the iPhone device.

Step 3: The entirety of your iPhone file data will be displayed subsequent to the scan. Tap on the tab of ‘App Photos‘ on the left panel. You will see the Instagram document folder on the main program interface, including all your precious Instagram photos.

Step 4: Now mark all or the particular Instagram pictures that you would like to get back. Tap on the ‘Recover’ button and opt for your destination folder on the PC, for saving your iPhone Instagram pictures to your Mac or PC.

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SEGMENT 2: Ways to recover deleted Instagram photos from the Android device

In this segment, we are specifically dealing with the ways to recover deleted Instagram photos that were previously deleted or lost on the Android devices with the help of the powerful Android Instagram Recovery – FoneLab for Android.

I. Checking your Instagram folder on the Android device

Whenever you decide to upload pictures to the Instagram app from your Android phone, there is going to be an automatically saved copy simultaneously. You must be wondering how to find these copies on an Android device.

Instagram has a predisposition to back up your pictures on the phone itself. You can get easy access to them by simply going to the ‘My Files‘ option, selecting ‘Pictures‘, and tapping on the ‘Instagram folder‘. You can check out these photo files to see if you can recover deleted Instagram photos.

II. Step to recover deleted Instagram photos by way of the ideal Android Instagram Recovery app

In case you are on the hunt for software to recover deleted Instagram photos on the Android device specifically, then we would like to put forward the ideal program for use.

You can download and undertake the Android Instagram Recovery – FoneLab for Android for this very purpose. This toolkit is up to retrieving the entirety or a few selections of your erased data from the Android device, together with your precious Instagram images.

At the outset, download its free-of-charge version on your computer to try out the full benefits of the app.

Follow the easy step below to know how to recover deleted Instagram photos on Android devices without any difficulty.

Step 1: Scanning the photos from the Android

Firstly, connect the Android device to the PC. The program will recognize your device automatically. You have to debug the USB device mode on Android to allow the phone to trust this PC. Then opt for the type of file in ‘Picture Library‘ for initiating the scan process.

Step 2: Rooting the Android device

Subsequent to the scan procedure, the program will root the Android device automatically. In case it falls short of doing that, then you have to pursue the guide for granting the license to this recovery toolkit for Instagram to recover deleted Instagram photos.

Step 3: Recovering Instagram photos on Android

To end with, you will perceive your deleted pictures, together with the Instagram photos. The photo names in red indicate which photo on Instagram is erased. You can easily mark these pictures, and tap on the ‘Recover‘ button to recover deleted Instagram photos on the Android device.

From the above steps mentioned, you can easily perform a fruitful operation to recover deleted Instagram photos. If you do download particular Instagram photos in the future, it is prudent for you to save these pictures in a secure place lest you lose or delete them again accidentally.

While trying to recover your lost Instagram pictures, recover Android call logs even recover data after a factory reset on Android, the FoneLab program can come of good use for your purpose. It is an all-encompassing program, which is frequently used to such ends.


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