Remove Your Samsung Lock Screen using the Best Methods

Practical Ways to Remove Your Samsung Lock Screen

Very often we use the screen lock option on our phones to protect it from intruders. Your Smartphone may carry a large amount of data involving your personal and professional life. Therefore, it is only logical to use such phone locking facilities to protect your own privacy. Samsung provides its users with the option to build their own special lock patterns and pins. This facility allows its users to protect their phone information from prying eyes or thefts.

More often than not, customers often forget the passwords or pin patterns that they initially used as their screen lock. Sometimes, mischief makers may also manage to change your initial passwords or pin numbers to keep you vexed! In such cases, users are left perplexed and look for helpful answers online. We have endeavored to cater to such burning questions by asking our expert technicians and Smartphone users to address such problems.

This issue has been addressed by our technical experts to provide our readers with a wide array of solutions and possible preventions in troubleshooting your Samsung lock screen before consulting with a technician.

Most technicians and phone experts are now advocating new software, which can be easily used on your PC to recover lost data on your phone. The most popular among these is the Dr.fone – Android Lock Screen Removal software. This is easy to use and has produced efficient and satisfying results for all Samsung Smartphone users. Dr.fone – Android Lock Screen Removal software has received positive responses from many Smartphone users when faced with Samsung lock screen problems & How to bypass Samsung account.

This Dr.Fone – Android Unlock software is one of the leading programs for removing lock screen from Android devices. Listed below are some of the primary features of this software.

  • With this software, you can remove your Android lock screen as soon as 5 minutes.
  • You can remove four different types of screen locks using the Dr.fone – Android Unlock software, including pattern, fingerprints, PIN, and password.
  • You can be worry-free that this program will only eliminate the lock screen from your Android device and will not result in any loss of data.
  • It supports different phone carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.
  • It is compatible with Samsung Tab, Galaxy S, and Note series, along with many other phone devices.
  • Anyone can use this software even a naïve person since it does not require any expert knowledge.
  • It is available for both Windows as well as Android operating systems.

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Read on to discover more about your Smartphone’s internal lock features along with helpful tips to keep it safe. We have divided this article into nine simple methods so that you can get the best understanding of your device.

Method 1: Using the ‘Find My Mobile’ feature on your Samsung Smartphone

All of Samsung smartphones come equipped with the ‘Find My Mobile’ feature. To recover your Samsung lock screen password, pattern, PIN, or fingerprint, you will need to follow the following steps carefully:

  • First, your Samsung account must be set up and logged in.
  • Next, you must click on the button of ‘Unlock My Screen’.
  • Then, in the first box, you can easily enter your new PIN.
  • You can then click on the button of ‘Lock’ at the bottom of the list.
  • Within a few minutes, your phone will change its existing Samsung password with your new PIN, thus allowing you to open your locked device.

Method 2: Using the Android Device Manager for unlocking your Samsung lock screen

To unlock your Samsung lock screen through the Android Device Manager, you must first make sure that the Android Device Manager is authorized on your device. Also, know more about Samsung Reactivation Lock Bypass.

  • First, open on a different Smartphone or a PC.
  • Then, log into your previously used Google account.
  • Select the desired device that you wish to open in the ADM interface.
  • Choose the ‘Lock’ option.
  • Choose the desired password for your phone, without any requirement to enter a recovery message. Then, select ‘Lock’ option again.
  • When it is completed, a confirmation would be sent to you under the buttons of ‘Ring, Lock, and Erase’.
  • From then on, you can get onto the password tab, where you can initiate a new password to unlock your phone.
  • Then, via Settings go to the lock screen option on the Samsung device to disable your temporary password.

Method 3: Using the Dr.Fone – Android Unlock software to unlock your Samsung lock screen

In case these two methods do not work for you, we have better and easier software for you to use! You can conveniently use some expert support with the Dr.Fone – Android Unlock software. With the Dr.Fone software, you will not need to find any other unlocking system on your Samsung device. This software will easily let you bypass your Samsung lock screen PIN, password, or fingerprint without breaking a sweat!

You can easily follow these simple steps given below to unlock your Samsung lock screen PIN, password, or a fingerprint pattern. Before starting out, you will have to make sure to download the Dr.Fone -Android Unlock software.

Download dr.fone – Unlock (Android)

  • Start first by choosing the ‘Unlock‘ option. Then, connect your Smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. Then, click “Start“.
  • After that, turn off your phone, holding the Home button together with the Volume Down button and the power button. Then, press the button of Volume Up to enter the mode of Download on your phone.
  • Next, you are required to download the recovery package onto your Samsung device.
  • When it is downloaded successfully. You can now get your phone unlocked without the need for entering a password. The entire process of unlocking your Samsung lock screen would, however, not result in any loss of data.

Method 4: Logging into Google (Supports Android 4.4 or Below only)

In case your Smartphone runs on Android 4.4 or operating systems below this, here is how to unlock your Samsung lock screen quickly.

  • Start by entering the incorrect pattern intentionally for about five times.
  • Then, choose the ‘Forgot Pattern’ option.
  • Next, type in your Google account’s login details or the backup PIN.
  • Soon, your Samsung phone would automatically open and ready for you to use.

Method 5: Using the ‘Pattern Password Disable’ Method and the ‘Custom Recovery’ Methods (Requires an SD Card)

In order to utilize this method in solving your Samsung lock screen problem, you must learn properly about how ‘custom recovery’ & ‘rooting’ works or ask an advanced Samsung user. You will need to install a custom recovery process along with a Secure Digital Card in your Samsung phone and need the SD card to transfer a ZIP file to your phone. You can use only this process to transfer a file when your phone is locked.

  • Start by downloading the zip file marked as the ‘Pattern Password Disable’ onto a PC and then move to the SD card.
  • Then insert the SD card into your device. Your device is then required to be restarted into the recovery mode.
  • Before restarting your phone, you are required to open the file on the SD card.
  • Your Samsung phone would now initiate to boot up the system without the lock screen. This works even on gesture locks or passwords. You would simply need to input any non-specific pattern or password, and your phone would be automatically opened.

Method 6: Deleting the Whole Password File by Using ADB

We have yet an additional option for you that can be used when you have authorized a USB Debugging earlier on your phone. Also, make sure to connect your PC through ADB. When you meet all requirements, you can start using these steps to open your Samsung lock screen.

  • Start by connecting your desired device to a PC by using a USB cable. Then, enter the command prompt option in the ADB directory. Carefully enter the command, “adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” and then press the Enter button.
  • You can now restart your device. Make sure to secure that the Samsung lock screen is gone, so that you can open your Smartphone. Before rebooting again, make certain to set your desired new password, pattern, or PIN on your device.

Method 7: Using the Factory Reset Method to Resolve your Samsung Lock Screen

The Factory reset method is the foremost alternative in case these solutions didn’t work to unlock your Samsung lock screen. Depending on the model type, the resolving processes may differ. In some mobile devices, you need to shut down your device entirely in order to initiate the process. This will, however, result in deleting all the important data on your phone after the factory reset.

  • Start by holding the button of Power together with the Volume Down button. This would open the Bootloader menu.
  • After pressing the button of Volume Down twice, choose the ‘Recovery Mode’ option. Choose it by long pressing on the Power button.
  • Holding the button of Power, tap the Volume Up button once from where you can enter the Recovery Mode.
  • Next, choose the ‘Wipe Data’ or the ‘Factory Reset’ through the use of volume buttons.
  • Continue to press the Power button.
  • Finally, select the ‘Reboot System Now’ option on the tab when the operation is completed.

Method 8: Booting to Safe Mode to unlock your Samsung lock screen

In case you wish to resolve your Samsung lock screen problem, applying a phone lock screen app of third-party, you can try booting your Smartphone into the safe mode.

  • Start by opening the Power button from your lock screen. Long press the ‘Power Off’ button.
  • Your device will now ask your permission to boot through the safe mode. Choose “OK”.
  • When the process is completed, the 3rd-party lock screen will be temporarily disabled.
  • Then, uninstall the previously used 3rd–party lock screen or choose to reset the entire data.
  • You are required to reboot the device and safely come out of the safe mode.
  • Finally, the lock screen application is completely removed.

Method 9: Some Other Methods to bypass your Samsung lock screen

  • You can also take a different phone and use it to call your Samsung device.
  • Without any disconnection, accept the call and then press the back button.
  • Now you are easily allowed to access your device completely.
  • Visit security settings on your device and erase the initial PIN or pattern.
  • Your device would ask you to enter the initial PIN. This way you can try using the possible combinations that you can remember.

Make sure to note your designated password on paper to escape the horror of forgetting your phone’s PIN or password the next time. This habit can keep your password safe and enable you to live worry-free from such hassles.

Additionally, the Dr.Fone – Android Unlock (Lock Screen Removal) is the most remarkable software that can be easily used to remove the lock screen from your Android devices. You can follow these tips to get instant help with a Samsung lock screen problem.

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